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Candy Tawlk #2 - Holiday Tawlk

December 23, 2021 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 21
Candy Tawlk #2 - Holiday Tawlk
Air Candy
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Air Candy
Candy Tawlk #2 - Holiday Tawlk
Dec 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 21
Colleen Devaney

It's time for a Holiday Candy Tawlk!
We break down our favorite holiday picks of the week for you to enjoy while on your drive to eat dry ass turkey at Cousin Rick's, while you're getting your steps in to work off all that eggnog and monkey bread, or just whenever you want to take a time out from the holiday hustle and bustle to have a laugh! Listen in for fun facts, recipes, life hacks, music and binge suggestions, and much much more!

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Links & channels we discussed:
Mac Miller - S.D.S. (Live) Official Audio - YouTube
V̲i̲nce̲ G̲u̲a̲ra̲ldi̲ - A̲̲ C̲ha̲rli̲e̲ B̲ro̲wn C̲hri̲stma̲s
Easy Pecan Monkey Bread - Just a Taste
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Hip Hop Christmas
by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:

Key Words: life hacks, fun facts, music, Mac Miller, Circles, Live from Space, backpack rap, Vince Guaraldi Trio, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peanuts, Jazz piano, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, 
Michael Bublé, Netfli

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It's time for a Holiday Candy Tawlk!
We break down our favorite holiday picks of the week for you to enjoy while on your drive to eat dry ass turkey at Cousin Rick's, while you're getting your steps in to work off all that eggnog and monkey bread, or just whenever you want to take a time out from the holiday hustle and bustle to have a laugh! Listen in for fun facts, recipes, life hacks, music and binge suggestions, and much much more!

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Links & channels we discussed:
Mac Miller - S.D.S. (Live) Official Audio - YouTube
V̲i̲nce̲ G̲u̲a̲ra̲ldi̲ - A̲̲ C̲ha̲rli̲e̲ B̲ro̲wn C̲hri̲stma̲s
Easy Pecan Monkey Bread - Just a Taste
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Hip Hop Christmas
by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:

Key Words: life hacks, fun facts, music, Mac Miller, Circles, Live from Space, backpack rap, Vince Guaraldi Trio, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peanuts, Jazz piano, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, 
Michael Bublé, Netfli

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00:00:22 Speaker 2 

Down for the pre pre. 

00:00:23 Speaker 2 

I am ready for Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell that's like. 

00:00:28 Speaker 3 

That's like the song that's a remix. 

00:00:31 Speaker 4 

Elsa sounds a mashup. 

00:00:34 Speaker 2 

Jingle Bells wait a minute. 

00:00:38 Speaker 2 

I'm ready. 

00:00:40 Speaker 2 

Are we going to record or what? 


Are we already recording? 

00:00:45 Speaker 2 

**** OK? 


I have stage fright. 

00:00:51 Speaker 2 

Hello friends, thanks for listening to Air Candy Podcast. 

00:00:55 Speaker 2 

Have a nice day. 

00:00:55 Speaker 2 

Wait a minute, that's your line. 

00:00:59 Speaker 4 

Go ahead hello friends and welcome to Air Candy Podcast’s Candy Tawlk where we breakdown our favorite picks of the week. 

00:01:05 Speaker 4 

I'm your humble host Colleen and with me as always. 

00:01:07 Speaker 4 

Is my co-host Seth? 

00:01:08 Speaker 2 

I am red hot. 

00:01:10 Speaker 4 

We've got some great things in store for you today. 

00:01:13 Speaker 4 

So on that note, let's talk. 

00:01:16 Speaker 2 

Let's talk, I'm ready to talk. 

00:01:17 Speaker 2 

I'm ready to talk it's the holidays. 

00:01:19 Speaker 4 

It is the holiday season is upon us. 

00:01:21 Speaker 2 

Holla, Holla, holla, holla, holla, holla holla holla holla holla. 

00:01:25 Speaker 2 

Holla holla. 

00:01:25 Speaker 2 

Are you ready for Christmas? 

00:01:26 Speaker 2 

I am not because I'm in my yeah you're not good great. 

00:01:31 Speaker 2 

'cause you know me, I'm like the resident. 

00:01:33 Speaker 2 

Bah, humbug. 

00:01:34 Speaker 4 

Exactly exactly. 

00:01:35 Speaker 2 

I'm such a curmudgeon. 



00:01:37 Speaker 4 

Did did you know that tomorrow is actually humbug day? 

00:01:41 Speaker 5 

Oh baby. 

00:01:44 Speaker 2 

Oh, I'm excited. 

00:01:45 Speaker 2 

I'm going to post all over Facebook and say it's Ba humbug days for me. 

00:01:50 Speaker 4 

It's set, they just need to change the name to Seth Day instead of Humbug day. 

00:01:50 Speaker 6 

And then. 

00:01:52 Speaker 5 

It's a Saturday. 

00:01:55 Speaker 2 

Pisy boidae 

00:01:58 Speaker 4 

And no, I'm not ready for Christmas, even though it's. 

00:02:00 Speaker 4 

A couple days away, it's freaking crazy. 

00:02:03 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I know it's crazy. 

00:02:04 Speaker 2 

I didn't man, it just creeps up on you so fast so. 

00:02:07 Speaker 2 

Oh, it'll be here. 

00:02:08 Speaker 2 

It'll be gone. 

00:02:09 Speaker 2 

We can have another opportunity, some dry as Turkey and go about with our lives. 

00:02:16 Speaker 5 

Yeah, that's all we can really do. 

00:02:19 Speaker 2 

Oh man, but this one is going to be good. 

00:02:21 Speaker 2 

This is another talk. 

00:02:22 Speaker 2 

This is gonna be the. 

00:02:23 Speaker 2 

Holiday talk, so I'm excited about it. 

00:02:24 Speaker 4 

Yes, how the version of Candy Talk. 

00:02:26 Speaker 2 

Yes, Sir. 

00:02:30 Speaker 1 

Let's talk. 

00:02:31 Speaker 4 

Without further ado, let's get into our first pick. 

00:02:34 Speaker 2 

All right? 

00:02:36 Speaker 4 

What's in your boom box? 

00:02:38 Speaker 4 

So what you've been listening to this week? 

00:02:40 Speaker 2 

Oh OK, so I know this a holiday, but I want to do one that I've really been listening to. 

00:02:46 Speaker 2 

Then I wanna go into the holiday stuff just a little bit just because so when it comes to what I'm typically listening to this week, it's actually been Mac Miller. 

00:02:57 Speaker 2 

So if you don't know who Mac Miller is, he's a. 

00:03:00 Speaker 2 

Backpack rapper came around. I'm going to say around 2000. Do you know who Mac Miller? 

00:03:05 Speaker 2 

Is at all. 

00:03:06 Speaker 4 

Yes of. 

00:03:06 Speaker 2 

Course, all right perfect, I'm just. 

00:03:08 Speaker 2 

Well, I'm talking to you and I'm talking to the audience too so anyway, so. 

00:03:12 Speaker 2 

Mac Miller, I slept on him. 

00:03:14 Speaker 2 

I didn't listen to him until maybe a couple three years ago and he's been dead for probably that long. 

00:03:20 Speaker 2 

At this point, I think so. 

00:03:22 Speaker 2 

I kind of slept on him and I'm listening to his stuff and his album that came out after he passed away. 

00:03:28 Speaker 2 


00:03:29 Speaker 2 

Is definitely a different vibe, and he's actually doing a lot of singing in it, which was have you heard the newest album that came out. I think it came out 2020 twenty I think maybe 2021. 

00:03:36 Speaker 4 

I have yes, Yep. 

00:03:40 Speaker 4 

It came out in 2020. 

00:03:41 Speaker 2 

OK, but anyway yeah, I'm listening to him and I said man, this guy really had a chance to do well. 

00:03:47 Speaker 2 

But drugs drugs took a hold of him and. 


And yeah. 

00:03:51 Speaker 2 

And you know that's how he he passed away. 

00:03:54 Speaker 2 

So listeners, if you are looking for something to listen to, listen to some backpack rap. 

00:03:59 Speaker 2 

I would say try Mac Miller. 

00:04:01 Speaker 2 

You will probably enjoy it so. 

00:04:03 Speaker 4 

Yeah definitely. 

00:04:04 Speaker 4 

I would suggest also listening to that one live album too. 

00:04:08 Speaker 4 

It's so good. 

00:04:09 Speaker 2 

OK, I haven't heard that. 

00:04:11 Speaker 2 

I'll look it up. 

00:04:12 Speaker 2 

I'll make sure to do that. 

00:04:13 Speaker 4 

Yes, it's definitely on Spotify. 

00:04:15 Speaker 4 

Check it in. 

00:04:16 Speaker 2 

What about you? 

00:04:17 Speaker 2 

What are you listening to? 

00:04:18 Speaker 4 

Well, since this is the holiday episode and I wanted to talk about holiday stuff and. 

00:04:21 Speaker 5 

Holla, Holla, holla, holla holla days. 

00:04:24 Speaker 4 

You cheated, I'm. 

00:04:26 Speaker 4 

Going to talk about holiday music and the music that I listen to. 

00:04:29 Speaker 4 

To get me in a holiday mood is always the Vince Ghiraldi trio. 

00:04:37 Speaker 2 

Explain 'cause I have no idea what the Vince Ghiraldi trio is. 

00:04:41 Speaker 4 

Well, it's an American jazz. 

00:04:43 Speaker 4 

Well, he was an American jazz pianist and piano myth pianist. 

00:04:46 Speaker 2 

He's a. 

00:04:49 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I mean he's just really brilliant brilliant jazz pianist, but you would know him mostly because he did all of the music for Charlie Brown and the Peanuts. 

00:05:02 Speaker 2 

Oh, OK. 

00:05:03 Speaker 4 

So that's the vibe and it's just. 

00:05:06 Speaker 4 

I don't know the music is amazing. 

00:05:08 Speaker 4 

I love it, it's just fantastic. 

00:05:09 Speaker 5 


00:05:09 Speaker 4 

It always puts me in a good mood and that's what really like. 

00:05:13 Speaker 4 

I haven't listened to it a lot yet, but I I guarantee as soon as I turn it on, it's going to. 

00:05:18 Speaker 4 

Put me into the holiday spirit. 

00:05:20 Speaker 2 

Oh OK, OK now look. 

00:05:22 Speaker 2 

Even though you're calling me a cheater, I did not cheeks. 

00:05:24 Speaker 2 

I did say before I talked about my main pic I was gonna back it up with a holiday pic so I will say what I do like to listen to and what I will listen to more this year and you're going to hate me when I see this when I say this. 

00:05:40 Speaker 2 

Michael Bublé is that his first? 

00:05:42 Speaker 1 

Ah, bublé. 

00:05:42 Speaker 2 

Name I know you see anything I say. 

