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Would'ja Eat Me?

February 10, 2022 Colleen Devaney Season 2 Episode 26
Would'ja Eat Me?
Air Candy
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Air Candy
Would'ja Eat Me?
Feb 10, 2022 Season 2 Episode 26
Colleen Devaney

We finally made it to Season 2!
Well guys, we survived season 1 AND season 1.5! Soooo what better way to open season 2 than with a discussion about survival and preparedness?! In this episode we talk about various survival scenarios and how we'd handle them. Since Seth is our resident armchair prepper, so he quizzes Colleen to see how much she knows. Zombie apocalypse? Check. Desert Island? Check. Weather disaster? Check. Food shortages? Check. Loss of power? Check. Nuclear fallout? Meh...not so much. Doomsday preppers? Yeah, we talk about them, too. What kind of traits and tactics does it take to survive? We'll let ya know. Oh, and we also go over some basic tips and tricks you can, and should, use right now. Do you have what it takes to survive? 
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Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine (Official Video HD) - YouTube
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We finally made it to Season 2!
Well guys, we survived season 1 AND season 1.5! Soooo what better way to open season 2 than with a discussion about survival and preparedness?! In this episode we talk about various survival scenarios and how we'd handle them. Since Seth is our resident armchair prepper, so he quizzes Colleen to see how much she knows. Zombie apocalypse? Check. Desert Island? Check. Weather disaster? Check. Food shortages? Check. Loss of power? Check. Nuclear fallout? Meh...not so much. Doomsday preppers? Yeah, we talk about them, too. What kind of traits and tactics does it take to survive? We'll let ya know. Oh, and we also go over some basic tips and tricks you can, and should, use right now. Do you have what it takes to survive? 
Links & channels we discussed:
Make A Plan |
Disaster Supply Kit (
The Prepper Website Podcast - Audio for the Prepared Life!
Psychology Of Survival And Coping With Stress - Prepper's Will (
Doomsday Preppers S01E01
Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine (Official Video HD) - YouTube
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions
Key Words: survive, survival skills, preparedness, doomsday preppers, armchair preppers, zombie, apocalypse, psychology, food storage, bugout, go-bag, inch bag, good bag, snow, DMV, cannibalism, Maryland, I95, go-girl, Circle D Farm, eat ass, plan, train, prep, water purification, food safety, Guns n Roses, GNR, Terminator 2

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00:00:01 Speaker 1 

You're listening to Air Candy, an uninhibited exploration of topics, ideas, and stories. 

00:00:12 Speaker 2 

And, we in. 

00:00:20 Speaker 3 

Alright, would you eat me? 

00:00:24 Speaker 3 

Alright, let go. 

00:00:25 Speaker 4 

Hello friends and welcome back to Air Candy where we like to talk about all sorts of topics ranging from serious to ridiculous while sharing our unprofessional opinions and advice. 

00:00:35 Speaker 4 

I'm your humble host Colleen and with me, as always, is my armchair prepper Seth? 

00:00:40 Speaker 3 

Hey yo. 

00:00:42 Speaker 4 

On today's episode, we're discussing all things survival and how. 

00:00:45 Speaker 4 

To be prepared. 

00:00:53 Speaker 4 

But before we get into that, if you haven't already liked and subscribed to the show, please do so wherever you get your podcasts. 

00:00:59 Speaker 4 

So you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

00:01:01 Speaker 4 

If you want to connect with us online, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram @aircandypodcast. 

00:01:06 Speaker 4 

If you have a question, comment, or episode idea you can drop us a line on one of the socials. 

00:01:10 Speaker 4 

Or send an email to aircandypodcast@gmail com and either seth or I will get. 

00:01:15 Speaker 1 

Back to you as soon. 

00:01:16 Speaker 4 

As possible, and with all that out. 

00:01:18 Speaker 4 

Of the way, let's get into it. 

00:01:21 Speaker 3 

Alright season 2 we end up building. 

00:01:25 Speaker 4 

We end up building we hear finally. 

00:01:26 Speaker 3 

What what, what, what, what, what? 

00:01:29 Speaker 4 

We survive season one. 

00:01:30 Speaker 3 

I know we. 

00:01:31 Speaker 3 

Yeah, we just survived this and season 1.5, but she survived that too. 

00:01:36 Speaker 3 

Which was a lot of fun though. Season 1.5 was actually fun. That was almost a season in its own. 

00:01:41 Speaker 3 

'cause we were definitely cranking out some stuff. 

00:01:43 Speaker 3 

We tried some new things. 

00:01:45 Speaker 3 

I mean, let's let's talk about the confession corners. 

00:01:48 Speaker 3 

Those are starting to crank in, so we're throwing those things in and this season we're going to have some more of those two. 

00:01:53 Speaker 3 

So guys keep sending those things in because they're getting more and more off the chain. 

00:01:57 Speaker 4 

So they yeah they are. 



00:01:59 Speaker 4 

But which I love I. 

00:02:00 Speaker 4 

Love that and yes, this has been a really fun. 

00:02:03 Speaker 4 

Long season, so I'm glad that we're moving into the next phase, but I really have enjoyed everything that we've done and we are going to keep some of the things that we did experiment with. 

00:02:13 Speaker 4 

We're going to keep it as we move forward so. 

00:02:16 Speaker 4 

We do want to hear back from everybody to let us know what you like which don't like you know we're always willing to make some. 

00:02:21 Speaker 4 

Adjustments here and. 

00:02:22 Speaker 4 

There you know 'cause this this is. 

00:02:23 Speaker 4 

We do this who? 

00:02:24 Speaker 4 

Do this for for you. 

00:02:26 Speaker 3 

Ourselves, that's not so. 

00:02:29 Speaker 3 

I'm a greedy my fault for you for you. 

00:02:33 Speaker 3 

That's my thing, and I've read all this. 

00:02:35 Speaker 3 

So I said we do it for ourselves. 

00:02:36 Speaker 4 

I know that's why I set you up and you ******* struck out there. 

00:02:40 Speaker 3 

Oh man, I was like a complete softball pitch. 

00:02:44 Speaker 4 

Writing and swinging this jeez. 

00:02:46 Speaker 3 

But sure, but you were 100% right. We are doing it for our listeners, so we we do it for us, meaning that we don't have to. 

00:02:53 Speaker 3 

To report to anybody. 

00:02:56 Speaker 3 

Because we we did. 


We do we wow right right exactly. 

00:03:02 Speaker 3 

You know, so absolutely. 

00:03:03 Speaker 3 

I'm glad we survived this and we're still surviving. 

00:03:05 Speaker 3 

Coronavirus gotta survive and got us in survival mode. 

00:03:09 Speaker 3 

So this is where it's at. 

00:03:10 Speaker 3 

This is a perfect episode that we need to talk about this now. 

00:03:13 Speaker 3 

Truth be told, look guys, this isn't going to be doom and gloom. 

00:03:16 Speaker 3 

This is definitely going to be cheeky is going to be a lot of fun. 

00:03:19 Speaker 3 

It's going to be a lot of stuff, you guys. 

00:03:21 Speaker 3 

When it comes to talking about this and you might be surprised with some of these things. 

00:03:25 Speaker 3 

So let's get into it. 

00:03:27 Speaker 3 

First thing, let's talk about the food shortages recently. 

00:03:31 Speaker 4 

I've been hearing a lot about this hearing a. 

00:03:33 Speaker 4 

Lot about food shortages. 

00:03:34 Speaker 3 

Yeah, and we're not. 

00:03:35 Speaker 3 

We don't live that far apart from each other. 

00:03:36 Speaker 3 

So what the hell is going on with this man? 

00:03:38 Speaker 3 

This is like turning into an apocalyptic type situation. 

00:03:42 Speaker 3 

Like yeah, are you having food stores issues right now or what? 

00:03:45 Speaker 4 

Yes, in the supermarkets around where I am, shelves are definitely looking a bit bare, but I I'm not freaking out over it because I don't need a bunch of stuff and I I tend to have some things on hand so I'm not freaking out, but I see and hear. 

00:04:00 Speaker 4 

People like on next door, com and all these things. 

00:04:02 Speaker 4 

People just freaking out. 

00:04:03 Speaker 4 

Like Oh my God, there's no food. 

00:04:05 Speaker 3 

I know I'm seeing people on Facebook talking and people that are mutual friends of ours about what's going on with these shows I shot over here and get the meat. 

00:04:13 Speaker 3 

And there's no meat. 

00:04:14 Speaker 3 

It's empty shells. 

00:04:14 Speaker 4 

Yeah, the yes. 

00:04:15 Speaker 3 

I'm thinking like. 

00:04:16 Speaker 4 

The two things I keep hearing are meat and cat food. 

00:04:19 Speaker 4 

Those are the things that are like there's no meat, no. 

00:04:21 Speaker 4 

Cat food and I'm like alright. 

00:04:22 Speaker 3 

Well, we have a big homeless population out here, so maybe they're they're taking up all the no? 

00:04:26 Speaker 3 

OK, that's not right. 

00:04:27 Speaker 4 

That's a bad joke. 


They have. 

00:04:29 Speaker 4 

Jeez, goodnight. 

00:04:35 Speaker 3 

I am an ask. 

00:04:37 Speaker 4 

And that's why we love. 

00:04:38 Speaker 3 

You Oh my goodness, yeah, the food shortages. 

00:04:40 Speaker 3 

So I went to the place the other day. 

00:04:42 Speaker 3 

I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on this, but I went there just to see what's going on because I get mine produce delivered in general, but sometimes I like to have. 

00:04:49 Speaker 3 

Meat, so I'm looking. 

00:04:50 Speaker 3 

I was like thinking that there's going to be a short, so I'm also by. 

00:04:53 Speaker 3 

A bunch of meat and grind it up and turn it into sausage or whatever I want to a whole other story, but anyway. 

00:04:59 Speaker 3 

Man, there was food all over the place. 

00:05:00 Speaker 3 

I was like what do people talk about? 

00:05:01 Speaker 3 

There's food everywhere so. 

00:05:02 Speaker 4 

Maybe it was the store that you went to, 'cause I think a lot of the people that are talking about the shortages they're in, like more of the like the Walmarts and the things like that. 

00:05:10 Speaker 4 

You know, I mean, I feel. 

00:05:11 Speaker 3 

OK, OK. 

00:05:12 Speaker 4 

Like they're in. 

00:05:12 Speaker 4 

Those stores. 

00:05:13 Speaker 4 

I mean, I don't know for. 

00:05:14 Speaker 4 

Sure, that's just me. 

00:05:15 Speaker 3 

I was in a Harris Teeter dude. 

00:05:17 Speaker 3 

I mean, that's that's a general store. 

00:05:18 Speaker 3 

It's not anything special, but it could have been because we're supposed to get some impending snow, which turned out to be rain. 

00:05:24 Speaker 3 

So people all of a sudden think that if there's snow on the ground. 

00:05:27 Speaker 3 

There needs to be. 

00:05:28 Speaker 3 

Freaking you know you gotta go buy your meats and eggs and cheese all in and water for what? 24 hours of of conditions and you'll start to go to work anyways. 

00:05:36 Speaker 4 

I know. 

00:05:39 Speaker 3 

It's not like you're surviving. 

00:05:40 Speaker 4 

Out here, right? 

00:05:41 Speaker 4 

It's it's really funny the way people think about this type of stuff, and we're going to talk about that too. 

00:05:47 Speaker 4 

And a little later. 

00:05:47 Speaker 3 

Absolutely yeah, this is a very good topic. 

00:05:50 Speaker 1 

He doesn't. 

00:05:50 Speaker 3 

I think it's a lot of fun and. 

00:05:52 Speaker 3 

Firstly, you know this should be one of my rants about grinding my gears about these damn people buying up everything when it's gonna be 2 snowflakes on the ground. 

00:05:58 Speaker 4 

I know. 

00:05:59 Speaker 3 

People upstate New York are laughing like hell. 

00:06:01 Speaker 3 

People, all these Canucks up there are laughing at us too. 

00:06:04 Speaker 3 

Yeah shoot Michigan is like. 

00:06:05 Speaker 3 

Manually, no, yeah exactly. 

00:06:10 Speaker 4 

Yeah, where we live in Maryland, people definitely get a little Cray Cray over nothing. 

00:06:14 Speaker 3 

Yeah, exactly exactly, but since we are survivors we survived. 


I'm a survivor. 

00:06:21 Speaker 3 

So I got a little yeah, you are a survivor. 

00:06:24 Speaker 3 

What we're going to see. 

00:06:25 Speaker 3 

We can see how, how well over survivor you are. 

00:06:27 Speaker 3 

I got a little pop quiz. 

00:06:29 Speaker 3 

For you I got some quiz questions for. 

00:06:30 Speaker 3 

To see how survival. 

00:06:33 Speaker 3 

No no, I'm gonna test yes if it savvy. 

00:06:36 Speaker 3 

Thank you. 

00:06:37 Speaker 3 

I was going to check your survival prowess. 

00:06:40 Speaker 4 

How survival? 

00:06:42 Speaker 4 

How survival savvy is Colleen? 

00:06:45 Speaker 3 

Alright, Are you ready? 

00:06:46 Speaker 3 

I got 4. 

00:06:46 Speaker 3 

Questions for this? 

