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Alternative Housing

December 31, 2020 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 5
Air Candy
Alternative Housing
Show Notes

Vans and Tiny Homes and Earthships, OH MY!
Listen in as we discuss a handful of our favorite alternative housing options. We also touch on the pros and cons of choosing this kind of alternative housing lifestyle.
#FUNFACT - This was our first attempt at recording an episode back in October! Enjoy!
Links & channels we discussed:
Tiny Houses for Homeless Veterans | Veterans Community Project
Treehugger | Sustainability for All
Skoolie Tour: This Gorgeous Crown School Bus is a Multi-Generational Relic
Exploring Alternatives
Trent & Allie
Wild We Roam
Playing with Sticks
Alexandria Tejas
The Matneys
Awareness & advocacy  info about homelessness:
JustServe: Home
Home - National Alliance to End Homelessness
The Right To Shower – Shower Products That Give Back
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