00:05:46 Speaker 2 

So I saw him on a morning show. 

00:05:48 Speaker 2 

I saw him on a morning show. 

00:05:50 Speaker 4 

This is not where I thought this conversation was. 

00:05:51 Speaker 2 

Going to go hey look first, you're calling me a cheat and now you're like hey wins fitness. 

00:05:56 Speaker 4 

Michael Bublé Christmas music. 

00:05:59 Speaker 4 

OK I was confused. 

00:06:00 Speaker 4 

I was like OK just gonna listen to Michael Bublé OK. 

00:06:02 Speaker 2 

OK, no, the Christmas stuff. 

00:06:05 Speaker 2 

This is a Christmas episode. 

00:06:06 Speaker 2 

Last time I checked. 

00:06:09 Speaker 6 

Such a mess. 

00:06:10 Speaker 6 

Love you Mina. 

00:06:14 Speaker 2 

I like the guy. 

00:06:15 Speaker 2 

He's a good voice. 

00:06:16 Speaker 2 

Yeah, he's Canadian, but whatever. 

00:06:19 Speaker 2 

It's alright, he was on his morning show and he's, uh, he he was he. 

00:06:22 Speaker 2 

Doing some nice songs. 

00:06:24 Speaker 2 

And I was like, OK, I can do that instead of listening to this day of Mariah Carey. 

00:06:28 Speaker 6 

Thank God all I want for Christmas is you. 

00:06:33 Speaker 4 

I can't stand it. 

00:06:34 Speaker 4 

I can't stand it. 

00:06:35 Speaker 4 

No, you know what's funny is last year you and I put out a uh which do you choose like pick this or pick that and I put up the Vince Ghiraldi trio and you put up the Mariah Carey and that was the one that you wanted to listen to so now. 

00:06:49 Speaker 2 

I did that. 

00:06:49 Speaker 4 

This year, you're like. 


Oh screw, right. 

00:06:52 Speaker 2 

Well, you know why? 

00:06:53 Speaker 2 

Because I'm just trying to. 

00:06:54 Speaker 2 

I moved on from Mariah Carey. 

00:06:55 Speaker 2 

I want some. 

00:06:56 Speaker 2 

Alright, so that's why I did that, so you're welcome OK? 

00:06:59 Speaker 4 

Thank you. 

00:07:00 Speaker 2 

Alright, next pick. 

00:07:01 Speaker 4 

Thank you. 

00:07:07 Speaker 2 

I'll move my neck and everything. 

00:07:08 Speaker 2 

Max pick next pig. 

00:07:13 Speaker 6 

**** tube 

00:07:20 Speaker 4 

What are you watching? 

00:07:21 Speaker 2 

Alright, so for my pic, what I'm watching recently on YouTube is this Czech guy. 

00:07:28 Speaker 2 

And his YouTube channel is called Honest Guide. 

00:07:31 Speaker 2 

So this is a little bit holiday because people travel during the holidays obviously right so and what he does he explains about scams and things that are in the Czech Republic and also other areas too. 

00:07:44 Speaker 2 

And he calls people out and it's funny because. 

00:07:48 Speaker 2 

It's like he's an investigative journalist, but he's not really. 

00:07:51 Speaker 2 

He's just a YouTube guy that's trying to teach people what to watch out for. 

00:07:56 Speaker 2 

And it's crazy because God this guy has a million subscribers and he talks about all these crazy scans. 

00:08:03 Speaker 2 

One of them which? 

00:08:04 Speaker 2 

I I already knew about, but I was like man, this is it's just crazy. 

00:08:08 Speaker 2 

It's on a crazy level. 

00:08:09 Speaker 2 

Is the street people and you know if you guys people are listening? 

00:08:13 Speaker 2 

If you guys ever travel to outside of the country, I would say for the most part inside. 

00:08:18 Speaker 2 

The country we. 

00:08:19 Speaker 2 

Have our own share of pan handlers, right? 

00:08:22 Speaker 2 

We're all kind of used to that, but outside the country. 

00:08:24 Speaker 2 

They are really trying to scam you no matter where you go, you are always going to get scanned, so this one is. 

00:08:30 Speaker 2 

Someone comes up and they ask you what time it is so when you pull out your watch well don't pull out but you look at your your wrist. 

00:08:38 Speaker 2 

Basically, they put this bracelet around and say oh, it's free, it's free. 

00:08:42 Speaker 2 

It's like Oh well, thank you and then they say Oh well, can I have some money for my kid? 

00:08:47 Speaker 2 

And they try to guilt you into giving them some money. 

00:08:50 Speaker 2 

Even though the bracelet was actually free, and if you try to say no. 

00:08:55 Speaker 2 

Thanks, but thanks for the bracelet and say no give me the bracelet back so they do that and they make loot left and right. 

00:09:02 Speaker 2 

It's ridic. 

00:09:03 Speaker 2 

So it's I like this guy because he calls people out on camera and they go from being a really nice person to just all out. 

00:09:12 Speaker 4 

Like livid. 

00:09:12 Speaker 2 

Livid or spitting at him and there. 

00:09:16 Speaker 4 

Yeah, 'cause he's breaking up their hustle. 

00:09:16 Speaker 5 

He got slapped. 

00:09:17 Speaker 2 

A couple exactly exactly so I don't know how I stumbled onto this thing. 

00:09:23 Speaker 2 

But I like watching this guy. 

00:09:25 Speaker 2 

He's fun to watch. 

00:09:26 Speaker 2 

He has a million subscribers and at the end of every. 

00:09:30 Speaker 2 

Episode he actually teaches you a word in check, so he says, alright, today's word is blah blah blah and that means this and he just teaches you something in check and then so watch that it's called honest guide. 

00:09:46 Speaker 4 

I like that that sounds good. 

00:09:47 Speaker 2 

Yeah, that's cool. 

00:09:49 Speaker 2 

What you watching son son. 

00:09:51 Speaker 4 

I decided to. 

00:09:53 Speaker 4 

Try out some holiday horror things. 

00:09:56 Speaker 4 

I watched a couple different holiday horror movies. 

00:09:59 Speaker 4 

They're pretty lame, but they're like Puka Puka lives. 

00:10:04 Speaker 4 

Things like that. 

00:10:05 Speaker 4 

It was really like what I've just wasted a lot of time doing this a lot. 

00:10:10 Speaker 4 

Of time, yeah. 

00:10:11 Speaker 4 

Have you heard of this? 

00:10:11 Speaker 2 

What is poop? 

00:10:12 Speaker 2 

No, I've not heard of Puka Puka lives. 


These are two. 

00:10:15 Speaker 4 

Yes, obviously a you know of what you call. 

00:10:20 Speaker 4 

It a Part 2. 

00:10:21 Speaker 5 

A yeah. 

00:10:21 Speaker 4 

Sequel thank you like what's that called? 

00:10:23 Speaker 2 

Go ahead puca lives. 

00:10:25 Speaker 2 

Puca takes a dump. 

00:10:28 Speaker 4 

It's ridiculous, it's a. It's actually on Hulu. I believe it was made for Hulu, but the first one came out in like 2018 or something. I don't know, but. 

00:10:37 Speaker 4 

They are Christmas horror type. 

00:10:39 Speaker 4 

Movies and they're just ridiculous. 

00:10:41 Speaker 2 

Is it like a slasher or is it a pooka? 

00:10:44 Speaker 2 

Sounds like a little creature that comes around. 

00:10:45 Speaker 4 

It's about a doll. 

00:10:46 Speaker 4 

Yes, it's about like a a stuffed animal doll. 

00:10:50 Speaker 4 

That's like a. 

00:10:51 Speaker 4 

You know Christmas hit and it's flying off the shelves and things like that, but it comes alive and has two the evil side and the good side. 

00:10:57 Speaker 4 

And it's just stupid and I I. 

00:10:59 Speaker 2 

Well, that sounds creepy. 

00:11:01 Speaker 4 

I mean, I feel like the. 

00:11:02 Speaker 4 

Intentions of it. 

00:11:03 Speaker 4 

It could have been made better. 

00:11:06 Speaker 4 

We'll just say that, but, uhm, it was just cheesy and and that's fine. 

00:11:10 Speaker 4 

I mean, if you're in the mood for that kind of thing, but it was just I was watching it and I was like Oh my God, let me I can't get this. 

00:11:16 Speaker 4 

I can't get these hours back. 

00:11:18 Speaker 4 

I really can't get these hours back, but the other thing I did watch that I was kind of enjoying was another overdubbed thing on Netflix called. 

00:11:26 Speaker 4 

Elves, but it's actually called Nessie. 

00:11:26 Speaker 2 


00:11:29 Speaker 2 

That's Chinese. 

00:11:32 Speaker 2 

Nice, a nice a. 

00:11:33 Speaker 4 

It's Danish, it's a Danish over dub on Netflix, and it's technically a holiday horror folklore thing about elves. 

00:11:40 Speaker 2 


00:11:41 Speaker 2 

I can watch that. 

00:11:42 Speaker 4 

Nordic folklore, yeah, it was it. 

00:11:44 Speaker 4 

Was pretty good. 

00:11:45 Speaker 4 

The quick binge. 

00:11:45 Speaker 4 

It's only like 6 episodes and they're really short, like 20 something minutes each and you go through. 

00:11:50 Speaker 4 

Go through it. 

00:11:50 Speaker 4 

Really, really quick. 

00:11:51 Speaker 2 

OK, I might have to watch that. 

00:11:54 Speaker 4 

The actual folklore of the Nisei, the elves, or whatever, they're they're the kind with the long beard, like you think of a gnome. 

00:12:01 Speaker 4 

That's what you're supposed to envision in this particular folklore, but on this show on Netflix. 

00:12:07 Speaker 4 

They're just these things made out of like things that look like trees and they're just. 

00:12:13 Speaker 4 

They got these crazy teeth and yeah, they're just. 

00:12:16 Speaker 2 

That's kind of reminded me of our past episode last year. 

00:12:16 Speaker 6 

Thank you. 

00:12:19 Speaker 2 

I think it was under Folklore 2 where they had like this little fairy things. 

00:12:22 Speaker 2 

Or whatever and so. 

00:12:22 Speaker 4 

Yes, exactly, that's exactly it. 

00:12:25 Speaker 4 

It's the same all in the same vein. 

00:12:25 Speaker 3 

Oh, OK. 

00:12:26 Speaker 4 

That's why I enjoyed it, because it was a holiday ish thing and it had a horror element and the folklore element so. 

00:12:34 Speaker 2 


00:12:35 Speaker 4 

Not bad and it was another overdub thing that was well done so. 

00:12:39 Speaker 4 

I'd say check it out, but I do have one more thing that I wanted to surprise you with because we've talked about this at length many, many times. 

00:12:47 Speaker 5 

Well, I have a. 