00:06:46 Speaker 4 

Yes, I'm a little nervous because I feel like I want to make a fool out of myself, 'cause I really don't know much about this stuff, but it'll be fun. 

00:06:53 Speaker 3 

And then that's why we're talking. 

00:06:54 Speaker 3 

Yep, this will be fun, and this is, hey, look once people listen to these questions. 

00:06:58 Speaker 1 

I Will Survive. 

00:07:00 Speaker 3 

Listen to these questions and be like, oh, I don't know a lot about this either. 

00:07:03 Speaker 3 

Let me listen to this podcast and just not hit next. 

00:07:07 Speaker 3 


00:07:08 Speaker 3 

Are you ready, baby? 

00:07:10 Speaker 3 

All right question number one, what can you use to cook meat without heat? 

00:07:16 Speaker 3 

Is it a baking soda, B lemon juice, or C direct sunlight? 

00:07:25 Speaker 4 

Oh, I'm going to. 

00:07:27 Speaker 4 

Pick lemon juice because of its acidic quality. 

00:07:31 Speaker 2 

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. 

00:07:33 Speaker 4 

I'm correct. 

00:07:34 Speaker 3 

You are absolutely correct. 

00:07:34 Speaker 4 

I I was thinking seviche. 

00:07:35 Speaker 3 

You're absolutely correct. 

00:07:36 Speaker 3 

So if you're right. 

00:07:38 Speaker 3 

Exactly, and that's exactly what happens if you leave ceviche out for too long, then it actually. 

00:07:42 Speaker 3 

Cooks the meat. 

00:07:43 Speaker 3 

If it's fish or shrimp or whatever. 

00:07:46 Speaker 3 

This two so if you're let's say you're in a survival situation and you didn't have electricity, but you had some meat that you really wanted but you wanted to eat it and not throw it away. 

00:07:55 Speaker 3 

You could absolutely just take a whole bunch of lemon juice. 

00:07:57 Speaker 3 

You do lime juice to something really acidic. 

00:08:00 Speaker 3 

Throw your meeting there and let it sit for a number of hours and they'll basically cook the meat. 

00:08:04 Speaker 3 

'cause of its acidity, and then you can. 

00:08:06 Speaker 3 

Eat it. 

00:08:07 Speaker 4 

Hurray, she ain't as dumb as she looks once. 

00:08:08 Speaker 3 

So good alright. Yup she is surviving alright #2 you ready alright what is the sure way to kill a zombie? 

00:08:11 Speaker 4 

So far. 

00:08:13 Speaker 1 

Hey Yep Yep Yep. 

00:08:18 Speaker 3 

Is it a shot to the head slash decapitation be stabbed in the heart or C slice in half? 

00:08:26 Speaker 4 

Oh, you gotta? 

00:08:27 Speaker 4 

You gotta put it right. 

00:08:28 Speaker 4 

Through the brain. 

00:08:30 Speaker 3 

OK, Ding Ding. 

00:08:33 Speaker 3 

You know that, so you will survive the apocalypse, right walking. 

00:08:35 Speaker 4 

Thank you Walking Dead. 

00:08:37 Speaker 4 

I'm very well versed. 

00:08:37 Speaker 3 

Dead in the building. 

00:08:40 Speaker 3 

Yeah, Walking Dead. 

00:08:41 Speaker 3 

Thank you. 

00:08:42 Speaker 3 

Yup, absolutely that is the thing. 

00:08:42 Speaker 4 

Yeah, you you can't just you can't just decapitate them 'cause then the head will just be there trying to eat you still. 

00:08:47 Speaker 4 

So you have to act. 


Through the head through. 

00:08:49 Speaker 4 

The brainstem. 

00:08:50 Speaker 3 

You can absolutely do that, so I did say slash decapitation because depending on which scary film you watch, you can cut their head off. 

00:08:57 Speaker 4 

That's true depends. 

00:08:58 Speaker 3 

Or you can stab. 

00:08:59 Speaker 3 

You know you can bash their head in, but you stab him in the heart. 

00:09:03 Speaker 3 

That's not going to work. 

00:09:04 Speaker 3 

You slice them in half. 

00:09:04 Speaker 4 

That's vampires. 

00:09:05 Speaker 3 

You know that. 

00:09:05 Speaker 3 

Yep, exactly very smart and you can slice them in half. 

00:09:09 Speaker 3 

You know they'll still be crawling. 

00:09:10 Speaker 3 

With the top half like. 

00:09:11 Speaker 4 

Yes, yes, they're still coming at you. 

00:09:12 Speaker 2 

Braves, right? 

00:09:15 Speaker 3 

All right next one. 

00:09:17 Speaker 3 

All right, how long do you? 

00:09:18 Speaker 3 

Need to boil water for purification. 

00:09:22 Speaker 3 

Is it a one minute B 3 minutes or C10 minutes? 

00:09:30 Speaker 4 

I'm just going to be on the safe side. 

00:09:34 Speaker 4 

I'm going to say this is wrong, but I, oh man, I was going to say 10 minutes. 

00:09:39 Speaker 3 

So yes, and I didn't phrase this question. 

00:09:42 Speaker 3 

Right, I should have said what is the minimum amount of time need to boil something that was actually what I should have done. 

00:09:48 Speaker 3 

So the minimum time so you are right, OK, but just to edify you and our listeners to the minimal amount of time they need to boil water to have it be purified to a rolling boil is. 

00:10:02 Speaker 3 

One minute. 

00:10:04 Speaker 1 


00:10:04 Speaker 3 

So if you have a contaminated water type situation, you want to get out the protozoa and all the kind of viruses that are in there. 

00:10:11 Speaker 3 

Or let's say your. 

00:10:12 Speaker 3 

You're lost in the woods somewhere and you have to drink Creek water, but you don't know where it's come from exactly. 

00:10:18 Speaker 3 

There could be a farm up the road somewhere and you don't. 


Run off. 

00:10:21 Speaker 3 

Yeah, run off. 

00:10:22 Speaker 3 

So you need to have at a rolling boil for one minute so it's. 

00:10:25 Speaker 4 

Then I was wrong 'cause I said 10. 

00:10:28 Speaker 3 

Yeah, but I didn't phrase the question right because if you did it for 10 minutes you'd be good, but then you would allow the water would evaporate. 

00:10:34 Speaker 4 

Right, that's what I was thinking 'cause I I was actually going to say three. 

00:10:36 Speaker 4 

'cause I was thinking 10 minutes. 

00:10:38 Speaker 4 

There's going to be a lot of evaporation. 

00:10:39 Speaker 4 

I'm not going to have as much water, but I. 

00:10:41 Speaker 4 

Was like, you know, air on the side of caution. 

00:10:42 Speaker 4 

In 10 minutes. 

00:10:43 Speaker 3 

You're right, because if you don't want to. 

00:10:45 Speaker 3 

Be peeking out your, but you know you gotta make sure you get rid of them. 

00:10:48 Speaker 3 

Then Jeremy Jones. 

00:10:51 Speaker 3 

And also if you want to know this guys listen to you got you can go to the CDC website too and actually gives some factoids about that too. 

00:10:59 Speaker 3 

So if you want to get some other another source sort of sets mouth, you can do that. 

00:11:04 Speaker 3 

Alright, you're ready one more than the last one. 

00:11:04 Speaker 4 

Yes, in my house, yes. 

00:11:07 Speaker 4 

I like these. 

00:11:08 Speaker 3 

I told you you like these. 

00:11:09 Speaker 3 

I'm not going to try to give you the crazy hard ones. 

00:11:12 Speaker 3 

All right, this is. 

00:11:12 Speaker 3 

This is. 

00:11:13 Speaker 3 

Practical right all right. 

00:11:14 Speaker 5 

It is. 

00:11:15 Speaker 3 

What is the highest temperature meat can be to stay safe? 

00:11:22 Speaker 5 


00:11:22 Speaker 3 

And I'm going to rephrase this. 

00:11:24 Speaker 3 

What is the? 

00:11:25 Speaker 3 

What is the minimum temperature that food needs to be? 

00:11:30 Speaker 3 

I'm saying the highest temperature you can't go any higher than whatever it is. 

00:11:34 Speaker 3 

So did you follow what I'm saying? 

00:11:36 Speaker 3 

Here, alright so it's a 32 degrees Fahrenheit be 40 degrees. 

00:11:43 Speaker 3 

Fahrenheit or C70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

00:11:49 Speaker 4 

For raw meat. 

00:11:50 Speaker 4 

To stay safe. 

00:11:50 Speaker 3 

For raw meat, and let's just say you know chicken beef. 

00:11:55 Speaker 3 

We can even say elk Buffalo like normal stuff like normies. 

00:11:59 Speaker 3 

I ain't talking bout no squirrel now I'm just talking like. 

00:12:01 Speaker 4 

And this is not treated at all, so I'm. 

00:12:03 Speaker 4 

Going to say 40. 

00:12:03 Speaker 3 

Not treating OK. 

00:12:05 Speaker 3 

Ding Ding Ding Ding gas. 

00:12:07 Speaker 3 

You are right. 

00:12:08 Speaker 3 

Your food will. 

00:12:09 Speaker 3 

Stay safe up to 40 degrees. 

00:12:12 Speaker 3 

Anything after 40. 

00:12:14 Speaker 3 

Agrees that is considered the quote UN quote Danger zone now, and he goes a little fun fat. 

00:12:21 Speaker 4 

Do the dined down. 

00:12:23 Speaker 3 

Exactly, so next time you go to a cookout and that meets been sitting there for too long before. 

00:12:28 Speaker 3 

So before Uncle Ray Ray put it on the grill he starts. 

00:12:31 Speaker 3 

Thinking of that? 

00:12:32 Speaker 3 

Song Yeah danger zone. 

00:12:34 Speaker 4 

Range of sound. 

00:12:34 Speaker 3 

My way through the poopy song. 


Lookout folks. 

00:12:41 Speaker 3 

So yeah, fun fact. 

00:12:42 Speaker 3 

Hashtag fun fact. 

00:12:43 Speaker 3 

So if you look at some thermometers, depending on where you buy them from, there's gonna be this little red thing. 

00:12:50 Speaker 3 

There's this little space. 

00:12:52 Speaker 3 

In between it'll be red or it might be blue. 

00:12:54 Speaker 3 

That will give you the minimum safe temperature that something supposed to be. 

00:12:58 Speaker 3 

So if it goes outside that, then you know that you're in the danger zone. 

00:13:02 Speaker 4 

OK wow OK helpful. 

00:13:03 Speaker 3 

Alright, so that's Yep, so there we go. 

00:13:06 Speaker 3 

So it sounds like you're ready for the zombie apocalypse. 

00:13:08 Speaker 4 

I did better than I thought. 

00:13:10 Speaker 3 

Yeah, you see you see so you know what? 

00:13:12 Speaker 3 

That's actually pretty good. 

00:13:13 Speaker 3 

But I'm I'm actually. 

00:13:15 Speaker 3 

I'm not surprised. 

00:13:16 Speaker 3 

I'm just impressed. 

00:13:17 Speaker 3 

How about that? 


Yay yeah. 

00:13:20 Speaker 3 

All right, so let's get this a little bit. 

00:13:22 Speaker 3 

Alright, let's talk about this, alright? 

00:13:23 Speaker 3 

So what exactly is preparedness? 

00:13:26 Speaker 3 

Tell me like what are the actual government guidelines to be like for real? 

00:13:30 Speaker 2 

For real, right? 

00:13:31 Speaker 4 

OK, so I found a definition supplied and provided by the DHS and FEMA. 

00:13:39 Speaker 4 

So they're defining preparedness as a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action in effort to ensure effective coordination during incident response. 

00:13:40 Speaker 2 




00:13:57 Speaker 4 

Yes, that is what they officially define preparedness as. 

00:14:02 Speaker 3 

OK, so how do we put that in layman's terms here? 

00:14:03 Speaker 4 

And when you get into this. 

00:14:05 Speaker 4 

I mean, I would just stick to the very very beginning, a continuous cycle of planning and organizing. 

00:14:11 Speaker 3 

OK, yeah. 

00:14:12 Speaker 4 

You know what I mean, but it it it? 

00:14:13 Speaker 4 

It breaks down to doing all these other things and when. 

00:14:16 Speaker 4 

You think about all. 

00:14:17 Speaker 4 

Of this, depending on the situation, the scenario, your location. 

00:14:22 Speaker 4 

The people everything is going to change, you know slightly or even drastically. 

00:14:27 Speaker 4 

Sometimes it's not going to be the same for everybody and that's what people need to keep in mind. 

00:14:31 Speaker 4 

And I've been looking. 

00:14:32 Speaker 4 

Around and basically all of the government sites. 

00:14:35 Speaker 4 

All they really tell you to do is to have enough stuff prepared to get you through like 3 days. 

00:14:41 Speaker 4 

Everything is like you know 72 hours, 72 hours in my opinion, I feel like that's not enough, but again, it depends on what scenario you're trying to actively prepare and plan for, but. 

00:14:52 Speaker 4 

I just wanted to touch on that. That basically all the government sites are telling you about 72 hours to. 

00:14:52 Speaker 3 

Totally agree. 

00:14:58 Speaker 4 

Get you through. 

