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Seth's Show About Dead Stuff: Cultural Death Rituals

March 11, 2021 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 10
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Seth's Show About Dead Stuff: Cultural Death Rituals
Show Notes

Get ready, guys... Seth is in control of this episode! He wanted a turn at being the lead host of the show, and we're discussing  a very interesting topic: Death Rituals! In this episode, we cover the typical Western way of doing things, and also dive deep into a few other cultures from around the world that have very VERY different ways of handling their dead. Additionally, we talk about various alternatives to burial and cremation. Don't worry, guys, this episode is not sad. While we aim to drop some knowledge on ya, we always try to find humor in everything.
Listener discretion is advised.
Links & channels we discussed:
Cremation vs. Burial Comparison Chart - Neptune Society
The Dramatic Chipmunk - Compilation - YouTube
The Little Known Ritual of Endocannibalism
Africa Uncovered - Turning the bones - YouTube
10 Bizarre Death Rituals from Around the World
15 Unique Alternatives To Burying Your Body After You Die
BODY WORLDS - Take an eye-opening journey under the skin!
Bio Urn, Tree Burial, Cremation Tree – The Living Urn
Eternal Reefs » Living legacies that memorialize our loved ones
Celestis: Memorial Spaceflights – Send Ashes Into Space
Press your ashes into vinyl | And Vinyly
Heavenly Stars Fireworks | Say goodbye to your love in style
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