00:12:48 Speaker 2 

I have a request. 

00:12:49 Speaker 2 

First I got a request for you. 

00:12:50 Speaker 2 

It's kind of serious, so I don't want to. 

00:12:52 Speaker 2 

I don't want to bring down the mood or anything, but. 

00:12:55 Speaker 2 

Can I have your Hulu password? 


That's illegal. 

00:13:00 Speaker 2 

I want to see I want to see this pucha or see the the knee. 

00:13:04 Speaker 2 

She wouldn't nishiki whatever they. 

00:13:07 Speaker 4 

The nice are. 

00:13:08 Speaker 4 

The elves that's on Netflix, the other one, is on Hulu. 

00:13:10 Speaker 2 

What you call me, excuse me man, what you call me? 


Oh yeah. 

00:13:20 Speaker 2 

OK so alright honestly alright, so So what are you saying so? 

00:13:23 Speaker 2 

You got something for me, yeah? 

00:13:24 Speaker 4 

I have a surprise for you. 

00:13:25 Speaker 2 

I like surprises. 

00:13:26 Speaker 4 

The surprise is today. 

00:13:28 Speaker 2 

Oh my God girl puts your shirt down. 

00:13:35 Speaker 4 

Two day Seth. Guess what? 

00:13:36 Speaker 4 

I did. 

00:13:37 Speaker 2 

Man, you went poop. 

00:13:40 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:13:43 Speaker 4 

What I watched die hard. 


For the first. 

00:13:48 Speaker 5 

Time I can't believe you. 

00:13:52 Speaker 5 

You just made my day. 

00:13:52 Speaker 4 

I've never watched it before. 

00:13:54 Speaker 4 

See, I've never. 

00:13:55 Speaker 4 

Watched it, we talked about it last year. 

00:13:57 Speaker 4 

You were clowning me. 

00:13:58 Speaker 4 

Like can't believe you've never seen die hard. 

00:14:01 Speaker 4 

And then you're spitting out all the fricking punch lines. 

00:14:04 Speaker 4 

You're like nothing, nothing you don't. 

00:14:05 Speaker 2 

Know any of these? 

00:14:06 Speaker 2 

I was so mad I was mad. 

00:14:08 Speaker 4 

I watched it. 

00:14:08 Speaker 4 

Today and I have to say I really enjoyed it and honestly it made me. 

00:14:12 Speaker 4 

It reminded me. 

00:14:13 Speaker 4 

Of why I? 

00:14:14 Speaker 4 

Really enjoy 80s action movies. 

00:14:18 Speaker 4 

And also because they have. 

00:14:19 Speaker 4 

Like the full orchestra. 

00:14:22 Speaker 4 

The full orchestra. 

00:14:23 Speaker 4 

What do you call it? 

00:14:24 Speaker 4 

The score? 

00:14:24 Speaker 2 

The in the. 

00:14:24 Speaker 4 

The full orchestra score? 

00:14:26 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it was really good. 

00:14:27 Speaker 4 

I enjoyed it. 

00:14:27 Speaker 3 

Oh my goodness, you just made my heart sing right there. 

00:14:29 Speaker 4 

And and I would definitely say. 

00:14:32 Speaker 4 

It's a Christmas movie. 

00:14:33 Speaker 2 

That was my next question. 

00:14:35 Speaker 2 

Alright, we can be friends going forward after today after this podcast is finished for today, we're still going to be friends. 

00:14:42 Speaker 2 

I'm happy. 

00:14:43 Speaker 2 

You just made my day smile. 

00:14:44 Speaker 4 

Smiling from ear to ear. 

00:14:46 Speaker 2 

Shoot the glass. 

00:14:51 Speaker 4 

See now I. 

00:14:51 Speaker 4 

Get all the jokes, I'm like, Oh yeah. 

00:14:57 Speaker 2 

Oh man, that's great. 

00:14:59 Speaker 2 

So yes, arguably so look listeners that haven't have not been listening for long last year on a Harley episode I did talk about is die Hard, a Christmas movie or it is not and Colleen had no idea what the hell we're talking about. 

00:15:13 Speaker 2 

So anyway, so she watched it. 

00:15:14 Speaker 4 

I had just. 

00:15:14 Speaker 2 

Yeah, sucks. 

00:15:14 Speaker 4 

Never watched it. 

00:15:15 Speaker 4 

I was like. 

00:15:16 Speaker 4 

I just never seen it. 

00:15:17 Speaker 3 


00:15:18 Speaker 4 

Now I have. 

00:15:18 Speaker 2 

That's oh man. 

00:15:20 Speaker 2 

Oh man, I have. 

00:15:20 Speaker 4 

Aren't you proud? 

00:15:21 Speaker 2 

I'm so proud of you I'm so proud I will have to watch that movie now to find it on Hulu. 

00:15:26 Speaker 2 

If you give me your. 

00:15:27 Speaker 2 

Account information I'll watch it. 


With the puca. 

00:15:28 Speaker 4 

The dumb ask. 

00:15:29 Speaker 4 

I'm telling you you. 

00:15:29 Speaker 4 

Will not be able to get your. 

00:15:30 Speaker 2 

Hours back, no. 


How are you? 

00:15:32 Speaker 2 

I want your Hulu stuff so I can find die hard. 

00:15:34 Speaker 2 

I wanna watch die hard so we give me your information. 

00:15:36 Speaker 4 

Oh, that was on prime. 

00:15:38 Speaker 2 

Oh fine, then I don't need you then see fine, I'll need your *** 

00:15:40 Speaker 6 

Look at you then. 

00:15:44 Speaker 2 

I don't need you asked Nomo. 

00:15:47 Speaker 2 

All right cool cool next pick. 

00:15:51 Speaker 2 

Hashtag fun fact. 

00:15:53 Speaker 4 

Here we are here. 

00:15:54 Speaker 4 

We are in the fun facts realm. 

00:15:56 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I got a lot of fun facts. 

00:15:58 Speaker 2 

I know a little bit about a lot of things. 

00:16:01 Speaker 2 

I love facts because it's always like just it's almost like that thing. 

00:16:04 Speaker 2 

We have not not we, but on on late night talk shows. 

00:16:09 Speaker 2 

I think it was David Letterman. 

00:16:11 Speaker 2 

He had the stupid human tricks, was it? 

00:16:12 Speaker 2 

David Letterman? 

00:16:13 Speaker 2 

Was that Jay Leno, I think was on late night though. 

00:16:15 Speaker 4 

Gosh, you know, I can't remember. 

00:16:17 Speaker 2 

Is one of those two, but anyway, I like the fun facts. Hey look, I I always like having these little things that are just fun. 01 of my fun facts because. 

00:16:29 Speaker 2 

I had to say this one because I just said earlier how I'm trying to get away from it and it's Mariah Carey, the Mariah Carey song, which everybody loves, and if you go to the malls, COVID or not, that song is playing in the background and. 

00:16:42 Speaker 2 

Probably every HM, every loudspeakers. All I want for Christmas is you OK, I know, but arguably it's actually a fun song to listen to, but after here at 30,000 times in one month in December, it gets my nerves. OK, so fun fact about that song. 

00:16:58 Speaker 6 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:17:03 Speaker 2 

She wrote that song in 15 minutes. 

00:17:05 Speaker 4 

There you go. 

00:17:06 Speaker 2 

I know that's a fun fact. 

00:17:08 Speaker 2 

It's kind of ridiculous 'cause that song is probably made her crazy amount of money. 

00:17:12 Speaker 4 

A bajillion air? 

00:17:13 Speaker 2 

Yeah, just off that one stupid song short exactly and all the work that we do on this damn podcast. 

00:17:15 Speaker 4 

15 minutes of work. 

00:17:20 Speaker 4 

Now 1 cent. 

00:17:20 Speaker 2 

Unfriend that one said she. 

00:17:22 Speaker 4 

One red cent. 

00:17:23 Speaker 5 

Would do it for you listeners. 

00:17:25 Speaker 5 

We do it for you. 

00:17:29 Speaker 2 

And don't get a dime. So if you want to give us something, you can always go to and just look up their candy podcasts and you can just buy us a little coffee or something and so we don't have to. 

00:17:40 Speaker 2 

You keep asking guys for money and then and hopefully we get lucky in panhandling. 

00:17:50 Speaker 2 

Alright, we got a fun fact for you. 

00:17:51 Speaker 2 

I mean, I have another one too. 


Yes, well we'll. 

00:17:52 Speaker 2 

What he got. 

00:17:53 Speaker 4 

We'll just go back and forth. 

00:17:54 Speaker 4 

I have one the nightmare before Christmas took three years to make. 

00:17:58 Speaker 2 

Three years. 

00:17:59 Speaker 4 

That's that movie The Nightmare before Christmas. 

00:18:01 Speaker 2 

OK so I have a question. 

00:18:01 Speaker 4 

Three years, yes. 

00:18:03 Speaker 2 

Question nightmare before Christmas. 

00:18:06 Speaker 2 

OK, so was that actually made with clay or was that with a combination of other things? 

00:18:12 Speaker 4 

I don't know for sure. 

00:18:14 Speaker 4 

I believe it was just stop motion. 

00:18:17 Speaker 2 

Stop motion OK I getting I get them confused. 

00:18:19 Speaker 4 

But I I I know that they were little figurines stop motion things, but I don't know what they're made out of. 

00:18:24 Speaker 2 

OK, so I'm wrong, it's not claymation and stop motion whatever that they do with that kind of stuff, so we have a mutual friend Pete. 

00:18:31 Speaker 2 

He is in love with that whole thing. 

00:18:35 Speaker 2 

His house gets decorated in the. 

00:18:37 Speaker 2 

Stuff it's crazy, so he is in love with that and a fun fact about. 

00:18:41 Speaker 4 

Tim Burton stuff. 

00:18:42 Speaker 2 

Yeah, that whole like theme. 

00:18:43 Speaker 4 

I loved him for his love. 

00:18:45 Speaker 2 

I'm not sure what that theme is called, but I guess you can say it's Tim. 

00:18:47 Speaker 3 

Burton theme, quite honestly. 

00:18:48 Speaker 2 

But anyway. 

00:18:50 Speaker 4 

OK, good, well here here's a fun fact to piggyback off of that if the nightmare before Christmas took three years to make Mariah Carey. 

00:18:53 Speaker 2 


00:18:58 Speaker 4 

Could have written 100 and 5120 Christmas. 

00:19:02 Speaker 4 

Songs in that amount of time. 

00:19:06 Speaker 4 

If you break it down. 

00:19:08 Speaker 2 

Now I'm just more mad MRI Gary. 

00:19:10 Speaker 2 

I don't even want to like because if she wrote that many songs, then you know when she be way more, but you never know because she might have just written all those songs and then she might have gotten lucky. 


I know. 

00:19:18 Speaker 2 

And like not meant Nick Cannon dude. 