00:14:59 Speaker 3 

I totally agree. 

00:15:00 Speaker 3 

Three days, OK, it's almost like, and I promise I'm not going to go into a rant here. 

00:15:06 Speaker 3 

I'm just going to say it's almost like how they? 

00:15:08 Speaker 3 

Of the FDA, and had like the five food groups or the amount of calories need to eat and they had like these. 

00:15:15 Speaker 3 

You know? 

00:15:15 Speaker 4 

The pyramid. 

00:15:16 Speaker 3 

Yeah, the pyramid and like OK you need a 2000 dollar 2000 dollar 2000 calorie a day diet and blah blah blah 3 days. 

00:15:23 Speaker 3 

I mean come on dude like 3 days. 

00:15:25 Speaker 3 

I mean, let's talk about some of the stuff that's happened recently. 

00:15:28 Speaker 3 

The snow. 

00:15:28 Speaker 3 

The pandemic with all the people buying toilet paper for 18 weeks, 52 weeks, whatever like people going crazy so and that's just panicking. So three days I mean. 

00:15:29 Speaker 4 

Huh, yeah. 

00:15:33 Speaker 2 


00:15:38 Speaker 4 

Yes, yeah, I feel like it's not enough. The most recent updated guideline was in 2020 and it. 

00:15:45 Speaker 4 

Still is 7. 

00:15:46 Speaker 4 

Two hours, I would think that after our recent experiences in the world, all of us globally that they would have bumped it up to at least two weeks. 


A week 

00:15:56 Speaker 3 

Yeah well yeah, two weeks I I would say a week if you're going to be, you know the government is, you know they always. 

00:15:59 Speaker 4 

Yeah, bare minimum. 

00:16:01 Speaker 3 

They're very like they're very like, OK, let's go for the bare minimum here, right? 

00:16:04 Speaker 3 

So because maybe they're scared. 

00:16:06 Speaker 3 

Going to scare somebody, I don't know. 

00:16:07 Speaker 4 

Great, that's what I'm thinking. 

00:16:07 Speaker 3 

It did again 3 days. 

00:16:09 Speaker 4 

That's why I'm thinking that maybe telling people three days is a little less intimidating than 'cause. 

00:16:14 Speaker 4 

If you start telling people you need. 


I believe that. 

00:16:16 Speaker 2 

To have stockpiles for a. 

00:16:17 Speaker 4 

Month people freak out over just a month like that doesn't scare me at all, but people will. 

00:16:22 Speaker 4 

Freak the **** out. 

00:16:23 Speaker 4 

Over 4 weeks. 

00:16:25 Speaker 3 

These ************* out here are going crazy on Facebook and everything else, but I did what you need to fix this country. 

00:16:31 Speaker 3 

I haven't had chicken in my grocery store for three days. 

00:16:34 Speaker 4 

I know like come on. 

00:16:34 Speaker 3 

Like really. 

00:16:37 Speaker 4 

Come on. 



00:16:39 Speaker 3 

Yeah, right so. 

00:16:40 Speaker 4 

Are we spoiled at all here come? 

00:16:42 Speaker 3 

On we know we know, we know, you know. 

00:16:45 Speaker 3 

Yeah, you know so. 

00:16:46 Speaker 4 

****** bananas 

00:16:47 Speaker 3 

Yeah, you're right. 

00:16:48 Speaker 3 

At least there's some kind of guideline there, so at a minimum, if people can do that, great sure, that's fine. 

00:16:52 Speaker 3 

And then we have these common terms to, you know, get the bug out bags that gold bags and. 

00:16:57 Speaker 3 

The inch bag and all those. 

00:16:57 Speaker 4 

Yeah, there are a. 

00:16:58 Speaker 4 

Lot of buzzwords, right? 

00:16:59 Speaker 4 

A lot of buzzwords. 

00:16:59 Speaker 3 

Ton of that are out there. 

00:17:01 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I want to know with the buzzwords like bug out and whatnot, why don't you tell everybody what they mean? 

00:17:08 Speaker 4 

Just a quick overview of what they. 

00:17:10 Speaker 3 

Mean OK, so this is this is my opinion alright? 

00:17:11 Speaker 4 

Off the Dome off the ground. 

00:17:14 Speaker 3 

'cause I am the resident arm chair proper? 

00:17:16 Speaker 3 

OK so. 

00:17:18 Speaker 3 

When you need to bug out, that means you need to just leave. 

00:17:21 Speaker 3 

You've got to get out of Dodge. 

00:17:23 Speaker 3 

We've all heard that right? 

00:17:24 Speaker 3 

Need to bug out everybody. 

00:17:26 Speaker 3 

Kind of heard that. 

00:17:26 Speaker 3 

And that just means you're going to leave for a certain amount of time depending on. 

00:17:30 Speaker 4 

Here bug out. 

00:17:30 Speaker 3 

The type of. 

00:17:30 Speaker 4 

It makes me think of tribe called Quest. 

00:17:32 Speaker 3 

Bugging out bugging out, bugging out. 

00:17:33 Speaker 4 

I can actually log. 

00:17:34 Speaker 3 

Bugging out. 

00:17:35 Speaker 3 

Looking at. 

00:17:37 Speaker 3 

Same same, so that's the one term everybody heard that people have heard. 

00:17:42 Speaker 3 

The bag too 'cause you have a go bag depending on the type of scenario. 

00:17:46 Speaker 3 

If you are think if you're in the vein of survival. 

00:17:49 Speaker 3 

Prepper, you have a go bag which would be a go bag that you grab that and you're ready to go within 30 minutes to 45 minutes to leave and not come back for an extended period of time. Now it could be weeks so that. 

00:18:01 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and I actually heard of different names and acronyms that people use for their go bags. 

00:18:06 Speaker 4 

So like a good bag, an inch bag, so a good bag would be a get out of dodge. 

00:18:11 Speaker 4 

Bag an inch bag would be a I'm not coming home bag so they all mean the same thing like you're leaving and you're not coming back or you're going to be gone for an extended period of time and that's kind of what all of that stuff means. 

00:18:11 Speaker 3 


00:18:25 Speaker 3 

Yeah, and it's kind of scary with the whole inch thing. 

00:18:29 Speaker 3 

I was like oh I'm not coming home. 

00:18:30 Speaker 4 

I am coming home. 

00:18:30 Speaker 3 

Oh man. 

00:18:31 Speaker 3 

Oh man, I gotta. 

00:18:32 Speaker 3 

I gotta make sure I just take my laptop keys someone finds out on my **** websites. 

00:18:36 Speaker 3 

I'm going to. 

00:18:38 Speaker 4 

Yeah, just smash it before you leave. 

00:18:41 Speaker 3 

Right, I'm going to break this. 


Destroy the evidence. 

00:18:45 Speaker 3 

Oh man, so bad. 

00:18:46 Speaker 4 

Yeah, but I I. 

00:18:47 Speaker 4 

Will put some links in the show notes to some of the government websites so that people can check them out because there are lots of programs and webinars and things like that that are being provided for people for free. 

00:19:01 Speaker 4 

If you want to educate yourself, learn more about what you can do. 

00:19:04 Speaker 4 

On how you can plan and and start to prepare for some of this stuff. 

00:19:09 Speaker 4 

You know, I just think it's a. 

00:19:10 Speaker 4 

Good idea. 

00:19:12 Speaker 4 

I think it would be helpful for people to check it out 'cause one of the things I think is that nobody talks about this stuff. 

00:19:18 Speaker 4 

Enough really, you know. 

00:19:21 Speaker 4 

I mean, it's kind of you hear it in passing and then you think people are kind of nuts or whatever, but I think that it's something that people should talk about a little bit more not to get scared and. 

00:19:29 Speaker 4 

Freak out, but just to start preparing. 

00:19:32 Speaker 3 

I totally think so. 

00:19:33 Speaker 3 

And and this is for everybody. 

00:19:35 Speaker 3 

This isn't this doesn't mean you have to go hiding in a bunker. 

00:19:37 Speaker 3 

This just means like hey man, if you're going to be. 

00:19:41 Speaker 3 

Stuck out for a couple of days. 

00:19:43 Speaker 3 

Don't be crying on Facebook why they don't have steak. 

00:19:46 Speaker 3 

Just sit in the house and be like alright this will be over soon. 

00:19:48 Speaker 3 

'cause I got XYZ. 

00:19:50 Speaker 3 

I mean, that's what we're really talking about. 

00:19:52 Speaker 3 

Here this is. 


Yes, yes. 

00:19:52 Speaker 3 

For everybody, so let's kind of talk about stuff for us. 

00:19:55 Speaker 3 

Alright, let's talk about this. 

00:19:56 Speaker 3 

Alright, so let's go over a couple server. 

00:19:59 Speaker 3 

I'm laughing when I'm saying this. 

00:20:01 Speaker 3 

'cause this is gonna be a fine line when I talk about some of these. 

00:20:03 Speaker 3 

Alright, let's put ourselves in some survival situations all right. 

00:20:07 Speaker 1 


00:20:08 Speaker 3 

And let's talk about and we'll go back and forth what you would bring to the table. 

00:20:14 Speaker 3 

If you were in this situation, all right. 

00:20:16 Speaker 4 

OK, so like, what kind of scenarios can you see yourself in? 

00:20:21 Speaker 4 

And I got it. 

00:20:22 Speaker 4 

I got it. 

00:20:22 Speaker 3 

Yeah, OK so. 

00:20:23 Speaker 4 

Well, I'll tell you this much. 

00:20:24 Speaker 4 

Anytime I think of this kind. 

00:20:25 Speaker 4 

Of thing the. 

00:20:26 Speaker 4 

Apocalypse, or I think of survival, or I think of any like I immediately think of zombie stuff, because that's just what the mass media has been feeding me through the shows. 

00:20:28 Speaker 3 


00:20:36 Speaker 4 

And whatnot, so I immediately go to that. 

00:20:38 Speaker 4 

So that's the first scenario that I see myself in. 

00:20:42 Speaker 3 

Alright, so alright, let's start there then. 

00:20:44 Speaker 3 

Alright, let's say that there is a zombie apocalypse. 

00:20:47 Speaker 3 

You and I are making a podcast and all of a sudden you see some show. 

00:20:50 Speaker 3 

How do we figure run you across your window right your window? 

00:20:51 Speaker 4 

Well, somebody shuffled past that. Yeah, first of all, is it going to be like the 28 days later fast running zombies or is going to be the slow ones? I'm hoping it's the slow ones. 

00:20:59 Speaker 3 

Oh man, I hope it's a slow once it if it's a 28 days later, my fat ***** gonna get killed. 

00:21:04 Speaker 3 

In like 5 minutes. 

00:21:04 Speaker 4 

They are terrifying. 

00:21:06 Speaker 3 

They fast as hell. 

00:21:07 Speaker 3 

OK, so let's say that we're in that situation. 

00:21:10 Speaker 3 

So what would you be able to bring to the table in this zombie apocalypse? 

00:21:12 Speaker 3 

And can I come over your house? 

00:21:15 Speaker 4 

Do you want it? 

00:21:16 Speaker 4 

I I feel like I would be able to bring some common sense, but again, a lot of my common sense would be coming from Hollywood so. 

00:21:24 Speaker 3 


00:21:25 Speaker 4 

I don't know, I don't know. 

00:21:26 Speaker 4 

Although I do have a lot of just basic medical knowledge as well, so I could probably be useful in that way and and kind of just using discernment in different situations. 



00:21:38 Speaker 4 

Thinking from a medical perspective. 

00:21:41 Speaker 3 


00:21:41 Speaker 4 

I think that I could bring that. 

00:21:43 Speaker 4 

Kind of. 

00:21:44 Speaker 4 

Skill into it in that scenario. 

00:21:46 Speaker 3 

Yeah, because you're thinking like OK. 

00:21:48 Speaker 3 

At that type of situation. 

00:21:50 Speaker 3 

There's no electricity. 

00:21:52 Speaker 3 

There's nothing going on, so being on the medical side can definitely help when you're foraging looking for stuff and blah blah blah. 

00:21:59 Speaker 3 

What I think I would bring in this. 

00:22:02 Speaker 3 

Maybe I would bring in like weapons. 

00:22:04 Speaker 3 

I'm like OK, this is how I make a whole bunch of Spears and craziness so you can kill zombies and like traps and stuff and. 

00:22:10 Speaker 4 

That is your name too, so you would just be Seth Spears displacement. 

00:22:10 Speaker 3 

Make booty traps. 

00:22:14 Speaker 3 

Disney, right? 

00:22:15 Speaker 3 

They call me the spear man. 

00:22:19 Speaker 3 

Go to the spear man. 

00:22:20 Speaker 3 

He is the key. 

00:22:21 Speaker 4 

Yeah we have Doctor Devaney and steersman. 

00:22:25 Speaker 3 

Right exactly so I think that I would be good at, like booby traps and staying alive with these crazy zombies and. 

00:22:32 Speaker 3 

You would be like, OK, Yep. 


That's what I said. 

00:22:33 Speaker 3 

Booby traps. 

00:22:36 Speaker 3 

So that's where I would go. 

00:22:37 Speaker 3 

Alright, let's go to another scenario. 

00:22:39 Speaker 4 

OK, I got another one. 