00:19:26 Speaker 2 

Low blow, I know that's a low blow that's a low blow I know but people love to hate Nick and he's actually seems to be a pretty nice guy anyway, moving on. 

00:19:28 Speaker 4 

It's OK. 

00:19:36 Speaker 2 

Your turn, so alright, so my turn so Americans spend on average almost $1000 on gifts, decorations and more during the holiday season. That's approximately 50 chia pets. Well, what? 

00:19:51 Speaker 2 

Which seems like a lot, but also somehow not a lot. 

00:19:55 Speaker 4 

It doesn't seem like a lot in my mind. 

00:19:56 Speaker 4 

My first thought was 50. 

00:19:58 Speaker 4 

That's not much, but I guess it would be if. 

00:20:00 Speaker 5 

What do you do? 

00:20:00 Speaker 4 

You line up 50 chia pets. 

00:20:02 Speaker 2 

Cha Cha cha cha. 

00:20:05 Speaker 2 

And so here goes nothing. 

00:20:05 Speaker 4 

Who is breaking this down? 

00:20:07 Speaker 4 

Like if. 

00:20:07 Speaker 1 


00:20:07 Speaker 4 

You're tough, but this is how many chia? 

00:20:09 Speaker 2 

Pets 50 chia pets I haven't actually seen a chia pet in real life in a very long time. 

00:20:14 Speaker 2 

I might have to just buy a. 

00:20:15 Speaker 2 

Chia pet just for funsies. 

00:20:16 Speaker 4 

You should just for funsies, why not. 

00:20:18 Speaker 2 

Well, you know now with all this health stuff I was thinking so chia seeds you can eat those you can actually put chia seeds on a thing and that makes the thing grow. 

00:20:28 Speaker 4 

That's all it is, right? 

00:20:29 Speaker 4 

The regular cheat I mean. 

00:20:30 Speaker 4 

I've got a whole pantry fold. 

00:20:31 Speaker 4 

She is. 

00:20:33 Speaker 2 

I guess I mean I knew what a chia pet was before I knew what a. 

00:20:35 Speaker 4 

Just slather it on there. 

00:20:37 Speaker 2 

Chia seed was. 


Exactly, you know. 

00:20:39 Speaker 5 

So it's came first. 

00:20:42 Speaker 5 

It's a chia pet or the chia seed. 


Cedar Park 

00:20:45 Speaker 5 

Exactly like which came first? 

00:20:47 Speaker 5 

I remember chia pets. 

00:20:50 Speaker 2 

GC, that's a vegan ******** I don't know what I thought that vegan **** I don't know with the chia seeds. 

00:20:54 Speaker 4 

Back in the day when we were kids and I had my first little chia pet, I didn't know what the. 

00:20:57 Speaker 4 

Hell, those things where I was like Oh yeah, it's just a fruit. 

00:20:59 Speaker 5 

It would spread these seeds. 

00:21:02 Speaker 4 

Didn't know. 

00:21:03 Speaker 2 

Growth so have you ever seen a chia pet after those things grow? 

00:21:07 Speaker 2 

I've not. 

00:21:07 Speaker 2 

I've not seen the after effects of chia like is it just a big old fro and then it just dies or what? 

00:21:12 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah, I mean. 

00:21:13 Speaker 4 

They they they sprout little green sprouts. 

00:21:15 Speaker 2 

But then what happens after that? 

00:21:17 Speaker 4 

We need to take care of it and then it'll eventually will die. 

00:21:20 Speaker 4 

And you just. 

00:21:20 Speaker 4 

Last, slather on some more chia seeds and do it all over again. 

00:21:24 Speaker 4 

That's the cool thing about those little clay things or whatever. 

00:21:27 Speaker 4 

If you get the guy with the head and he grows hair or you have a little pet with the fur like whatever it. 

00:21:31 Speaker 4 

Is like you can reuse that thing over and over. 

00:21:33 Speaker 4 

Well, that's actually a fun fact. 

00:21:34 Speaker 2 

I need to find that now. 

00:21:35 Speaker 2 

Now I want to find a chia pet. 

00:21:37 Speaker 2 

I'll probably go find that in a. 

00:21:39 Speaker 2 

What a Walmart. 

00:21:40 Speaker 2 

Maybe I guess or Kmart. 

00:21:42 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I mean. 

00:21:43 Speaker 2 

They've been out of business for. 

00:21:44 Speaker 2 

Years, but maybe. 

00:21:45 Speaker 2 

I can find it in a discount store somewhere. 

00:21:47 Speaker 4 

Yeah, you'll find them in all sorts of different places and online. 

00:21:50 Speaker 4 

Just order one somewhere, I'm sure. 

00:21:51 Speaker 2 

Alright, so I'll be waiting for that Colleen. 

00:21:54 Speaker 2 

I would appreciate that gift. 

00:21:55 Speaker 4 


00:21:56 Speaker 2 

Thank you alright fun fact for you. 

00:21:58 Speaker 2 

What do you get so? 

00:22:00 Speaker 4 

We all know what we envision in our minds, what Santa Claus looks like, right? 

00:22:05 Speaker 4 

Chubby guy rosy cheeks long white beard. 

00:22:08 Speaker 4 

He looks real friendly. 

00:22:09 Speaker 3 

Plumbers crack. 

00:22:11 Speaker 4 

Right, you know, just just happy. 

00:22:14 Speaker 4 

Big old fun jolly Santa. 

00:22:17 Speaker 4 

Yes, it's like what? 

00:22:18 Speaker 5 

Word am I looking for jolly? 

00:22:22 Speaker 4 

But what we the fun fact is that Coca Cola, the Coca Cola company was actually the one that was responsible for putting that particular image of Santa Claus into our brains Santa Claus, the myth, the legend. 

00:22:37 Speaker 4 

All that stuff has been around forever. 

00:22:38 Speaker 4 

The folklore of Santa Claus. 

00:22:40 Speaker 3 


00:22:40 Speaker 4 

Santa Claus has been around forever, but prior to prior to this Coca Cola thing, Santa Claus was kind of more. 

00:22:42 Speaker 2 

Clouds, clouds flat. 

00:22:48 Speaker 4 

I don't know evil looking I guess. 

00:22:50 Speaker 4 

Or just creepy. 

00:22:52 Speaker 4 

You know what I mean? 

00:22:53 Speaker 4 

He he didn't look the way that we now think that he looks. 

00:22:56 Speaker 4 

He wasn't warm and happy. 

00:22:58 Speaker 4 

Prior to that. 

00:22:58 Speaker 2 

I I got a call BS on this. 

00:23:02 Speaker 4 

I'm telling you it's true because before 1931 there were many different depictions of Santa Claus around the world and a lot of them were like tall and like gaunt men like like just. 


Oh Lord. 

00:23:14 Speaker 4 

Kind of creepy like. 

00:23:15 Speaker 4 

Gangly and whatnot. Kind of scary and not until Coca Cola in 1931. They started advertising and they. 

00:23:22 Speaker 4 

Put him on there. 

00:23:22 Speaker 4 

They made him this fat, jolly old man, and that's how we all know about him now. 

00:23:25 Speaker 2 

Oh, so wait a minute. 

00:23:27 Speaker 2 

OK, so wait a minute. 

00:23:29 Speaker 2 

OK so. 

00:23:31 Speaker 2 

OK, first I call BS. I take that back now so you're trying to tell me and these listeners. You better not be lying to us that Coca Cola has been advertising Saint Nick. Kris Kringle, Mr Claus since 19, like the 1930s with Coca Cola. 

00:23:51 Speaker 2 

And that I was thinking that was in like the 80s or something. 

00:23:55 Speaker 2 

Are you serious? 

00:23:55 Speaker 4 

Now it was 1931 that Coca Cola commissioned an illustrator named Haddon Sun Bloom to paint Santa for Christmas, and this is the painting. This is a depiction at this particular illustrator. 

00:24:09 Speaker 4 

Came up for Santa Claus because I mean if you think about it, what's going to sell more Coca Cola? 

00:24:12 Speaker 3 

Wow, OK. 

00:24:16 Speaker 4 

A creepy Santa or a fat. 

00:24:17 Speaker 4 

Happy, jolly rosy cheeks Santa. 

00:24:22 Speaker 5 

You're right. 

00:24:24 Speaker 2 

But every time you see Santa and the way that he's depicted, it's not always. 

00:24:28 Speaker 2 

She's not always standing next to or not always drinking coke or staying next. 

00:24:32 Speaker 2 

To a coke bottle or. 

00:24:33 Speaker 2 

I think in coke, so it's in books. 

00:24:35 Speaker 2 

It's in all this other kind of stuff, so you're trying to say that people just went off of the Coca Cola Santa and they start making the books. 

00:24:41 Speaker 2 

And during the night before Christmas and blah blah blah blah blah blah. 

00:24:44 Speaker 4 

Yes, art changed after words. 

00:24:47 Speaker 4 

Yes, so after this particular Commission of this piece of art, the depiction of Santa changed. 

00:24:50 Speaker 1 


00:24:53 Speaker 4 

So from then on forward it was just a more adopted version of what people wanted to envision in their minds of Santa. 

00:25:00 Speaker 2 

Man OK. 

00:25:02 Speaker 4 

Isn't it crazy? 

00:25:03 Speaker 2 

That is crazy. 

00:25:04 Speaker 2 

You're just full of all these fun facts. 

00:25:06 Speaker 2 

That is awesome, OK? 

00:25:08 Speaker 4 

Moving on. 

00:25:09 Speaker 2 

All right, moving on. 

00:25:10 Speaker 2 

What do you got I have? 

00:25:10 Speaker 4 

Well, food related. 

00:25:12 Speaker 4 

Fun fact, the last one for today. 

00:25:14 Speaker 4 

Did you know that eating KFC for Christmas is a big thing in Japan? 

00:25:22 Speaker 4 

Well, it all started with a dream. 

00:25:23 Speaker 4 

Seth literally a dream. 

00:25:24 Speaker 3 

Oh boy, hear me. 

00:25:27 Speaker 4 

The manager of the first KFC in Japan. 

00:25:30 Speaker 4 

He dreamt of a Christmas party barrel of fried chicken and then he made it. 

00:25:35 Speaker 4 

Happen what? 

00:25:37 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and now apparently people in Japan. 

00:25:40 Speaker 4 

They have to. 

00:25:40 Speaker 4 

Place their orders. 

00:25:41 Speaker 4 

For the kernel delicious poultry 2 months in advance before Christmas or they risk missing out. 

00:25:46 Speaker 4 

Miss king. 

00:25:48 Speaker 2 

Missing out. 


For it 

00:25:50 Speaker 4 

Or they miss. 

00:25:51 Speaker 4 

Look, I can't say it. 

00:25:53 Speaker 2 

Miss what are they avoid missing out on? 

00:25:56 Speaker 4 

Yes, or they risk missing out on the KFC experience for Christmas. 

00:26:02 Speaker 2 

Alright, so let's get real here. 

00:26:05 Speaker 2 

I'm not going to wait two months to get the bubble guts. 

00:26:11 Speaker 4 

Apparently big thing. 

00:26:12 Speaker 2 

KFC is arguably. 

00:26:14 Speaker 2 

The most terrible chicken in the fast food market in this area. 

00:26:19 Speaker 4 

I don't eat fast food, so. 

00:26:21 Speaker 2 

Well, I'm going to speak for you. 

00:26:22 Speaker 2 

It's pretty ******* terrible. 

00:26:24 Speaker 2 

Sorry it's bad Popeyes or royal farms. 

00:26:27 Speaker 2 

That's it. 

00:26:28 Speaker 4 

Yes, I will. 

00:26:30 Speaker 4 

I guess royal farms Yum. 

00:26:32 Speaker 2 

Yeah, so back in the day. 

00:26:32 Speaker 4 

When I would eat that Yum. 

00:26:33 Speaker 2 

Yeah I was I I was gonna say back in your non vegan weird day. 

00:26:38 Speaker 4 

I still dabble, I still dabble. 

00:26:39 Speaker 4 

In the things from time to time. 

00:26:42 Speaker 2 

You still dabble in the chicken. 

00:26:43 Speaker 4 

And aminals, yes. 

00:26:46 Speaker 5 

Sometimes you eat the chicken, yes. 

00:26:48 Speaker 4 

I'm not 100% vegan. 

00:26:50 Speaker 2 

That's alright. 

00:26:51 Speaker 4 

It's all y'all hating on me all the time. 

00:26:51 Speaker 1 

I mean. 

00:26:53 Speaker 4 

She's glad. 

00:26:56 Speaker 2 

Well, you know what we don't hate on you. 

00:26:58 Speaker 2 

We all love you but just don't start coming out in your mouth with the crazy like macaroni and cheese recipes. 

00:27:03 Speaker 4 

Already did we already talked about that? 

00:27:04 Speaker 2 

I know just don't just don't just just stop, just stop that. 

00:27:09 Speaker 2 

Alright anymore pics I don't have anymore you got anymore. 

00:27:12 Speaker 4 

No, and since we're talking about food, let's move on to our next pick. 

00:27:18 Speaker 6 

What's cooking? 

00:27:21 Speaker 2 

All right, you're going to hate me on this one. 

00:27:23 Speaker 2 

I just hated on you so you first because you're gonna do yours no, no I. 

00:27:27 Speaker 4 

No please. 

00:27:29 Speaker 2 

Don't want to. 

00:27:29 Speaker 4 

Age before beauty. 

00:27:31 Speaker 6 

No kidding, just go. 

00:27:32 Speaker 5 

Then shut up. 

00:27:34 Speaker 5 

Hate your *** 

00:27:38 Speaker 4 

Horrible months on me. 

00:27:39 Speaker 4 

Go ahead, Sir. 

00:27:39 Speaker 2 

Alright, alright so my old and crusty as has a recipe for y'all, so this is actually kind of Christmassy and just bear with me guys on this. 

00:27:49 Speaker 2 

Alright, this is something new that I just figured out and I freaked out with share. 

00:27:53 Speaker 2 

Share it with everybody only because it's surprisingly delicious, especially when I put my stink. 

00:27:58 Speaker 3 

On it. 

00:27:59 Speaker 4 

OK, I'm listening. 

00:28:02 Speaker 2 

Pickled beets 

00:28:04 Speaker 4 

Is that holiday Christmas food? 

00:28:07 Speaker 2 

Listen, wait a minute so listen, just bear with me on this one. 

00:28:09 Speaker 4 

Instead, holiday related. 

00:28:14 Speaker 2 

Pickle beets yes, people eat them all around, but I found a way to add a little christmasy flavor to them. 

00:28:22 Speaker 2 

That's that's the reason why I'm saying this now. 

00:28:24 Speaker 2 

So the recipe that I found I actually made it up myself. 

00:28:28 Speaker 2 

Was a combination of Martha Stewart and she's really good at Christmas stuff. 

00:28:31 Speaker 2 

We all know that, especially her vodka drinks. 

00:28:33 Speaker 2 

If you don't watch. 

00:28:35 Speaker 2 

Her and her and Snoop do their stuff. 

00:28:37 Speaker 2 

Then definitely watch 'cause she. 

00:28:38 Speaker 4 

Oh my gosh, those are so good. 

00:28:39 Speaker 2 

She always has some kind of a vodka recipe. 

00:28:42 Speaker 2 

She loves her vodka so anyway a little bit of that. 

00:28:45 Speaker 2 

A little bit of a little bit of smaller things, so I was new to beats. 

00:28:49 Speaker 2 

I always thought pickled beets were pretty terrible thing, and so I actually tried this recipe. 

00:28:53 Speaker 2 

It's not very syrupy, but for the holiday season what you do and I'm not going to go into great detail with it. 

00:28:59 Speaker 2 

If you want to. 

00:29:00 Speaker 2 

Email us at if you want the recipe. I will absolutely share it, but you have to email us all, right? 

00:29:07 Speaker 2 

So if you do that bold the beast just like you normally do, like add a little bit less sugar. 

00:29:12 Speaker 2 

But to add the Christmassy part you add ginger and you add cinnamon, cinnamon, ginger and sugar. 

00:29:20 Speaker 2 

And you can even. 

00:29:20 Speaker 2 

Add a little bit of Rosemary. 

00:29:22 Speaker 2 

In there and that will kind of make it more. 

00:29:26 Speaker 2 

More Christmassy because that's when you get like the cinnamon. 

00:29:29 Speaker 2 

You get the the cinnamon, the candles and you drink your wassell and then you have your pickled beets and you have that as a side. 

00:29:38 Speaker 2 

When you're eating whatever you eat during the holidays, whether it's Boris or whether it's natural or whether you know that's German. 

00:29:44 Speaker 2 

But if you're in. 

00:29:46 Speaker 2 

Dry as Turkey as. 

00:29:47 Speaker 2 

We eat in the United States. 

00:29:52 Speaker 2 

Same way, so that's my recipe. 

00:29:54 Speaker 2 

I know it sounds crazy. 

00:29:55 Speaker 2 

You guys are probably gonna hate me for it. 

00:29:56 Speaker 2 

'cause those either are listening. 

00:29:58 Speaker 2 

Know that I am a good cook and why. 

00:29:59 Speaker 2 

The hell would I pick pickled beets? 

00:30:01 Speaker 2 

Email me, I will give you the recipe and then I want you to say if it was good or not. 

00:30:08 Speaker 2 

Thank you and I am done. 

00:30:12 Speaker 4 

Well, I love beets. 

00:30:13 Speaker 4 

So I feel like I would like. 

00:30:15 Speaker 4 

This, although I've never had pickled beets ever. 

00:30:16 Speaker 2 

Try it. 

00:30:18 Speaker 2 

Me either until I tried this recipe. 

00:30:20 Speaker 2 

So I really just tried this recipe out of nowhere. 

00:30:22 Speaker 2 

I was like. 

00:30:23 Speaker 2 

Pickled beets 

00:30:24 Speaker 4 

So you get the beats. 

00:30:25 Speaker 4 

Like with their skinlab and everything, and then you just do it from yeah, OK. 

00:30:27 Speaker 2 

Yeah, pickling myself. 

00:30:30 Speaker 2 

Girl, you know how I'm a mountain man I don't. 

00:30:31 Speaker 4 

You know how I do? 

00:30:32 Speaker 2 

Yeah I don't buy those crap out of a can I made. 

00:30:34 Speaker 2 

That crap myself. 

00:30:35 Speaker 4 

No, not I can, but you know. 

00:30:37 Speaker 2 

Well, I I never knew that so I was on this camping trip and that's where I got it from. 

00:30:41 Speaker 2 

One of the we were talking about food. 

00:30:43 Speaker 2 

For some reason 'cause I made this pickled cabbage thing and had all the. 

00:30:46 Speaker 2 

Guys loving it and then this one guy said hey dude hey hey dude. 

00:30:51 Speaker 2 

Man, I'll tell you what pickled beets and. 

00:30:53 Speaker 2 

I was like is it? 

00:30:55 Speaker 2 

Done was like alright man, I'll give it a try. 

00:30:57 Speaker 2 

'cause he was really raised about pickled beets and I was like alright, let me try it and I put my little stank on it. 

00:31:01 Speaker 2 

So for for the harbor days. 

00:31:03 Speaker 2 

Check it out. 

00:31:04 Speaker 4 

I would like. 

00:31:05 Speaker 4 

To check it out, do I have to email? 

00:31:06 Speaker 4 

You to get the recipe or can you just give it to me? 

00:31:09 Speaker 2 

He might have talked to my agent first. 

00:31:11 Speaker 4 


00:31:11 Speaker 3 

And then want to see what's going on. 

00:31:14 Speaker 2 

So what do you got? 

00:31:15 Speaker 2 

But it better be better than my pickled beets. 

00:31:17 Speaker 4 

Monkey bread 

00:31:18 Speaker 2 

Oh, that's absolutely better you. 

00:31:21 Speaker 2 

Crazy Monkey bread is, oh man. 

00:31:23 Speaker 2 

That's my shizzle alright? 

00:31:25 Speaker 2 

So let the listeners know what monkey bread is. 

00:31:28 Speaker 2 

'cause maybe we're talking about like everybody knows what monkey bread is. 

00:31:31 Speaker 2 

So let people know what it. 

00:31:33 Speaker 4 

Is well, quick fun fact about the monkey bread. 

00:31:35 Speaker 4 

The original term monkey bread comes from the pastry being a finger food because the you know, as you eat it, you're like picking it apart like a monkey would, that's. 

00:31:44 Speaker 4 

Where it comes from. But it's actually a Hungarian dish dating back to the 1880s. 

00:31:50 Speaker 2 

Really, yes, I thought monkey bread was like a pampered chef thing. 

00:31:54 Speaker 2 

I know. 

00:31:54 Speaker 2 

Don't laugh. 

00:31:56 Speaker 6 

Because I've been to. 

00:31:58 Speaker 5 

My fair share of pampered chef parties. 

00:32:00 Speaker 5 

And you know. 

00:32:01 Speaker 2 

And I'm probably I've been to who, how, who knows how many I've been known and for some reason every time I have monkey bread, it's at a damn pampered Chef party making this easy to make. 

00:32:09 Speaker 4 

That's so funny. 

00:32:11 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

00:32:12 Speaker 4 

It's pretty easy to make all. 

00:32:13 Speaker 2 

Right, we can let us know how to do it. 

00:32:14 Speaker 2 

I'm going to make it for the holidays. 