00:22:40 Speaker 4 

This is another one that has crossed my mind many times throughout my life. 

00:22:45 Speaker 4 

So survival scenario of having a plane crash and being on Desert Island or something like that. 

00:22:51 Speaker 3 

You think about this **** too much. 

00:22:53 Speaker 4 

Yeah, at least I'm not saying, oh, we're floating in the ocean. 

00:22:56 Speaker 4 

I'm saying the plane has gone down and we're close enough to some random piece of land and we're now we're stranded on a desert island. 

00:23:01 Speaker 3 


00:23:04 Speaker 3 


00:23:04 Speaker 4 

Survive go. 

00:23:05 Speaker 3 

Alright, and go. 

00:23:09 Speaker 3 

All right, so I'm going to put words in your mouth here. 

00:23:11 Speaker 3 

You know what? 

00:23:12 Speaker 3 

I think that you would be bringing to the. 

00:23:14 Speaker 3 

Table with this hugs. 

00:23:18 Speaker 3 

You'd be the first one I kill. 

00:23:20 Speaker 3 

It's like saying doing number, bringing hugs to the situation using hugs. 

00:23:24 Speaker 4 

You feeling down today, let me hug you. 

00:23:27 Speaker 3 

I can't eat hugs, ***** What you talking about? 

00:23:30 Speaker 4 

I'm bringing them the moral support. 

00:23:32 Speaker 3 

OK, so that would be what you can bring the meant. 

00:23:36 Speaker 3 

Let's just say mental fortitude, how about? 

00:23:37 Speaker 3 

That the moral so. 

00:23:38 Speaker 4 

I'll try yes. 

00:23:39 Speaker 3 

Oh yeah, so well, yeah, if you can be moral support, you have to be tough yourself. 

00:23:42 Speaker 4 

I know. 

00:23:43 Speaker 4 

I know. 

00:23:44 Speaker 3 

I think that you would bring clothes. 

00:23:48 Speaker 3 

I think you've been like to know how like you'd be making like bras and stuff. 

00:23:50 Speaker 4 

Oh, I mean selling together with coconuts, OK? 

00:23:52 Speaker 3 

Yeah, I think he's like palm seeing that you would be like the clothing maker and making shoes and like oh look at this bra I made with these two coconuts and some twine. 

00:24:02 Speaker 4 

I can be very resourceful, so that's a that's a good. 

00:24:04 Speaker 3 

What I'm saying. 

00:24:05 Speaker 4 

That's a good summation. 

00:24:07 Speaker 4 

I think that I could potentially just be making **** that we could use with things that I find. 

00:24:11 Speaker 3 

Right, yeah yeah, it's kind of like that. 

00:24:12 Speaker 4 

So there you go. 

00:24:14 Speaker 3 

What's that survival show? 

00:24:16 Speaker 3 

Goodness gracious that everybody loves yes, thank you naked and. 

00:24:17 Speaker 4 

Negative friend. 

00:24:20 Speaker 3 

Afraid they do. 

00:24:20 Speaker 3 

That, like some of the women on there, and. 

00:24:22 Speaker 3 

The men to. 

00:24:23 Speaker 3 

They you know they take off the loincloth that they get given and then all of a sudden they're making all these crazy little things to cover up their private parts. 

00:24:32 Speaker 4 

Anyway, I'd like to think that I could do more than just cover up bits and pieces of people bodies, but yeah. 

00:24:38 Speaker 3 

I put words in your mouth, but you said you could bring hugs. 

00:24:41 Speaker 3 

So I think clothing is little better than your damn hugs. 

00:24:41 Speaker 4 

Thank you. 

00:24:42 Speaker 4 

That's a joke. 

00:24:44 Speaker 3 

Can't eat, hugs, goddamm we can't. 

00:24:45 Speaker 4 

All right now you can add. 

00:24:46 Speaker 3 

Close either way. 

00:24:47 Speaker 3 

I think I would bring my skills that I think I would bring for that if it was a desert island I would bring water capture and I've read a lot of stuff about that. 

00:24:56 Speaker 3 

Water capture, putting stuff inside a pit with a piece of plastic that you find is laying around 'cause there's trash all over the world, no matter where you're straining, is going to be trashed there, right? 



00:25:06 Speaker 3 

Take that, let it evaporate and drip down to a thing. 

00:25:08 Speaker 3 

So I'd find a way to do water and I'm an OK fisherman too. 

00:25:12 Speaker 3 

I'd probably find ways to start fishing to get us some food and. 

00:25:16 Speaker 3 

To let things cook, I do know a little bit about friction fire, so those are things that I could probably bring if we were. 

00:25:21 Speaker 3 

On an island. 

00:25:21 Speaker 3 

I don't think we lived that long from hugs and and me. 

00:25:25 Speaker 3 

My little water capture thing, but we could live for a couple weeks I. 

00:25:28 Speaker 3 

Think we'd be alright, OK? 

00:25:30 Speaker 3 

Alright, so we. 

00:25:30 Speaker 4 


00:25:31 Speaker 3 

Yeah, I think we're doing alright. 

00:25:32 Speaker 3 

We're getting ready for this zombie apocalypse. 

00:25:34 Speaker 3 

We're going to be stuck in an island together so it's just me and you I. 

00:25:37 Speaker 3 

Think we can do alright alright so? 

00:25:38 Speaker 4 

Any other scenario? 

00:25:40 Speaker 3 

Uh, I think more of a I'm going to call this urban type situation right? 

00:25:46 Speaker 4 

Yeah, that's more realistic, I think. 

00:25:47 Speaker 3 

Yeah, let's talk about an urban thing. 

00:25:49 Speaker 3 

Let's talk about a brownout. 

00:25:51 Speaker 3 

All right? 


I lose booty. 

00:25:53 Speaker 3 

Loose booty 

00:26:01 Speaker 4 

Only the DMV folks will get that. 

00:26:03 Speaker 3 

Yeah, I want to give you folks will understand that that's great, lose booty. 

00:26:10 Speaker 3 

I'm talking about, yeah, like everybody, sort of a blackout, right? 

00:26:12 Speaker 3 

Blackouts when you have no power. 

00:26:14 Speaker 3 

No, this kind of stuff at the rolling blackouts start to happen over in Texas and this is real life stuff that happened not that long ago. 

00:26:19 Speaker 3 

A brownells kind of like that, too, but brownouts just for not so much of a time now. 

00:26:25 Speaker 3 

These, and I think that the words are kind of synonymous too, but a brownout means, like not the whole grid is down. 

00:26:30 Speaker 3 

But some of it's out. 

00:26:31 Speaker 3 

For an extended period of time, so I think that's kind of practical, right? 



00:26:35 Speaker 3 

Well, that would happen. 

00:26:36 Speaker 3 

Let's say a tree falls over on a big station or something like that. 

00:26:40 Speaker 3 

It knocks out power in PG County or or in Laurel or whatever city that you live in for a time so you don't have any power at all. 

00:26:48 Speaker 3 

So what do you? 

00:26:49 Speaker 4 

Give me like how many days are you talking? 

00:26:52 Speaker 3 

In two weeks OK. 

00:26:53 Speaker 4 

Two weeks got it. 

00:26:53 Speaker 3 

All right, So what would you bring to the table? 

00:26:55 Speaker 3 

Would you be on Twitter complaining about the Biden administration? 

00:26:59 Speaker 4 

No sword, no God, no, that's, uh, that's the that's the dumbest **** I I wouldn't even be on social media at all. 

00:27:06 Speaker 4 

The only reason I would even be on anything would be to check for updates, but you know what you gotta take into. 

00:27:11 Speaker 4 

Consideration is that you. 

00:27:12 Speaker 4 

Don't even have access to that stuff, so. 

00:27:14 Speaker 3 

True true true? 

00:27:14 Speaker 3 

Because your battery may run your battery, your phone battery is gonna. 

00:27:17 Speaker 3 

Die eventually you don't need to charge it. 

00:27:17 Speaker 4 

And depending on what the situation is, you don't know exactly what caused the brownout, so you don't know if there was some other kind of who knows some attack or whatever. Just think back to 911. 

00:27:26 Speaker 3 

The Chinese. 

00:27:30 Speaker 4 

You don't have. 

00:27:30 Speaker 4 

Any idea so it could be where there's no cell service? 

00:27:33 Speaker 4 

There's no, you never know, so let's just take that off the table. 

00:27:37 Speaker 3 

All right, So what you bring to the table? 

00:27:39 Speaker 3 

Me and you stuck in a house. 

00:27:40 Speaker 3 

The brownout. 

00:27:41 Speaker 3 

What are we going to do? 

00:27:43 Speaker 3 

There's nothing, there's no electricity in this damn house. 

00:27:46 Speaker 3 

What do you bring into the table? 

00:27:48 Speaker 4 

I'm bringing a deck of cards. 

00:27:50 Speaker 3 


00:27:54 Speaker 4 

We can play spades. 

00:27:55 Speaker 3 

Here you go again with the damn hugs again, you're gonna be in the moral support. 

00:27:59 Speaker 4 

I'm saying something like that though would be very useful bringing. 

00:28:02 Speaker 4 

I mean, I'm not I kind of say it jokingly, but let's be real like having some kind of way to distract your mind. 

00:28:05 Speaker 3 


00:28:08 Speaker 4 

Have some fun. 

00:28:10 Speaker 4 

Whatever, like playing cards or whatever is A is a great way to keep the stress level down. 

00:28:16 Speaker 4 

Keep you occupied. 

00:28:17 Speaker 4 

So I don't see anything wrong with my cards. 

00:28:18 Speaker 3 


00:28:20 Speaker 3 

I didn't say anything was wrong, but it's along the lines of your damn hugs. 

00:28:23 Speaker 3 

Again, I can't eat no hugs. 

00:28:28 Speaker 3 

So OK, and you're absolutely right, because that happens a lot right? 

00:28:29 Speaker 4 

That's one thing I'd bring, yes. 

00:28:33 Speaker 3 

When you're when you're out of power. 

00:28:35 Speaker 3 

And that's one thing a lot of people do. 

00:28:36 Speaker 3 

They say, well, we gotta have games. 

00:28:37 Speaker 3 

Got something to keep? 

00:28:38 Speaker 3 

You occupied while. 

00:28:38 Speaker 3 

You're waiting for the power to come on. 

00:28:41 Speaker 3 

Let's just say that. 

00:28:41 Speaker 4 

Yeah, 'cause again people will be losing their minds 'cause nobody has been without some kind of, you know, scrolling device or whatever. 

00:28:49 Speaker 3 

Right, right? 

00:28:49 Speaker 4 

Probably since the fricking 90s people are so. 

00:28:52 Speaker 4 

Like obsessed and absorbed in that they don't have their phone for two seconds. 

00:28:56 Speaker 4 

They're losing their damn mind. 

00:28:57 Speaker 3 

No, no, you're right, you're right. 

00:28:59 Speaker 3 

So I can agree with that. 

00:29:00 Speaker 3 

That's awesome. 

00:29:01 Speaker 3 

What I would bring to the table. 

00:29:03 Speaker 3 

You know, I'm the resident cook here. 

00:29:05 Speaker 3 

I think what I would bring to the table is finding out how to preserve and prepare food so we can just live for two weeks without anything. 

00:29:14 Speaker 3 

And let's just assume that the grocery stores. 

00:29:17 Speaker 3 

Almost picked clean and you only have a certain amount of things. 

00:29:19 Speaker 3 

I think I would be finding ways to chef things up. 

00:29:22 Speaker 3 

Like, yeah, you know my poor man spots. 

00:29:23 Speaker 3 

I'd figure something out and be like alright today's gonna be. 

00:29:26 Speaker 3 

All right, we got some Dinty Moore. 

00:29:32 Speaker 3 

And we got some seven day old wilted lettuce. 

00:29:36 Speaker 3 

So we're gonna go ahead and make this. 

00:29:37 Speaker 3 

We're gonna make this a Taco salad. 

00:29:39 Speaker 3 

I got some old corn chips in here. 

00:29:41 Speaker 3 

We could figure this out. 

00:29:41 Speaker 4 

Great no, I know it. 

00:29:42 Speaker 4 

Would be very creative and I'd. 

00:29:44 Speaker 4 

Be like yes, this is amazing that for sure. 

00:29:47 Speaker 4 

Because again in this type of situation you may have some time to fully prepare. So say OK, now there's a the the power's out OK. 

00:29:56 Speaker 4 

Cool, let me run to the store. 

00:29:57 Speaker 4 

Or and just get some things if necessary. 

00:30:00 Speaker 4 

If you have that option, there's more of an option. 

00:30:00 Speaker 3 

Yeah, no, you're right. 

00:30:03 Speaker 4 

There's more wiggle. 

00:30:04 Speaker 4 

Room is what I'm trying to say in this particular situation. 

00:30:06 Speaker 3 

100% like this is kind of practical, right? You know, people always go crazy when when we're going to get 2 snowflakes on the ground, right? 

00:30:12 Speaker 3 

So well that you have time, the power goes out like well. 

00:30:15 Speaker 3 

Let me go here and get a couple little things here in there. 

00:30:18 Speaker 3 

I'm not if it was me. 

00:30:19 Speaker 3 

I wouldn't be going to get fresh meat. 