00:32:15 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah, well so you need a bundt pan. 

00:32:18 Speaker 4 

That's the most important thing that you need to make it. 

00:32:20 Speaker 4 

Exactly, and then you need to get. 

00:32:22 Speaker 4 

A bunch of. 

00:32:23 Speaker 4 

Biscuits, canned biscuits are fine. 

00:32:25 Speaker 4 

You need sugar. 

00:32:26 Speaker 4 

You need cinnamon putting some chopped pecans in there is good. 

00:32:30 Speaker 4 

Some brown sugar, vanilla extract and melted butter. 

00:32:33 Speaker 2 

Oh peak hands OK? 

00:32:34 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it's that's the way I make it. 

00:32:36 Speaker 4 

It's really good. 

00:32:36 Speaker 4 

So what you do is you. 

00:32:38 Speaker 4 

Break those biscuit things up. 

00:32:40 Speaker 4 

You open them up and then you cut each biscuit into force. 

00:32:43 Speaker 4 

You don't use the flaky biscuits, you use the regular soft biscuits and you cut them up into quarters, and once you've cut them all up into quarters and you toss them. 

00:32:51 Speaker 4 

In the cinnamon and the sugar and all of that, and then you make a, uh, melted syrup with the brown sugar and the butter and the vanilla. 

00:32:59 Speaker 3 

Oh my God. 

00:33:00 Speaker 3 

Oh my God. 

00:33:01 Speaker 4 

And after you've placed every single one of these little balls of cinnamon and sugar in the bundt. 

00:33:07 Speaker 4 

Cake, then you pour the stuff on top of it. 

00:33:07 Speaker 3 

Oh my God. 

00:33:10 Speaker 3 

Oh my God, here's my mouth. 

00:33:11 Speaker 4 

I know. 

00:33:11 Speaker 1 

Is what I'm thinking about. 

00:33:12 Speaker 3 

No man, just moving my loins. 

00:33:15 Speaker 4 

And then you bake that bad boy, Oh my God. 

00:33:17 Speaker 4 

And then it comes out. 

00:33:18 Speaker 4 

And then once it's cool, you flip it over and then you have your awesome monkey bread. 

00:33:22 Speaker 3 

Oh my God, no it's moving my loins already oh man made FCK these beats I just wanna have money. 

00:33:23 Speaker 4 

It's it's. 

00:33:24 Speaker 4 

The bomb. 

00:33:29 Speaker 2 

Feats are terrible. 

00:33:31 Speaker 2 

My old crusty as eating, eating, pickled beets on down the holidays by myself and like in the basement. 

00:33:35 Speaker 4 

I know it's. 

00:33:38 Speaker 2 

And you're having a good old time upstairs with friends and family eating monkey bread. 

00:33:40 Speaker 4 

Yeah, you're gonna like this. 



00:33:43 Speaker 2 

And I'm in the basement. 

00:33:43 Speaker 4 

Huh, yeah, in your bomb shelter. 

00:33:45 Speaker 5 

Right exactly in 1942. Pickled beets. 

00:33:52 Speaker 2 

I am terrible, you just upstaged me with this monkey bread. 

00:33:55 Speaker 2 

Moving my loins and I'll Oh my God. 

00:33:56 Speaker 4 

It's so good. 

00:33:57 Speaker 2 

Well you know what guys listeners you guys know Colleen and I at this point we are the same but we are different so alright so me and my pickle beets still try it email me all right. 

00:34:09 Speaker 4 

And guess what guys you don't have to email me to get this recipe. 

00:34:12 Speaker 4 

I will link it directly into this show notes. 

00:34:14 Speaker 4 

You're welcome, 'cause I'm nice. 

00:34:16 Speaker 4 

Yes, that is not. 

00:34:18 Speaker 2 

Whatever, so if. 

00:34:19 Speaker 4 

Although maybe he is nice, 'cause maybe you don't want his dumb as pickled beets or as it be anyway. 

00:34:19 Speaker 2 

You got. 

00:34:25 Speaker 2 

People that really want my recipe that you guys can go ahead and page me. 

00:34:30 Speaker 4 

Hit me on the hip. 

00:34:31 Speaker 3 

Hit me on it. 

00:34:34 Speaker 2 

Alright cool, that was fun alright, so hopefully someone I want to all right he goes a bonus. 

00:34:40 Speaker 2 

A bonus listeners Aircandy club. 

00:34:43 Speaker 2 

We wanted you guys to make either or of these recipes and post them up. 

00:34:49 Speaker 2 

And we want to see this. 

00:34:49 Speaker 4 

I guarantee if people make one either or they're going to pick mine. 

00:34:53 Speaker 2 

You don't know. 

00:34:54 Speaker 2 

You don't know what you don't know. 

00:34:55 Speaker 2 

Our list is like that, you know. 

00:34:56 Speaker 2 

Where listeners, yeah, you know, Lena, you know. 

00:34:59 Speaker 2 

So we're gonna wait and we're gonna see I want to see something posted before the end of the year. 

00:35:03 Speaker 2 

So you guys better post something. 

00:35:05 Speaker 2 

There gonna be these beats or this. 

00:35:05 Speaker 4 

Y'all better hurry up. 

00:35:06 Speaker 2 

Or this delicious? 

00:35:07 Speaker 2 

Monkey bread do. 

00:35:09 Speaker 5 

Do it, do it. 

00:35:11 Speaker 2 

Alright, next what we got on that note all right. 

00:35:12 Speaker 4 

On that note. 

00:35:13 Speaker 4 

Moving on to the next pic. 

00:35:19 Speaker 6 

You know what really rattles my rails? 

00:35:22 Speaker 4 

Here we are again that time. 

00:35:26 Speaker 5 

More food, what are we going to do? 

00:35:30 Speaker 2 

I know, I know, I know what it is. 

00:35:32 Speaker 2 

I know this is the part that you always love to hate. 

00:35:35 Speaker 5 

You know, it really rattles my rails. 

00:35:38 Speaker 4 

What's bothering you this time, Sir? 

00:35:40 Speaker 2 

Oh God, all right here goes one alright and he goes me being Mr Grinch. 

00:35:46 Speaker 2 

Alright, don't get upset when I say this. 

00:35:49 Speaker 2 

What is up with adult gift giving on Christmas? 

00:35:53 Speaker 4 

Adult gift giving I don't understand. 

00:35:54 Speaker 2 

Yeah, like. 

00:35:56 Speaker 2 

I I can't even say it right but like. 

00:35:57 Speaker 4 

So not giving. 

00:35:58 Speaker 4 

So giving a gift to an adult. 

00:36:01 Speaker 2 

Yeah, not for like kids. 

00:36:01 Speaker 4 

Versus a child. 

00:36:02 Speaker 2 

That's kind of what I'm trying to say here. 

00:36:04 Speaker 2 

Like what's up the way the the way that like people do it now it's so like there's no element of surprise I like being surprised with gifts and but but the way that the adults do it now, they just it's more like formal and it's. 

00:36:11 Speaker 4 

Yeah, sure yeah. 

00:36:20 Speaker 2 

It's formal, like OK. 

00:36:22 Speaker 2 

Well, what do you want for Christmas? 

00:36:23 Speaker 2 

Well, I want this OK I'll go ahead and get that. 

00:36:25 Speaker 2 

And then you order it on Amazon then it shows up to the person. 

00:36:29 Speaker 4 

I see what you're saying. 

00:36:30 Speaker 2 

It's dumb. 

00:36:31 Speaker 4 

I see it takes the whole thought behind you doing something and thinking of it yourself out of the equation. 

00:36:36 Speaker 2 


00:36:38 Speaker 2 

Yeah, basically you're asking them for what you want, or you know, you ask them what they want and then you tell them what you want and then they buy it the same. 

00:36:45 Speaker 2 

It's that thing because we're old. 

00:36:47 Speaker 2 

We, we basically have everything say well, oh just give me some socks all right right that so the person buys you some socks. 

00:36:53 Speaker 2 

Literally they buy you soft because that's what you said and then they wrap it up and then Christmas. 

00:36:58 Speaker 2 

Comes and then you open. 

00:36:59 Speaker 5 

It oh wow soft socks. 

00:37:03 Speaker 2 

So surprised, yeah, there's no element of surprise there. 

00:37:07 Speaker 2 

Alright, so that's a really, really. 

00:37:08 Speaker 4 

I mean, I can see how some people would be down with that, 'cause some people might not want a gift that they don't really want or need. 

00:37:10 Speaker 3 

This is me off. 

00:37:16 Speaker 4 

And they would. 

00:37:16 Speaker 1 

Then it doesn't matter. 

00:37:16 Speaker 4 

Prefer to tell somebody, hey, I would like this or I need this. 

00:37:20 Speaker 4 

You can get me that if you want to spend money on me, but. 

00:37:22 Speaker 4 

I see what you're saying because I personally prefer. 

00:37:23 Speaker 5 

It's stupid. 

00:37:25 Speaker 4 

To get some if I get gifts which. 

00:37:27 Speaker 4 

Like whatever I don't. 


Get gifts. 

00:37:30 Speaker 4 

Much, but if I do I would. 

00:37:32 Speaker 4 

Like it to be. 

00:37:33 Speaker 4 

You know, a surprise. 

00:37:34 Speaker 2 

Something so we make for you or a surprise or something like that. 

00:37:37 Speaker 2 

Just don't say well give me that and then hey look I we are grown people do I need to? 

00:37:42 Speaker 2 

So now granted, I'm not going to turn down socks. 

00:37:45 Speaker 2 

All right, let's just put that out there, but anyway, but I'm just saying like why would I just I like the element of surprise, right? 

00:37:51 Speaker 2 

You get a gift for somebody just because you have a conversation with them then then you to surprise them with something like the whole like informal formal thing. 

00:37:59 Speaker 2 

I think it's just kind of like it's just dumb, like we're all grown people we can. 

00:38:02 Speaker 2 

For our own stuff, if you really want to go out and get something really nice for Christmas, just. 

00:38:06 Speaker 2 

Go all. 

00:38:07 Speaker 2 

Out like get yourself a nice watch or something and get yourself something. 

00:38:10 Speaker 2 

Or a new car? 

00:38:12 Speaker 2 

Or do I? 

00:38:13 Speaker 2 

Don't know, maybe something like a little bigger than just and just give me some surprise I just. 

00:38:18 Speaker 4 

Did you say? 

00:38:19 Speaker 5 

Just hate it over there. 

00:38:19 Speaker 4 

A new car. 

00:38:21 Speaker 2 

Go all out. 

00:38:23 Speaker 2 

Let's go all out. 

00:38:25 Speaker 4 

Thought the Sox give me a car. 

00:38:26 Speaker 2 

Yeah, exactly. 

00:38:27 Speaker 2 

Just gotta step it up a notch. 

00:38:28 Speaker 2 

That's also. 

00:38:28 Speaker 4 

I'm not, that's only one match from. 

00:38:31 Speaker 4 

Sox to a car. 

00:38:32 Speaker 2 

Look, that's my rant. 

00:38:33 Speaker 2 

I'm sorry it's crazy you're buying all these presents. 

00:38:37 Speaker 2 

You're wasting paper. 

00:38:38 Speaker 2 

And you're wrapping it up and you're opening. 

00:38:40 Speaker 2 

You said oh wow, great. 

00:38:42 Speaker 2 

It's exactly what I asked for, thanks. 

00:38:45 Speaker 2 

So that's my rant. 

00:38:46 Speaker 6 


00:38:47 Speaker 2 

Now I don't want to sound like that. 

00:38:49 Speaker 2 

I'm ungrateful because at the end of the day, you know it's something you don't. 

00:38:52 Speaker 2 

You don't have to pay for, but maybe guys listen why? 

00:38:56 Speaker 2 

If you're good if you're a grown adult, just don't tell your significant other for what exactly you want. 

00:39:02 Speaker 2 

One to two things, and then you get both of them. 

00:39:04 Speaker 2 

Give them a long list. 

00:39:06 Speaker 2 

Of things that you want to give, like an actual Christmas list like a child would. 

00:39:10 Speaker 2 

Do and then. 

00:39:11 Speaker 2 

Then you'll be surprised with it. 

00:39:13 Speaker 4 

But see, I have, uh, I've. 

00:39:15 Speaker 4 

I've spotted several flaws at. 

00:39:16 Speaker 4 

Your place in. 

00:39:18 Speaker 4 

Several, because what if there's? 

00:39:21 Speaker 4 

Multiple people that want to buy you a gift and you've given this long Santa wishlist to several people, then you get the same gift. 

00:39:30 Speaker 4 

From multiple people. 

00:39:31 Speaker 2 

I have the resolution for that. 

00:39:33 Speaker 2 

I have the solution, it's called elstar. 

00:39:37 Speaker 2 

Com you're welcome. 

00:39:40 Speaker 2 

Called elster. 

00:39:41 Speaker 2 

I did I did a Secret Santa last year with some friends. 

00:39:42 Speaker 4 

Is this, uh, is this a wish list type thing? 

00:39:44 Speaker 2 

This uh wishlist thing. 

00:39:45 Speaker 2 

I did it for Secret Santa and it was freaking awesome. 

00:39:49 Speaker 2 

I put all my stuff on there. 

00:39:50 Speaker 2 

I had my list. 

00:39:51 Speaker 2 

I say what it was. 

00:39:52 Speaker 2 

I didn't know who my my saying a person. 

00:39:53 Speaker 4 

Well, that's the same as an Amazon list you were hating on that, so why what? 

00:39:54 Speaker 2 

Was it's the same time? 

00:39:57 Speaker 4 

Is the difference? 

00:39:58 Speaker 2 

The difference is this. 

00:39:59 Speaker 2 

Say me and you were dating, right? 

00:40:01 Speaker 2 

So to say hey Cali, what you want for Christmas? 

00:40:04 Speaker 2 

Oh, I really want you to get me some socks. 

00:40:06 Speaker 2 

All right, great, awesome, anything else. 

00:40:08 Speaker 2 

Well, I would really kind of want to get a toothbrush or whatever the hell you say, right? 

00:40:16 Speaker 2 

And then Christmas comes. 

00:40:17 Speaker 2 

You and I are sitting down in our onesies, eating our monkey bread. 

00:40:22 Speaker 2 

And our pickled beets. 

00:40:25 Speaker 5 

Right by the Christmas tree. 

00:40:27 Speaker 5 

He was listening, saying well right? 

00:40:27 Speaker 4 

Listening to Mariah Carey. 

00:40:31 Speaker 4 

And watching poop. 

00:40:34 Speaker 2 

It's just a beautiful Christmas morning and then we open the presents and it's exactly what we just talked about. 

00:40:41 Speaker 5 

That's right, it's. 

00:40:41 Speaker 4 

A toothbrush. 

00:40:43 Speaker 2 

Exactly, that sounds like the worst Christmas ever. 

00:40:46 Speaker 5 

Or maybe the. 

00:40:46 Speaker 2 

Best, I don't know, that's something a good time. 

00:40:49 Speaker 4 

I mean, I don't. 

00:40:50 Speaker 4 

I don't ever ***** 'cause I you know, if I get a gift I'm just excited about it, even if it's something that I had already mentioned in passing. 

00:40:57 Speaker 2 

You're right, you know. 

00:40:57 Speaker 4 

Plus that's the difference of someone who's. 

00:41:01 Speaker 4 

Spoiled and not spoiled sad. 

00:41:03 Speaker 2 

You're right, yeah, I am not spoiled. 

00:41:05 Speaker 2 

I appreciate everything. 

00:41:07 Speaker 2 

Actually I am very I am known and you shouldn't even hate on me like. 

00:41:10 Speaker 4 

He's so mad at me right now for saying. 

00:41:10 Speaker 3 

This you shouldn't even. 

00:41:12 Speaker 2 

Don't even start right now. 

00:41:13 Speaker 2 

You know that I am. 

00:41:15 Speaker 2 

Appreciative of everything you could give me a box full of air and I've been like air. 

00:41:17 Speaker 4 

I know you are. 

00:41:20 Speaker 2 

Where did this come from? 

00:41:21 Speaker 2 

Your house? 

00:41:23 Speaker 4 

I made it myself. 

00:41:24 Speaker 1 


00:41:25 Speaker 4 

I made this air so announced. 

00:41:33 Speaker 5 

What used to be in this box Fritos. 

00:41:39 Speaker 5 

You dirty ***** 

00:41:52 Speaker 2 

Alright, so ran over. 

00:41:54 Speaker 2 

I'm off my soapbox so yeah, sorry guys, I'm such a curmudgeon. 

00:41:58 Speaker 2 

During this time of year. 

00:41:59 Speaker 2 

So next year, I'm probably hating on something else. 

00:42:01 Speaker 2 

So anyway, so next year next week I'll be hating. 

00:42:02 Speaker 4 

Next week. 

00:42:05 Speaker 4 

On something be something. 

00:42:07 Speaker 2 

Oh man alright so. 

00:42:10 Speaker 2 

Who next on our list? 

00:42:14 Speaker 4 

It's DIY. 

00:42:16 Speaker 6 

And I helped. 

00:42:17 Speaker 4 

Yes, here we are. 

00:42:18 Speaker 4 

It's a DIY. 

00:42:19 Speaker 2 

Alright, you phoist. 

00:42:22 Speaker 4 

So I chose to give you guys a quick and easy super super easy DIY Christmas gift. 

00:42:29 Speaker 4 

This could be a last minute gift or could be a thought out gift. 

00:42:34 Speaker 4 

I guess it's called reindeer beer and this could be a gift given to an adult or a child. 

00:42:40 Speaker 4 

Depending on what kind of beer you get, you'd get root beer for a kid or your fun adult that's not drinking alcoholic beverages. 

00:42:48 Speaker 4 

Or you can get real. 

00:42:49 Speaker 4 

Beer for someone who does drink alcoholic beverages, you get a 6 pack of beer. 

00:42:54 Speaker 2 

I'm listening. 

00:42:56 Speaker 4 

This is the trick is you get a 6 pack of beer. 

00:42:59 Speaker 4 

Then you buy a little googly eyes and you buy little red pom poms and you buy brown pipe cleaners and you just make little antlers on each bottle and you put eyeballs on each bottle and a little Red Nose on each bottle. 

00:43:15 Speaker 4 

So you have a reindeer for each bottle. 

00:43:17 Speaker 4 

It's very cute. 

00:43:18 Speaker 1 

Ah, and. 

00:43:19 Speaker 4 

Reindeer beer DIY. 

00:43:19 Speaker 2 

So so you would do like a little. 

00:43:23 Speaker 2 

Mixed Tack right little six or you could mix. 

00:43:24 Speaker 4 

Little 6 or. 

00:43:25 Speaker 4 

You could or just buy a sixer and they look better if you buy the dark beer like in in in brown bottles. 

00:43:26 Speaker 2 

It up and. 

00:43:31 Speaker 2 

OK, OK, I mean what other color bottle is there? 

00:43:36 Speaker 2 

Yeah, hiding or something like that. 

00:43:37 Speaker 2 

OK, I got you. 

00:43:38 Speaker 4 

Blue, clear there's all sorts of glass. 

00:43:42 Speaker 2 

Something about beer bottles, those either brown or the blue like bud light or whatever. 

00:43:47 Speaker 2 

Yeah, but click be clear beer, what corona? 

00:43:51 Speaker 3 

OK, you got me there. 

00:43:55 Speaker 2 

I don't. 

00:43:56 Speaker 2 

I don't shop on that section of the liquor store, thank you. 

00:44:01 Speaker 2 

Alright, I like that. 

00:44:02 Speaker 2 

It's almost yeah, that's cool. 

00:44:02 Speaker 4 

Cute, they're really cute. 

00:44:04 Speaker 4 

You just get a little mixer and put the little crafts on them. 

00:44:07 Speaker 4 

And super cute, super quick little DIY gift. 

00:44:12 Speaker 2 

Another DIY gift now that you said that you know it's another cool little DIY gift. 

00:44:16 Speaker 2 

I like it when people put like. 

00:44:18 Speaker 2 

The mixed nuts or like the soups inside of a ball jar and then cover it with the. 

00:44:25 Speaker 2 

Cute little fabric and they put the bow on in and do all that and so that's really nice because you can dump that. 

00:44:33 Speaker 2 

Like me, I love like the multiple beans suit like the seven bean soup or 15 bean soup. 

00:44:37 Speaker 2 

You put that in there and then you dump that. 

00:44:38 Speaker 2 

You make that. 

00:44:39 Speaker 2 

And then you can use the ball jar for. 

00:44:41 Speaker 2 

Yes, whatever you want to use it for so. 

00:44:43 Speaker 4 

Those are those are great DIY gifts too, because it's all mixed together. 

00:44:48 Speaker 4 

The proper portions just dump it in there and you cook it. 

00:44:50 Speaker 4 

And yeah, those are great gifts. 

00:44:51 Speaker 2 

Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. 

00:44:53 Speaker 2 

And that's actually a really good last minute thing like the the reindeer beer. 

00:44:58 Speaker 2 

The the ball jar situation. 

00:45:01 Speaker 2 

Like if you are complete putz and you forgot about someone for Christmas you just go this. 

00:45:05 Speaker 2 

Or you buy a ball jar. 

00:45:07 Speaker 2 

If you already have one at your house, you you go to the kosher aisle. 

00:45:11 Speaker 2 

You get the Manischewitz split pea soup and bean soup, which is one of my favorites actually. 