00:30:21 Speaker 3 

I'd be finding all the canned goods or dry stuff. 

00:30:23 Speaker 3 

I'm like. 

00:30:24 Speaker 3 

OK, let me just do this so I can. 

00:30:25 Speaker 3 

I don't know how long it's going be. 

00:30:27 Speaker 3 

Let's find out what's going on, so I think that's what I could bring to the table. 

00:30:30 Speaker 3 

Just the creativeness and seeing what's going on, and this is only for for 14 days. 

00:30:36 Speaker 3 

If it was an extended period of times, I do know a little bit about wild edibles and all that, and so I could definitely shine there, but that's a whole other situation so. 

00:30:44 Speaker 4 

Well, I think then if that's the case, then besides me bringing the card games, and one idea that I would also be a very good sous chef for the poor man. 

00:30:53 Speaker 3 

OK hey remember our broke days we should do this **** like it was a Friday like this. 

00:30:56 Speaker 4 

Yeah, this this is normal. 

00:30:57 Speaker 3 

Isn't Survivor is Friday dude? 

00:30:59 Speaker 4 

This is everyday so. 

00:31:01 Speaker 3 

Back in our broke days when me and you were in our 20s, man, that's what we used to do. 

00:31:07 Speaker 3 

We've been surviving for years. 


And we were happy happiest. 

00:31:10 Speaker 4 

Happiest can be no complaints. 

00:31:11 Speaker 3 

Man, we were happy with a man. 

00:31:14 Speaker 3 

A CAN and a plan. 

00:31:15 Speaker 4 

Yes, Oh my gosh. 

00:31:17 Speaker 4 

How many of those books did we have? 

00:31:19 Speaker 3 

Right 100% crazy. 

00:31:20 Speaker 4 

See, that's that's terrible. 

00:31:22 Speaker 3 

Oh man, all right. 

00:31:24 Speaker 3 

So at least it sounds like me and you can work on this. 

00:31:27 Speaker 3 

You know you bring the hugs you bring the games being more support I can feed us. 

00:31:31 Speaker 3 

Keep us together you can you know if I get loose booty, you know you can make me some new draws you can do that. 

00:31:38 Speaker 4 

I mean. 

00:31:38 Speaker 3 

Like lose booty. 

00:31:39 Speaker 4 

Get outside, get outside, smelly ******* and metheus. 

00:31:42 Speaker 3 

Nancy, I'm gonna I'm gonna weave you up something to clean yourself with this is disgusting. 

00:31:47 Speaker 4 

Gets the hose again. 

00:31:51 Speaker 3 

So now it's time to get serious all right. 

00:31:54 Speaker 1 

Siri OK, alright so very serious. 

00:31:56 Speaker 3 

I I don't, I don't I I don't want to. 

00:31:57 Speaker 1 

Done, done. 

00:32:00 Speaker 3 

I'm gonna get serious. 

00:32:01 Speaker 3 

I you know you and I've been friends for a really long time. 

00:32:04 Speaker 3 

And you know, you know that we both love each other very much so. 

00:32:10 Speaker 3 

If if times really got rough, you know and you know the zombies are going crazy and. 

00:32:17 Speaker 3 

You know, and things are getting a little rough. 

00:32:21 Speaker 3 

You know the food run out, you know my poor man. 

00:32:23 Speaker 3 

Spots running out so. 

00:32:25 Speaker 3 

You know your hugs are starting to get really. 


More like week. 

00:32:28 Speaker 3 

We're just kind of not even hugging. 

00:32:29 Speaker 3 

We're just kind of holding each other. 

00:32:33 Speaker 3 

So then the guy started thinking of like shaking and just like OK, it's getting it. It's getting rough and food's gone. 

00:32:41 Speaker 3 

Would you eat me? 


If we ran out of. 

00:32:48 Speaker 2 

Food, would you eat me? 

00:32:52 Speaker 3 

So it's like it's serious. 

00:32:54 Speaker 3 

I need your answer now. 

00:32:56 Speaker 3 

I got questions and I want your damn answer. 

00:32:58 Speaker 3 

Would you eat me? 

00:32:59 Speaker 3 

Would you murder me? 

00:33:00 Speaker 3 

Get this work out? 

00:33:00 Speaker 4 

Probably my first answer is no because. 

00:33:03 Speaker 3 


00:33:05 Speaker 4 

I don't know. 

00:33:05 Speaker 4 

I don't know if I don't OK, I don't know psychologically if I could get there now given certain survival scenarios, things can change very quickly because of starvation mode and all these other things, so I can't give you a for real for real. 

00:33:11 Speaker 3 

From CAD. 

00:33:14 Speaker 2 


00:33:21 Speaker 4 

For real answer, all I can tell you right now is, I say I say no but. 

00:33:26 Speaker 3 

And the others. 

00:33:28 Speaker 3 

Yeah, OK, still there's a caveat to that, but I've seen the cartoons. 

00:33:32 Speaker 3 

I seen a cartoon, someone not dead yet. 

00:33:34 Speaker 3 

You know you got the salt shaker. 


Shake shake shake yeah. 

00:33:40 Speaker 3 

Yeah, it's like oh OK so you know OK, you look a little fine over there is it OK? 

00:33:45 Speaker 3 

OK, let me get. 

00:33:46 Speaker 3 

My salt ready. 

00:33:46 Speaker 4 

Or like you start to hallucinate and you see them turn the person turn into like a. 

00:33:47 Speaker 3 

Are you dead yet? 

00:33:50 Speaker 4 

Big carrot or potato you're. 

00:33:51 Speaker 2 


00:33:52 Speaker 4 

Like me mommy yeah? 

00:33:53 Speaker 3 

Just like Tom and Jerry. 


Bugs Bunny is what I'm thinking. 

00:33:55 Speaker 3 

Bugs Bunny, he turned to a steak like. 

00:33:57 Speaker 4 

Yeah, exactly exactly. 

00:34:01 Speaker 3 

All right? 

00:34:02 Speaker 3 

So this has actually happened in real life and for folks that have no idea if this has really happened, it absolutely has happened. 

00:34:10 Speaker 3 

There is a book about this. 

00:34:11 Speaker 3 

It was a movie about this. 

00:34:12 Speaker 4 

Sure, yeah. 

00:34:12 Speaker 3 

Ever heard of the movie alive? 

00:34:14 Speaker 3 

It's also a book called Alive and and it was a soccer team. 

00:34:18 Speaker 3 

They they had a plane crash just like you. 

00:34:21 Speaker 3 

Were talking about. 

00:34:22 Speaker 4 

Yep, in the Andes. 

00:34:22 Speaker 3 

They plane crash, but they were in the Andes. 

00:34:24 Speaker 3 

I wouldn't say the Alps, but they were in and eastern Andes and they were surviving and they ended up having to eat each other. 

00:34:29 Speaker 3 

And some people are still alive to this day. 

00:34:31 Speaker 3 

They actually survived that from eating people. 

00:34:33 Speaker 3 

So let's you know this. 

00:34:35 Speaker 3 

Again, this is kind of funny, right? 

00:34:36 Speaker 3 

So since you wouldn't eat me, let's get into the real facts, rules and actuals. 

00:34:40 Speaker 3 

Here yeah. 

00:34:42 Speaker 3 

Would you give up your body so I could live? 

00:34:45 Speaker 3 

If you're about to die? 

00:34:46 Speaker 4 

If I was about to die, yeah, well if I'm if I'm dying and I'm going to if I'm going to die then do what you would do what you need to do to survive. 


If you. 

00:34:55 Speaker 4 

I mean I wouldn't. 

00:34:56 Speaker 4 

Say, oh, you're not. 

00:34:56 Speaker 4 

Allowed to touch bear like that's that's ridiculous. 

00:34:59 Speaker 3 

That's very sweet. 

00:35:00 Speaker 3 

'cause a lot of people probably wouldn't do that though. 

00:35:02 Speaker 3 

Maybe like you look, I want to be buried right there. 

00:35:04 Speaker 3 

I'm gonna die you're gonna bury me you're gonna just think about all the good things that all. 

00:35:08 Speaker 3 

The good times we had together. 

00:35:09 Speaker 4 

No, absolutely not, no. 

00:35:11 Speaker 4 

If it comes down to survival and I'm gonna die, then absolutely you need to do whatever you need to do. 

00:35:12 Speaker 3 

It's such a sweetheart. 

00:35:17 Speaker 4 

And if that means. 

00:35:19 Speaker 4 

Consuming me or or whatever. 

00:35:23 Speaker 3 

This is a morbid situation, but I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. 

00:35:27 Speaker 2 

This is stop. 

00:35:29 Speaker 3 

All right, so here we go. 

00:35:31 Speaker 3 

Alright, so we're in a situation, right? 

00:35:33 Speaker 3 

What would I eat? 

00:35:35 Speaker 3 

I'll tell you when I'm talking to you first, I'm not gonna eat your flat as 'cause you don't. 

00:35:38 Speaker 3 

Got number little chicken cutlets in there. 

00:35:40 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I know that is. 

00:35:42 Speaker 4 

Not the spot you want to start. 

00:35:43 Speaker 3 

I am not gonna start with them but cheeks I ain't start. 

00:35:45 Speaker 2 

No no. 

00:35:46 Speaker 3 

With them cheeks. 

00:35:47 Speaker 4 

You can make a nice bone broth actually. 

00:35:50 Speaker 3 

Out of your skinny, like emaciated body. 

00:35:53 Speaker 3 

Your past I'm chopping you up and put you in a pot and like man I thought I was trying to. 

00:35:57 Speaker 3 

I was trying to. 

00:35:57 Speaker 3 

Eat little more than this. 

00:35:58 Speaker 3 

All I got is some brass. 




This is bone. 

00:36:02 Speaker 3 

Broth there we go, so thank you for offering your body. 

00:36:05 Speaker 3 

So if if I said Colleen, I know I'm about to die because. 

00:36:09 Speaker 3 

I you know I. 

00:36:10 Speaker 3 

Got dysentery from eating some water that I didn't boil for the one minute. 

00:36:13 Speaker 4 

Oh Lord. 

00:36:17 Speaker 3 

I just couldn't wait so now I'm dying from dysentery. 

00:36:21 Speaker 3 

What would you eat? 

00:36:22 Speaker 4 

Well, am I allowed to eat you still if if you have dysentery? 

00:36:24 Speaker 3 

Yeah I I am. 

00:36:25 Speaker 3 

I am offering my body to you well if well, whatever dysentery you don't have to. 

00:36:27 Speaker 4 

If have dysentery, I'm still. 

00:36:31 Speaker 3 

It doesn't get inside the muscles, so if you had it. 

00:36:33 Speaker 1 

OK fine. 

00:36:34 Speaker 3 

So if I say Colleen, you have permission to eat me. 

00:36:36 Speaker 4 

First thing I go. 

00:36:37 Speaker 4 

For I go for that *** 

00:36:38 Speaker 3 

I'm waiting. 

00:36:45 Speaker 3 

They go for that as well, I do. 

00:36:45 Speaker 4 

I go straight for that *** 

00:36:47 Speaker 3 

Have that bubble **** right so. 

00:36:50 Speaker 3 

You just turn me over and just start slicing away at that *** 

00:36:53 Speaker 4 

I just I just. 

00:36:54 Speaker 4 

Go straight mouth to cheek, I'm done. 

00:36:56 Speaker 3 

You just start gnawing. 

00:36:59 Speaker 3 

Loose booty my answer. 

00:37:00 Speaker 3 

She got meat. 

00:37:05 Speaker 3 

Oh my goodness, so alright, I like that. 

00:37:07 Speaker 3 

That was a fun little scenario so at least we would. 

00:37:09 Speaker 3 

At least we have that right. 

00:37:10 Speaker 4 

It's fun talking about eating each other. 

00:37:12 Speaker 3 

Right hey look, my body is already dedicated to science, right? 

00:37:15 Speaker 3 

So if I die in a car accident, I'm already dedicating myself to science, so if I could let some strangers cut me up and put me into other people or do whatever they can for science, at least I can give my body up to you so you can *** ** *** 

00:37:18 Speaker 4 


00:37:29 Speaker 4 

Keep not in a nice yeah yeah. 

00:37:29 Speaker 3 

In a in a in a non sexual way uh non sexual way more in a survival type situation. 

00:37:35 Speaker 4 

We we this all. 

00:37:36 Speaker 4 

This all this does is go to show how much. 

00:37:40 Speaker 4 

We care about each other. 

00:37:42 Speaker 4 

And we're not selfish people. 

00:37:44 Speaker 3 

Yeah exactly. 

00:37:45 Speaker 3 

We love each other. 


He's my *** 

00:37:47 Speaker 3 

Give me a hug, *** ** *** then fine. 

00:37:51 Speaker 3 

You can help me first. 

00:37:57 Speaker 3 

Let's talk about these pressures right? 

00:37:59 Speaker 3 

Alright so. 

00:37:59 Speaker 4 

Yeah, the the feral feral preppers. 

00:38:01 Speaker 3 

Yeah, are they crazy like? 

00:38:02 Speaker 4 

I mean, I feel like these people like the different people are prepping and preparing for different scenarios, pretty much depending on their own unique life experiences and also where they live geographically. 

00:38:14 Speaker 3 

OK, OK. 

00:38:15 Speaker 4 

'cause not everybody preparing for the same thing got 5 preppers in a room. 

00:38:19 Speaker 4 

Each one of them could be prepping for something different. 

00:38:22 Speaker 3 

OK, so prior to this podcast, what comes to mind when I say the word prepard to you? 

00:38:27 Speaker 3 

What would you think? 

00:38:29 Speaker 4 

Prior to this, I would immediately think. 

00:38:31 Speaker 4 

I mean, I would think someone who's a little out there with like a tinfoil hat. 

00:38:37 Speaker 4 

But the more I learn about it, I'm like, you know, there's a lot of validity to this stuff. 

00:38:43 Speaker 4 

Not all of it, but yeah. 

00:38:45 Speaker 3 

You're right. 

00:38:46 Speaker 4 

You know, I don't I I don't go into this now thinking that these people are as. 

00:38:50 Speaker 4 

Wackadoo as maybe I did initially. 

00:38:53 Speaker 3 

OK, OK, I mean Full disclosure here. 

00:38:56 Speaker 3 

I am an ARM chair proper, but if you were to tell me even prior to this broadcast, OK, what do you could? 

00:39:00 Speaker 3 

What do you think the first thing comes to mind? 

00:39:02 Speaker 3 

Think about prepper I. 

00:39:03 Speaker 3 

I have those things too. 

00:39:04 Speaker 3 

Like OK, you're kind of out there. 

00:39:07 Speaker 3 

You're kind of. 

00:39:08 Speaker 3 

Scared about the government going to do. 

00:39:10 Speaker 3 

Something and scared about. 

00:39:10 Speaker 4 

Yeah, conspiracy theory is right. 

00:39:11 Speaker 3 

At the end. 

00:39:12 Speaker 3 

Of the world conspiracy like blah blah blah. 

00:39:14 Speaker 3 

And naturally, and look I am a self proclaimed arm chair, prepper here and I still think that and I'm sure a lot of our listeners are thinking the same as that thing. 

00:39:22 Speaker 3 

But at least. 

00:39:24 Speaker 3 

We learn a little bit about something here. 

00:39:25 Speaker 3 

We all have a little bit of survival instinct in US. 

00:39:28 Speaker 3 

True, but these people are out there preparing for craziness. 

00:39:31 Speaker 3 

I mean, let's talk about The One Show that's super famous doomsday preppers, right? 

00:39:35 Speaker 4 

Yes, on National Geographic. 

00:39:36 Speaker 3 

I would say I would say quote UN quote everybody right has seen this show. Some of it is quite. It's laughable. 

00:39:43 Speaker 3 

It really is, but then someone stuffing like oh OK, OK, I kind of. 

00:39:47 Speaker 3 

Get that yeah if. 

00:39:48 Speaker 4 

You go back and you watch season one episode one. 

00:39:51 Speaker 4 

It's not as ridiculous as some of the other ones because I think. 

00:39:56 Speaker 4 

As the show went on, they're just finding people that are a little more out there, right? 

00:39:58 Speaker 3 

More and yeah. 

00:40:00 Speaker 4 

But the very first episode, it seemed more practical. 

00:40:04 Speaker 3 

So one of the examples, one of the things that people are preparing for is a nuclear disaster. 

00:40:11 Speaker 3 

OK, that is one of them. 

00:40:13 Speaker 3 

Well, I'm not worried about a nuclear disaster because I don't not. 

00:40:17 Speaker 3 

I'm not near a nuclear plant, but some people are. 

00:40:20 Speaker 3 

So to your point, like OK, people are prepping for certain types of things depending on their. 

00:40:24 Speaker 3 

Situation and their location and so on and so forth, but I think like nuclear disaster, just not just too out there for me. 

00:40:31 Speaker 3 

It's like what are the? 

00:40:32 Speaker 3 

Chances of that and as soon as I say that, then I think about OK, what about Fukushima? 

00:40:37 Speaker 3 

That happened like 10 years? 

00:40:38 Speaker 3 

Ago, so it's. 

00:40:38 Speaker 4 

Right, right? 

00:40:39 Speaker 3 

Not like it can't happen. 

00:40:40 Speaker 3 

What about Chernobyl? 

00:40:41 Speaker 3 

Uh, yeah, I yeah, I forgot about that one. 

00:40:47 Speaker 3 

And that's you know, both of us reading our lifetimes to this isn't like prior, you know, saying. 

00:40:52 Speaker 4 

Yes, and you know what I always think of. 

00:40:53 Speaker 4 

I always think of Terminator 2. 

00:40:56 Speaker 3 

Why Terminator two is 1 like the guy was in the like the the liquid form and all that one that's not permanent. 

00:41:01 Speaker 4 

T2 they show the whole nuclear like. 

00:41:04 Speaker 3 

Oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. 

00:41:04 Speaker 4 

Blow out and like people are holding onto the fence and then it blows their skin off. 

00:41:08 Speaker 3 

Oh yeah. 


That's just what I. 

00:41:10 Speaker 4 

Think of and that's just a skeleton. 

00:41:12 Speaker 4 

Hold none of the chain link fence though. 

00:41:14 Speaker 3 

Oh man, that that kind of scared me too. 

00:41:16 Speaker 3 

I was. 

00:41:16 Speaker 4 

Oh, it did as a kid. 

00:41:16 Speaker 3 

Like man, this. 

00:41:17 Speaker 3 

Could really happen, yeah? 

00:41:18 Speaker 4 

For real, as a kid, and that's what I'm saying as a kid. 

00:41:20 Speaker 4 

I started thinking of this stuff. 

00:41:21 Speaker 4 

I'm like Oh my God Oh my God. 

00:41:22 Speaker 3 

It was like maybe 8991 and so we were kids then so. 

00:41:25 Speaker 4 

And by the way, still one of the best guns and roses songs ever. 

00:41:30 Speaker 4 

With your bitchslap wrapping in your cooking tongue. 

00:41:33 Speaker 4 

Love finger. 

00:41:36 Speaker 3 

Why have I not heard that before? 

00:41:38 Speaker 4 

It's a theme song from that movie. 

00:41:40 Speaker 3 

Oh my God. 

00:41:41 Speaker 3 

So I have her. 

00:41:41 Speaker 4 

And it's when they're like on the motorcycle like friends. 

00:41:46 Speaker 3 

So that one got it out there. 

00:41:48 Speaker 3 

So let's talk about another one. 

00:41:50 Speaker 3 

I don't know if you saw this one, but I remember one I'm saying we are. 

00:41:52 Speaker 3 

We are preparing for an F5 tornado to take over. OK, they may live in Oklahoma. OK, fine, OK, you're prepared for that, but people should be prepared for that every single day for live. 

00:42:02 Speaker 3 

In Oklahoma, right? That's like. 

00:42:03 Speaker 4 

Yes, exactly exactly, depending on where you live geographically, there are certain things that you should be preparing for regardless. 

00:42:04 Speaker 3 

It's like. 

00:42:11 Speaker 3 

Yeah, it's ah. 

00:42:12 Speaker 4 

If you live in a place that is near the water, prepare for floods. 

00:42:16 Speaker 4 

If you're living in a place with earthquakes, prepare for that like there's just. 

00:42:20 Speaker 4 

It's just kind of common sense. 

00:42:22 Speaker 3 

So I think that we can give these preppers a pass after all this conversation, we're going to give. 

00:42:27 Speaker 3 

Them a pass if. 

00:42:28 Speaker 4 

Yeah, there's some that are out there for sure. 

00:42:28 Speaker 3 

They're logical, yet if they're logical. 

00:42:31 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yes, if they're logical, and but if you're interested in this kind of stuff too, you can easily do a Google search or a YouTube search and you'll come up with a lot of interesting things to watch and go down a rabbit hole with that. 

00:42:44 Speaker 4 

I actually found these two women. 

00:42:46 Speaker 4 

They have a channel and they put. 

00:42:48 Speaker 4 

Out stuff about how they are continuing to just trying to put food aside. OK, and so all their videos are like oh we got a good whole $30 for our thing and then they show you what they got and they're like we got all this stuff on sale after the holidays is a $0.50 box of instant mashed potatoes. And so it's just stuff like that. 

00:43:08 Speaker 4 

And they're just putting it all aside and then they have their dates on it, and they're like this will last till 2045. You know what I mean so? 

00:43:15 Speaker 3 

And you know what? 

00:43:15 Speaker 3 

When you say that you know, it also comes to mind. 

00:43:17 Speaker 3 

The extreme couponers. 

00:43:20 Speaker 1 

Oh yeah. 

00:43:21 Speaker 3 

Like they're probably in that preparedness Realm 2 not everybody, but I imagine that OK if you're in the preparedness of your families in the preparedness, you're probably into the extreme couponing craziness, too, because those folks it's an addiction. 

00:43:36 Speaker 3 

I mean, yeah, I think I think it's all of it's pretty cool. 


It can be, yeah. 

00:43:38 Speaker 4 

I've seen her. 

00:43:38 Speaker 3 

Like man, they got all this kind of stuff, but I'm like alright. 

00:43:41 Speaker 3 

And can you like how many boxes of cereal do you really need to have do? 

00:43:45 Speaker 3 

Like really? 

00:43:45 Speaker 3 

Do you need that much or how many tubs of mayonnaise you need? 

00:43:49 Speaker 3 

To have one. 

00:43:50 Speaker 5 


00:43:50 Speaker 3 

But I'm just saying like they could probably say things celebrate alright. 

00:43:53 Speaker 3 

Are they crazy? 

00:43:54 Speaker 3 

I don't need all that crazy. 

00:43:55 Speaker 3 

I think it's all right, so I think we can just say that. 

00:43:57 Speaker 3 

OK, so no purpose out there. 

00:43:59 Speaker 3 

We don't all think that you're crazy sometimes. 

00:44:02 Speaker 3 

You gotta take the tinfoil off your damn head, yeah, and think about the reality of some of this stuff. 

00:44:07 Speaker 4 

Yes, and they do. 

00:44:08 Speaker 4 

Some of them do give good tips like. 

00:44:10 Speaker 4 

How to actually properly store stuff, so you can't. 

00:44:13 Speaker 4 

Just go buy a bag. 

00:44:14 Speaker 4 

Like of, I don't know, say steel cut oats and just leave it in the bag. 

00:44:17 Speaker 4 

You have to take it out of the bag. 

00:44:19 Speaker 4 

It was that you purchased it in and then put it in some other container to where it's actually stored better. 

00:44:25 Speaker 3 

Look at you doing a little reading and stuff you see and you thought you'd be dead in a couple of days. 

00:44:30 Speaker 3 

He got all your little tips. 

00:44:31 Speaker 3 

You got your hugs. 

00:44:32 Speaker 3 

He got your. 

00:44:33 Speaker 3 

Cards got your. 

00:44:34 Speaker 4 

You know, see I'm I'm more useful than you think, yeah. 

00:44:36 Speaker 3 

OK, so you got your head. 

00:44:37 Speaker 3 

On your shoulders you doing alright. 

00:44:39 Speaker 4 

Yeah, something about storing things in Mylar as well. 

00:44:43 Speaker 3 

Yeah, and I don't know what exactly Mylar, mylar, some kind of plastic, right mile or some? 

00:44:44 Speaker 4 

And glass. 

00:44:47 Speaker 3 

Kind of a flashlight. 

00:44:47 Speaker 4 

Yes, you like line certain things with Mylar and then you can put your food in it and that makes it last longer. 

00:44:52 Speaker 3 


00:44:54 Speaker 4 

So if you say you're using a big like 5 gallon plastic jug toast or something, you can put mylar in it first and then store stuff, but a good way to store stuff too is in just glass jars. 

00:45:04 Speaker 4 

That's what I use currently, I. 

00:45:05 Speaker 4 

Have a ton of. 

00:45:06 Speaker 3 

I do too. 

00:45:06 Speaker 4 

Like ball jars. 

00:45:08 Speaker 4 

With you know my beans, my lentils, my rice, my whatever, like everything. 

00:45:14 Speaker 4 

Everything and it's just how I prefer it last longer so hey. 

00:45:16 Speaker 3 

I do too. 

00:45:16 Speaker 3 

You start putting stuff in there, yeah? 

00:45:22 Speaker 3 

So let's just rattle off a couple of things. 

00:45:24 Speaker 3 

What it really takes to be in a stressful situation, 'cause I think that surviving would be pretty stressful. 

00:45:31 Speaker 4 

Oh for sure. 

00:45:32 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it definitely takes certain things to actually survive a disaster type. 

00:45:38 Speaker 3 

And we've been talking about a lot of these things. 

00:45:41 Speaker 3 

One thing that comes to mind like planning, right? 

00:45:44 Speaker 3 

It's so if you're a prepper, prepping, planning, whatever preparedness. 


For sure. 

00:45:47 Speaker 3 

So that's one thing you have to deal with. 

00:45:49 Speaker 3 

You know training and your routine right. 

00:45:51 Speaker 3 

You gotta train. 

00:45:52 Speaker 3 

You gotta make sure like me thinking I'm going to bring to the table for on an island. 

00:45:55 Speaker 3 

Is friction fire making? 

00:45:57 Speaker 3 

Well, if I've never done that. 

00:45:58 Speaker 3 

Before I read about it, I'm probably not going to make a fire from. 

00:46:00 Speaker 4 

Right and yeah, and it's not like you had the little book on you like oh here, let me pull my book. 

00:46:01 Speaker 3 

Rubbing two sticks together literally. 

00:46:06 Speaker 4 

On how to do it. 

00:46:06 Speaker 3 

Step one find. 

00:46:06 Speaker 4 

So you got it, you know? 

00:46:07 Speaker 3 

Two sticks, Step 2. 

00:46:10 Speaker 4 

Yes, you you definitely have to train, or at least try to. 

00:46:14 Speaker 4 

Do some of these things. 

00:46:15 Speaker 4 

Things prior to actually finding yourself in a bad situation. 

00:46:19 Speaker 3 

Right, and we're not talking about Desert Island guys. 

00:46:22 Speaker 3 

We're also talking about. 

00:46:23 Speaker 3 

OK, maybe have a little bit of extra food, so that's like the training. 

00:46:27 Speaker 3 

Meaning you've got train yourself to buy if every time you go to grocery stores, buy one extra can. 

00:46:30 Speaker 4 

Exactly exactly. 

00:46:31 Speaker 3 

I mean that's what we're talking about here? 

00:46:33 Speaker 3 

We're not talking about, you, just learn how. 

00:46:33 Speaker 5 


00:46:34 Speaker 3 

To rub two sticks together here. 

00:46:35 Speaker 4 

And and we're also not necessarily talking about, you know, training for a mud run or something, either, you know. 

00:46:41 Speaker 4 

I mean, it's. 

00:46:41 Speaker 4 

Like I mean that help that is helpful, but we're talking about training your mind and training your behaviors so that you can. 

00:46:49 Speaker 4 

Be more prepared, just in little ways. 

00:46:52 Speaker 4 

You don't have to be. 

00:46:52 Speaker 4 

Some crazy overhaul of your life. 

00:46:54 Speaker 3 

No, there's one little thing here in there, so common sense is 1. 

00:46:56 Speaker 4 

Yeah, you go to the store to buy stuff. 

00:46:58 Speaker 4 

Pick up, pick up a extra bag of rice. 

00:47:00 Speaker 3 

Right common sense, just like you said or or something that it just takes common sense. 

00:47:04 Speaker 3 

It takes mental fortitude. 

00:47:05 Speaker 3 

We already talked about that to, you know, have a good head on your shoulders. 

00:47:09 Speaker 3 

A positive attitude. 

00:47:10 Speaker 3 

Yeah, that just selects, that's it. 

00:47:11 Speaker 4 

That's where the bugs come in. 

00:47:12 Speaker 4 

So hugs come in because you know what you hug. 

00:47:12 Speaker 3 

Yeah, you gotta have the hugs, alright? 

00:47:14 Speaker 3 

I'm gonna give you a. 

00:47:15 Speaker 4 

You, hug somebody. 

00:47:15 Speaker 4 

Here's another tip, everybody. 

00:47:17 Speaker 4 

When you hug someone, next time you hug someone, hold that. 

00:47:20 Speaker 4 

Hug for at least 15 seconds. 

00:47:23 Speaker 4 

Try to get like 30 seconds 'cause the longer you hold that hug, you're going to start to create. 

00:47:28 Speaker 4 

Endorphins and all of those feel good hormones or whatever, and that actually not only makes you feel better, put you in a better mood, but it also boosts your immune system. 

00:47:36 Speaker 4 

So overall me saying I'm bringing hugs at the. 

00:47:38 Speaker 4 

Table is actually. 

00:47:39 Speaker 3 

A really good ******* thing. 

00:47:41 Speaker 3 

I don't know. 

00:47:41 Speaker 3 

The CDC would really appreciate that right now, but OK, see. 

00:47:44 Speaker 4 

Well, we're going to pretend like that's not part of the thing. I'll wear my mask my P-100. 

00:47:51 Speaker 3 

Alright then yeah yeah yeah you can. 

00:47:52 Speaker 3 

You can help me put your mask on 1st pitching I mean ******* hung me. 

00:47:55 Speaker 3 

Out here with the coronavirus having anything. 

00:47:56 Speaker 4 

Not mine. 

00:47:59 Speaker 3 

No, you're right. 

00:48:00 Speaker 3 

No, having a mental forward to the hugs, the bonding and all that that gives the Yep, yeah. 

00:48:04 Speaker 4 

Positive attitude, try to yes. 

00:48:08 Speaker 4 

And flexibility and your ability to adapt to things. 

00:48:10 Speaker 4 

That's a huge part, because if you're very rigid in your. 

00:48:14 Speaker 4 

Routines or whatever like it's good to have routine, but if you're so so, so rigid that just any slight hiccup or change just throws you off kilter and you become overly stressed. 

00:48:24 Speaker 4 

You're probably not going. 

00:48:25 Speaker 4 

To do so well 'cause. 

00:48:27 Speaker 4 

You're going to have to have that flexibility and ability to adapt to survive. 

00:48:30 Speaker 3 

Have to be, uh, do that instead of just breaking down and look if you're if you're just a stressful situation. 

00:48:35 Speaker 3 

Sometimes you know that just has to. 

00:48:37 Speaker 3 

And I mean like, you know, if your car breaks down or something like that. 

00:48:40 Speaker 3 

I mean, that's it's not a survival situation, but you gotta have a lot of these things on the list too. 

00:48:44 Speaker 3 

That's a mental forward to you. 

00:48:44 Speaker 4 

Oh sure. 

00:48:45 Speaker 3 

Gotta know what you need to do. 

00:48:46 Speaker 3 

You know you. 

00:48:47 Speaker 3 

Don't just break down and just crying and blah blah blah, so I mean. 

00:48:50 Speaker 2 

Yeah, this. 

00:48:51 Speaker 4 

Stuff could apply. 

00:48:51 Speaker 4 

To all parts of your life. 

00:48:53 Speaker 3 

Absolutely, absolutely. 

00:48:55 Speaker 3 

And the last little 1 vitality and health. 

00:48:57 Speaker 3 

OK, well, if you're gonna, if you're gonna survive and do like OK got to be healthy. 

00:48:58 Speaker 4 

Right, yeah? 

00:49:00 Speaker 3 

That's the first thing. 

00:49:01 Speaker 3 

Like if you're some kind. 

00:49:02 Speaker 3 

Of a decrepid person. 

00:49:04 Speaker 3 

Not saying that that anybody that's handicapped can't survive. 

00:49:08 Speaker 3 

It's just like OK if you if you stay healthy and make sure you have that mental attitude when you're in a stressful type situation. 

00:49:15 Speaker 3 

Being healthy in general, it's just kind of common sense. 

00:49:17 Speaker 3 

It is what it is, whether it's survival or or just everyday life. 

00:49:20 Speaker 4 

Yeah, stress management and trying to maintain. 

00:49:23 Speaker 4 

Or improve your health is always a good idea and this is kind of where it gets a little. 

00:49:28 Speaker 4 

I guess this is where I get a little sour. 

00:49:30 Speaker 4 

You know, like I get a little whatever, because in my mind I'm thinking, oh if something really happened and something all this stuff really. 

00:49:31 Speaker 3 


00:49:37 Speaker 1 

Like should hit. 

00:49:38 Speaker 4 

A fan, I don't know if I would make it not because I lack the other stuff, but because of my own health. 

00:49:44 Speaker 4 

Think about just the way the world is in general, how how our society thinks about people with lesser abilities. 

00:49:46 Speaker 3 


00:49:51 Speaker 4 

It's we we live in an ableist society, so if we already live in an ableist society when it comes to surviving you immediately. 

00:49:59 Speaker 4 

Think, oh anybody who's less? 

00:50:00 Speaker 4 

People they're not going to make it, or you know they're going to get left behind or people don't want to deal with them because they think that they're going to slow them down, or that they don't have. 

00:50:08 Speaker 4 

Anything to offer? 

00:50:09 Speaker 4 

So that's kind of where my mind goes when I think about this. 

00:50:09 Speaker 2 


00:50:11 Speaker 3 

Yeah, well you see, The thing is but but you're going, you're you're taking it way far out you're taking it way far out thinking like it's like the zombie apocalypse you're talking about that what about think about the what we're dealing with right now baby right the mother this coronavirus where they shut down. 

00:50:25 Speaker 4 

No, I yeah you're right, I am thinking about I'm thinking about very extreme situations. 

00:50:29 Speaker 3 

OK, very extreme situations. 

00:50:30 Speaker 4 

I'm not. 

00:50:32 Speaker 3 

Yeah OK survival of the fittest. 

00:50:34 Speaker 3 

I get that piece right? 

00:50:35 Speaker 3 

So you gotta make sure you're there. 

00:50:36 Speaker 3 

Like if you're a diabetic and there's no hospitals and you need your insulin. 

00:50:40 Speaker 3 

OK, well you're going to have to really stock up on your insulin, and some of those things, but on like some of the everyday stuff you know, going through the COVID pandemic that we're still going through and all mankind stuff like we didn't. 

00:50:50 Speaker 3 

Sadly, the elderly people behind and all of a sudden like, well, we're gonna. 

00:50:53 Speaker 3 

It's gonna lock these doors and let. 

00:50:54 Speaker 3 

Them just go ahead and die off. 

00:50:56 Speaker 3 

I mean that is that gonna happen. 

00:50:59 Speaker 3 

I know they that you're not in the in the greatest of health, but hey. 

00:51:02 Speaker 3 

Look, as long as you get off. 

00:51:03 Speaker 4 

It ain't for lack of trying. 

00:51:04 Speaker 4 

It ain't for lack of trying. 

00:51:05 Speaker 3 

As long as you offer that body up to me before you die, you can say that you actually you actually contributed. 

00:51:10 Speaker 3 

To this, so I'm going to. 

00:51:11 Speaker 4 

I'll sign a piece of paper. 

00:51:13 Speaker 3 

Well, I'm well, we know them. 

00:51:13 Speaker 4 

Say here you go. 

00:51:15 Speaker 3 

Dies over a rotisseries. 

00:51:17 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:51:18 Speaker 3 

About time she contributed. 

00:51:24 Speaker 3 

Oh man, alright, so moving on to the next thing. 

00:51:27 Speaker 3 

Alright so after all, this talk sounds like me and you are ready for the end of the world alright but let's talk about like what can actually happen, yeah? 

00:51:35 Speaker 4 

Practical stuff what? 

00:51:36 Speaker 3 

Real tips, should we give our listeners right now what they can do? 

00:51:41 Speaker 3 

That's very pretty, even though we've actually been feeding a lot of great practical information now, right? 

00:51:45 Speaker 4 

Well, I can think of one thing that recently happened here in Maryland during the snowstorm at the beginning of this month. 

00:51:51 Speaker 3 


00:51:51 Speaker 4 

There were two tractor trailers that jackknifed and caused a huge backup on 95 and it was backed up for like what 50 plus some miles. People were stranded in their cars for what was it like a couple days? 

00:51:57 Speaker 3 

Oh Yep. 

00:51:59 Speaker 3 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:52:02 Speaker 3 

You're right. 

00:52:04 Speaker 3 

24 hours. 

00:52:06 Speaker 4 

I feel like it was more than that. 

00:52:07 Speaker 3 

No, no, it was like almost two days. I think. I think it was 24 almost 48 hours. It was a long astym. 

00:52:12 Speaker 4 

Right, it was. 

00:52:13 Speaker 4 

A long time and it was in the in a snowstorm. 

00:52:16 Speaker 4 

They're stuck there. 

00:52:17 Speaker 4 

They weren't like, oh, we're just trapped on the side of the road. 

00:52:19 Speaker 4 

We can get out of the car and walk over to the McDonald's. 

00:52:21 Speaker 4 

It wasn't like that. 

00:52:22 Speaker 4 

They're like stuck in this situation. 

00:52:24 Speaker 4 

So in this type of thing this doesn't stuff that can actually happen, it just happened. 

00:52:28 Speaker 4 

And things like this can happen at anytime anyplace so. 

00:52:32 Speaker 3 

You're right. 

00:52:32 Speaker 4 

At the bare minimum, with this kind of thing, you should think about. 

00:52:36 Speaker 4 

What do you keep in your car in case something happens? 

00:52:40 Speaker 4 

Any time of year? 

00:52:41 Speaker 3 

Right and depending on time of year, let's say it's winter time we talk about that right now. 

00:52:46 Speaker 3 

It's winter now. 

00:52:47 Speaker 3 

So if you're stuck on 495, I mean who? 

00:52:49 Speaker 3 

Hasn't been stuck on 495 in this area. 

00:52:51 Speaker 3 

But let's just say it's a really long time. 

00:52:54 Speaker 3 

First of all, I would be so ****** if I was one of those people. 

00:52:58 Speaker 3 

Hundreds of people that were on 95 or 495 when that happened. No, it was 490. 

00:53:02 Speaker 3 

5 or 90. 

00:53:03 Speaker 3 


00:53:05 Speaker 4 

I think now you got me second guessing. 

00:53:06 Speaker 3 

So keep stuff in your car. I no I'm saying 495, it's 495. A terrible piece of Rd but it wasn't 190. 


5 bane of our existence in the DMV. 

00:53:15 Speaker 3 

Yeah, pretty much. 

00:53:17 Speaker 3 

But practical, alright, keep stuff in your car. 

00:53:20 Speaker 3 

Water, snacks, warm clothes, a battery pack. 

00:53:23 Speaker 3 

You know one of those things that helps charge multiple devices. 

00:53:26 Speaker 3 

They're they're all over the place. 

00:53:27 Speaker 3 

You probably. 

00:53:28 Speaker 3 

For like 30. 

00:53:28 Speaker 3 

Bucks right now, right? 

00:53:29 Speaker 3 

Keep that. 

00:53:30 Speaker 3 

Keep a light store, source a headlamp or a little flashlight or something and don't just don't think well my phone does all that. 

00:53:36 Speaker 3 

Well you maybe. 

00:53:36 Speaker 4 

Well, if I'm gonna die. 

00:53:37 Speaker 3 

People that your phone is are yeah your phone gonna die does have something that's separate. 

00:53:41 Speaker 3 

A small tool bag if you don't have that, you might need something. 

00:53:44 Speaker 3 

It's something it's just messed up on the side of the car at the side of the road. 

00:53:48 Speaker 3 

Or let's say that it's snowing and gets stuck and AAA is not going to come out 'cause everybody was just like you're dumb as you decide to go over your boyfriend's house in a snowstorm. Get stuck on the side of the damn Rd. Maybe have some tools or something so. 

00:54:01 Speaker 3 

You want to be able to do that? 

00:54:02 Speaker 3 

That's very, very. 

00:54:02 Speaker 4 

Practical, yeah, you know what else I keep in the car? 

00:54:05 Speaker 4 

I keep one of. 

00:54:06 Speaker 4 

Those go girls in the car, oh. 

00:54:08 Speaker 3 

Yeah, you know I was gonna get Lisa. 

00:54:09 Speaker 3 

One of those things. 

00:54:10 Speaker 3 

You know, I might do that for Valentine's Day, and that's the perfect gift. 

00:54:14 Speaker 4 

Go girl if you don't know what a go girl. 

00:54:16 Speaker 4 

Is it's a device? 

00:54:17 Speaker 3 

Yeah, tell our listeners what it is. 

00:54:18 Speaker 4 

It's a nice little silicone device that you can use to pee. 

00:54:24 Speaker 4 

So women can use it to pee standing up, or if you're in a car, you can use it to sit under you and then you can actually point a little thing into an empty bottle. 

00:54:33 Speaker 3 

Just like a guy. 

00:54:34 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:54:36 Speaker 3 

I think those things are essential if you're a boater people that like to be on boats and all that. 

00:54:40 Speaker 4 

Yes, boaters, campers, anything. 

00:54:41 Speaker 3 

If you're a voter. 

00:54:42 Speaker 3 

You know boaters, campers. 

00:54:43 Speaker 3 

And if you want to keep on just in case you get stuck on 90. 

00:54:45 Speaker 3 

5 for more than 24 hours. 

00:54:48 Speaker 3 

Yeah, it's always good to have one last thing. 

00:54:48 Speaker 4 

I mean what? 

00:54:49 Speaker 4 

Are you going to walk outside in the snow storm and and drop your drawers? 

00:54:52 Speaker 4 

And I mean your ***** going to freeze, so if you had a go girl you could just do it in your car. 


Uh, yeah. 

00:54:58 Speaker 3 

Very clever and I don't know how much those things cost. 

00:55:01 Speaker 3 

They can't. 

00:55:01 Speaker 3 

Be more than 20 bucks bucks. 

00:55:02 Speaker 4 

No, no, not at all. 

00:55:03 Speaker 3 

So that's that's just one little thing. 

00:55:05 Speaker 3 

I mean stuff at home, like stuff in your own house, right? 

00:55:08 Speaker 3 

Even things might get a little crazy, but if you have all these things inside your house, put him in one place, right? 

00:55:12 Speaker 3 

You know, get your candles, get your power sources, you know, get your backup batteries. 

00:55:17 Speaker 3 

If you need those things, get too dry. 

00:55:19 Speaker 3 

Food your canned food. 

00:55:20 Speaker 3 

So just think about those things I mean. 

00:55:22 Speaker 3 

And even in one thing. 

00:55:23 Speaker 3 

Like how to stay found right? 

00:55:24 Speaker 3 

That's actually the name of a book house they found and that's it. 

00:55:27 Speaker 3 

Going out your hiking or camping just really just keep your head on your shoulders. 

00:55:31 Speaker 3 

Tell someone where you're going. 

00:55:32 Speaker 3 

Make a plan. 

00:55:33 Speaker 3 

It take your cell phone with you. 

00:55:35 Speaker 3 

Don't say well, I'm only going out for a really quick trail run next, you know, and you'll end up in a ditch. 

00:55:39 Speaker 3 

I mean, there's so many stories out there about people surviving, and in retrospect is like you know, and if I have my cell phone, I left it in my damn. 

00:55:47 Speaker 3 

Or if I had my cell phone, I wouldn't be stuck drinking my own. 

00:55:51 Speaker 3 

After being four days stuck in a gully in California, you know what I mean? I mean and that stuff is really happening to people, so I guess that's the biggest take away. 

00:55:59 Speaker 3 

If you want to be able to be practical, prepping have an idea of what you need. 

00:56:05 Speaker 3 

Have some food. 

00:56:06 Speaker 3 

I would say a minimum four weeks of food, yeah, and then you. 

00:56:10 Speaker 3 

You will be alright, so if you would have any take away from this for this, this has been a fun podcast. 

00:56:16 Speaker 3 

This is actually a lot of fun to talk about. 

00:56:17 Speaker 3 

We could talk about this forever, but we're not. 

00:56:19 Speaker 3 

We're coming to the end here. 

00:56:20 Speaker 3 

But you know this. 

00:56:22 Speaker 3 

Have some food. 

00:56:23 Speaker 3 

Start reading, just educate yourself just a little bit and have some fun with it too. 

00:56:28 Speaker 3 

You know you can talk to your girlfriend why? 

00:56:30 Speaker 3 

If your husband whatever and say, look and this came round to it, what would you eat first? 

00:56:34 Speaker 2 

Would you eat me? 

00:56:35 Speaker 3 

Which eat my ask 'cause I know you're a freak like that. 

00:56:37 Speaker 3 

You probably, with my Asperger's you get nasty asmaul. 

00:56:44 Speaker 3 

But at least I know. 

00:56:45 Speaker 3 

So you know what? 

00:56:46 Speaker 3 

Tonight gonna have a serious conversation with my fiance. 

00:56:48 Speaker 3 

Gonna say OK, So what am I allowed? 

00:56:50 Speaker 3 

To eat first. 

00:56:51 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah, it's definitely so. 

00:56:53 Speaker 4 

You have conversations with each other. 

00:56:55 Speaker 4 

You know for sure, make an emergency checklist and just figure out what you are going to do and there's so many reasons or resources out there that it's kind. 

00:57:02 Speaker 4 

Of a no brainer. 

00:57:03 Speaker 3 

Absolutely, absolutely. 

00:57:05 Speaker 3 

And you know this is actually fun conversation. 

00:57:06 Speaker 3 

I really had a good time talking about this. 

00:57:08 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and I have. I have my one take away tip. 

00:57:11 Speaker 3 


00:57:12 Speaker 4 

You know, if if nothing else. 

00:57:22 Speaker 3 

That's all you can bring to the table is ******* beans. 

00:57:26 Speaker 4 

I mean it's right. 

00:57:27 Speaker 4 

On par with everything else I've brought thus far, is it not? 

00:57:30 Speaker 3 

You're gonna bring. 


Hugs, cards, Chinese. 

00:57:31 Speaker 3 

And beans. 

00:57:33 Speaker 3 

Knocking my door with you. 

00:57:34 Speaker 3 

Give me a hug. 

00:57:35 Speaker 3 

Oh, we really need this with stressful times like look we can play some cards later. 

00:57:40 Speaker 3 

Oh you hungry, I got some beefs. 

00:57:41 Speaker 5 

Got Bing. 

00:57:46 Speaker 3 

All right, so on that note, let's go ahead and finish this thing up. 

00:57:50 Speaker 3 

You got any shout outs? 

00:57:51 Speaker 4 

For everybody I do, but. 

00:57:53 Speaker 4 

I, I think you should. 

00:57:55 Speaker 3 

All right fine. 

00:57:56 Speaker 3 

I am getting married at the end of this year. 

00:57:58 Speaker 3 

close it again in September so. 

00:57:59 Speaker 3 

I want. 

00:57:59 Speaker 3 

To give a shout out to the venue, let's call it Circle D Farm, and it's in Maryland and it's 

00:58:07 Speaker 3 

Really nice venue, really affordable. 

00:58:09 Speaker 3 

We're having a something that's really short and sweet and it's an intimate event for me. 

00:58:15 Speaker 3 

And Lisa and our family. 

00:58:16 Speaker 3 

So check them out if you want to keep something really simple, honest, family business, check them out. 

00:58:22 Speaker 3 

That's my, that's my that's my shout out. 

00:58:22 Speaker 4 

It's exciting. 

00:58:24 Speaker 3 

This circle dude. 

00:58:26 Speaker 3 

Secondly circle circle deeznuts circle. 

00:58:31 Speaker 3 

I hate you. 

00:58:34 Speaker 4 

Well, and Speaking of your lovely fiancee, I wanted to give a shout out to her because she was one of our most recent. 

00:58:34 Speaker 3 

What do you got? 

00:58:41 Speaker 4 

Donators on buy me a coffee com, so thank you, Miss Lisa. 

00:58:42 Speaker 3 


00:58:45 Speaker 4 

We appreciate you. 

00:58:46 Speaker 3 

Thank you baby, you're helping us keep the lights on Boo Boo appreciate you. 

00:58:49 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:58:50 Speaker 4 

And also there's actually another donor mystery donor. 

00:58:54 Speaker 4 

I call him Big Balla. 

00:58:55 Speaker 3 

Oh hey. 

00:58:56 Speaker 4 

This person goes by Yoko hochu. 

00:58:59 Speaker 4 

They gave a very generous donation and I would like to read the message that they left us. 

00:59:05 Speaker 4 

Yoko, who says I enjoy the show. 

00:59:07 Speaker 4 

It brings back old memories of Laurel, mostly good, some cringy. 

00:59:11 Speaker 4 

Keep up the good. 

00:59:12 Speaker 4 

Work, so thank you so much. 

00:59:15 Speaker 4 

If this was a. 

00:59:16 Speaker 4 

Very nice surprise and thank you so much for your generous donation for the show. 

00:59:22 Speaker 3 

Really appreciate it guys. 

00:59:23 Speaker 3 

This helps us when I say. 

00:59:25 Speaker 3 

Keep the lights on. 

00:59:25 Speaker 3 

This means that we have to record these things that gets put in the cloud somewhere. 

00:59:29 Speaker 3 

We have to push these things and that costs money, so there's things that we have to pay on a monthly. 

00:59:33 Speaker 4 

The buttons and levers. 

00:59:35 Speaker 3 

Yeah, so to help keep these lights on so to speak. 

00:59:39 Speaker 3 

Yeah, there's a monthly thing that we have to pay and we're just working off with just regular equipment. 

00:59:44 Speaker 3 

To so if these donations really start coming in, then we we might be able just to start bumping up our stuff, get some equipment, and because you know you know who we're doing this for. 

00:59:54 Speaker 5 

For you you. 

00:59:57 Speaker 3 

So we appreciate everything. 

00:59:59 Speaker 4 

Yes, thank you so so so much like truly from the bottom of my heart. 

01:00:03 Speaker 4 

Thank you. 

01:00:03 Speaker 3 

Yeah, me too really appreciate it. 

01:00:05 Speaker 3 

And so like we end every podcast baby take us home. 

01:00:10 Speaker 4 

So thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today. 

01:00:13 Speaker 4 

Please don't forget to subscribe to the show so you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

01:00:17 Speaker 4 

And if you're feeling generous, please consider supporting the show. 

01:00:19 Speaker 4 

On buy me a coffee. 

01:00:21 Speaker 4 

If you have a question, comment, or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello, you can reach us on Facebook and Instagram @aircandypodcast or send an email to 

01:00:31 Speaker 4 

Com So hit us up because we want to connect with you and until next time. 

01:00:42 Speaker 4 

Don't forget to have those. 

01:00:43 Speaker 4 

Hard conversations about eating *** 

01:00:48 Speaker 3 

I'd rather be stranded with you because you know if it's another dude. 

01:00:52 Speaker 3 

Every time I take a bite of bud cheeks, I gotta say, no **** 

01:01:04 Speaker 3 

Take a slice them cheeks no home. 

01:01:06 Speaker 3 

Oh man. 

01:01:07 Speaker 4 

Every bite. 

01:01:09 Speaker 3 

Oh my God Vaibhav, I I'm done. 

01:01:15 Speaker 3 

Oh, that was great. 

01:01:15 Speaker 5 

Second, now you see possible. 

01:01:21 Speaker 5 

No no. 

01:01:59 Speaker 4 

Good job Wiener. 

01:01:59 Speaker 3 

OK, you are right yeah. 

01:02:01 Speaker 3 

Good job Wiener goja Wiener. 


Would you eat me? 


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