00:45:16 Speaker 2 

So you have that you thought anything and then, hey, you saved the holiday. 

00:45:22 Speaker 4 

Or do the reindeer beer 'cause it's much quicker and easier. 

00:45:24 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I know. 

00:45:25 Speaker 2 

I know I'm thinking like. 

00:45:25 Speaker 4 

Literally just picking up a 6 pack and some brown. 

00:45:29 Speaker 4 

Phone pipe cleaners and googly eyes and red pompoms. 

00:45:34 Speaker 2 

So please explain to me how that's quicker or easier. 

00:45:34 Speaker 4 

So please. 

00:45:37 Speaker 2 

Where are you gonna find the pipe cleaners? 

00:45:39 Speaker 2 

That means you gotta go to the liquor store then you gotta go to Hobby Lobby. 

00:45:44 Speaker 5 

And then you have to buy all that crap. 

00:45:44 Speaker 4 

Or any store, Walmart, whatever store. 

00:45:48 Speaker 4 

Any kind of big store would have a craft section and you just go. 

00:45:52 Speaker 4 

Get the **** 

00:45:53 Speaker 2 

Don't just go buy. 

00:45:53 Speaker 4 

Easy peasy or you might have it at home. 

00:45:54 Speaker 2 

That OK? 

00:45:56 Speaker 4 

Some people have craft supplies. 

00:45:57 Speaker 4 

At their own. 

00:45:58 Speaker 4 

Home true true. 

00:45:59 Speaker 2 

True, you're right. 

00:46:00 Speaker 2 

You're right, you're right. 

00:46:00 Speaker 4 

I do not, but a lot of. 

00:46:01 Speaker 4 

People do I do not. 

00:46:02 Speaker 2 

Either OK. 

00:46:04 Speaker 2 

Alright wonderful, alright so mine's not exactly it is DIY or it's more of like. 

00:46:12 Speaker 2 

A how to or? 

00:46:13 Speaker 2 

It's one, it's just a little bit different. 

00:46:18 Speaker 5 

Life hack. 

00:46:24 Speaker 2 

My lifehack is how to keep bed bugs away when you're traveling for the holidays? 

00:46:30 Speaker 4 

Away from getting on you while you're traveling. 

00:46:33 Speaker 2 

Coming home with your *** That's what I'm talking about because. 

00:46:37 Speaker 4 

Please share. 

00:46:38 Speaker 2 

I'm sure people are listening now I'm like, oh, let me turn this up. 

00:46:41 Speaker 2 

'cause I'm headed over to Uncle. 

00:46:43 Speaker 2 

Jims House right now. 

00:46:44 Speaker 5 

Let me turn this. 

00:46:45 Speaker 2 

Up all right, so those of you that do not know what bed bugs are, this isn't going to be a tutorial about bed bugs. 

00:46:52 Speaker 2 

You can look up bed bugs. 

00:46:54 Speaker 2 

Just Google it, right? 

00:46:55 Speaker 2 

Google that. 

00:46:55 Speaker 2 

But one thing that you have to be diligent about is check your bed when it before you lay down in the hotel or wherever you're at. 

00:47:03 Speaker 4 

Top views. 

00:47:03 Speaker 2 

You have to do that. 

00:47:04 Speaker 2 

I know, I know. 

00:47:05 Speaker 2 

So this is like this is not a conversation that we have to have, but. 

00:47:07 Speaker 4 

Just talking about it gives me the heebie jeebies. 

00:47:10 Speaker 2 

It's terrible, I did it too. 

00:47:11 Speaker 2 

I just came back from traveling not that long ago and I did the same thing I've been doing it for years. 

00:47:16 Speaker 2 

I've been pest control for a really long time, so Google bedbugs. 

00:47:19 Speaker 2 

I'm not gonna teach you guys about that, but I will just hammer it home. 

00:47:22 Speaker 2 

When you guys are traveling over the holidays no matter where you are going, make sure that you take off the sheets and take. 

00:47:30 Speaker 2 

Off the. 

00:47:31 Speaker 5 

What is that little pee pad or whatever the bottom thing was that they called. 

00:47:34 Speaker 1 

I don't know. 

00:47:37 Speaker 4 

The mattress protector. 

00:47:37 Speaker 5 

Yeah, the mattress protector. 

00:47:38 Speaker 6 

He's had. 

00:47:41 Speaker 2 

He take the pee pad. 

00:47:43 Speaker 2 

Take a look at testing. 

00:47:45 Speaker 2 

Look for it. 

00:47:46 Speaker 2 

Look for spotting. 

00:47:47 Speaker 2 

Look for bed bugs. 

00:47:48 Speaker 2 

Look for shed skins. 


Look for peace dance. 

00:47:50 Speaker 5 

Look for peace taste. 

00:47:58 Speaker 2 

Look for all that stuff so you do that. 

00:48:02 Speaker 2 

Spend the extra 5 minutes looking. 

00:48:04 Speaker 2 

Use your camera phone light you can do. 

00:48:07 Speaker 4 

What are you looking for? 

00:48:08 Speaker 2 

And looking for freaking bed bugs or signs that there were bedbugs there. 

00:48:12 Speaker 2 

Shed skins. 

00:48:14 Speaker 2 

It's called spotting. 

00:48:15 Speaker 2 

Looks like black little spots on there too, I know. 

00:48:17 Speaker 2 

It's disgusting it. 

00:48:18 Speaker 4 

I'm I'm feeling. 

00:48:19 Speaker 2 

If I ever saw a bit, luckily for me I've only seen signs of bed bugs, but I've not seen actual bed bug in my own travel. 

00:48:27 Speaker 2 

I've seen playing bed bugs in real life, going to people's houses, and killing bed bugs, but not in my own travels. 

00:48:32 Speaker 2 

So if you do that, you will thank me later when you come back, don't just open your stuff up and put it back. 

00:48:33 Speaker 4 

Never mind dad. 

00:48:40 Speaker 2 

In your. 

00:48:41 Speaker 2 

Stuff that you did it where maybe do not do that take. 

00:48:44 Speaker 4 

I know the trick, I haven't, I think I. 

00:48:46 Speaker 4 

Know what you're going to say. 

00:48:47 Speaker 2 

What are you going to say? 

00:48:47 Speaker 2 

I'm listening? 

00:48:48 Speaker 4 

I think you're going to say instead of putting stuff back, put it directly in the dryer, yes? 

00:48:54 Speaker 2 

Yes, you're a good student. 

00:48:55 Speaker 2 

Absolutely guys, take your stuff whether you wore it or not. 

00:48:58 Speaker 2 

If it's dirty, obviously throw it right up in the washing machine. 

00:49:02 Speaker 2 

If you did not wear it and it's still fine, though, it right up in the dryer, put on on dryer on high for a minimum of 10 minutes and it will kill live bed bugs if they're if you end up taking some home and their eggs. 

00:49:13 Speaker 2 

So you will absolutely do that. 

00:49:15 Speaker 2 

Do not slip up if you travel out of town. 

00:49:18 Speaker 2 

You're in a hotel. 

00:49:19 Speaker 2 

Take the 10 minutes because generally treating your house for bed boats is super expensive, so that is my advice to you. 

00:49:26 Speaker 2 

If you need any more tips, follow me on Instagram. 

00:49:31 Speaker 2 

I'm kidding. 

00:49:32 Speaker 4 

Maybe more tips your holiday traveled. 

00:49:34 Speaker 5 

Oh yeah. 

00:49:36 Speaker 2 

Do it, you're welcome. 

00:49:38 Speaker 2 

You'll thank me later, trust me. 

00:49:39 Speaker 4 

OK, I can see how that can be useful. 

00:49:42 Speaker 2 

During the holidays or even after the holidays too. 

00:49:44 Speaker 2 

Trust me. 

00:49:45 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I mean, who wants bedbugs? 

00:49:47 Speaker 2 

God, it's the worst thing and I've saved peoples. 

00:49:49 Speaker 4 

I've never had him thank God, but I feel like I've seen them at a hotel. 

00:49:53 Speaker 4 

And actually, yes I have seen them at a hotel and I remember asking him meet. 

00:49:56 Speaker 2 

That you were staying at. 

00:49:58 Speaker 4 

Yeah and I asked to be moved. 

00:49:59 Speaker 2 

That's the best thing I remember very long time ago when I I did this, me and my neurosis you know or me? 

00:50:06 Speaker 2 

With these bed bugs, right? 

00:50:06 Speaker 4 

Now you got this, you know. 

00:50:08 Speaker 4 

Me and you. 

00:50:08 Speaker 2 

Are the same. 

00:50:08 Speaker 2 

I know, I know. 

00:50:09 Speaker 2 

Yeah me and you were like 2 peas in a pod comes that's so neurotic so I did that a long time ago. 

00:50:14 Speaker 2 

And then my buddy that saw me do that. 

00:50:17 Speaker 2 

He went on a trip that same year. 

00:50:19 Speaker 2 

Later on he text me and say, what the hell is this obvious? 

00:50:22 Speaker 2 

I'm not going to tell who the person is, but that person what's that? 

00:50:26 Speaker 2 

And I said that's a bed bug. 

00:50:27 Speaker 2 

Tell him to switch. 

00:50:28 Speaker 2 

The room he's like, Oh my God he just like sat. 

00:50:32 Speaker 2 

I'm so glad that I watched you do that. 

00:50:33 Speaker 2 

'cause I saved his *** from getting bit by bed bugs or taking a damn thing. 

00:50:38 Speaker 2 

He's home so. 

00:50:40 Speaker 2 

Yeah, so that's my DIY for the holidays. 

00:50:43 Speaker 4 

Well, thank you for that. 

00:50:44 Speaker 2 

You're welcome, you'll thank me. 

00:50:47 Speaker 4 

If I ever travel again in my life, which probably won't. 

00:50:51 Speaker 4 

But here's to hoping. 

00:50:56 Speaker 2 

I was going to laugh at you and say something not nice, but I was like I don't know I can't. 

00:51:01 Speaker 2 

I can't not be nice, you listeners. 

00:51:03 Speaker 2 

You guys may not know this but. 

00:51:04 Speaker 2 

Or for this special occasion, Colleen has on reindeer antlers and they are. 

00:51:10 Speaker 2 

Super cute and I just I'm surprised I didn't say anything beginning of this podcast, but I can't be mad. 

00:51:14 Speaker 2 

I can't clown on too bad 'cause she looks super cute with that with the reindeer. 

00:51:18 Speaker 2 

Antlers on super cute. 

00:51:19 Speaker 6 

Thank you. 

00:51:20 Speaker 1 

Thank you. 

00:51:22 Speaker 4 

Had to try to get festive somehow. 

00:51:24 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I know, I know, let's go, so maybe next time I'll throw in a costume and surprise you and our listeners with some crazy costume I might put on. 

00:51:31 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

00:51:31 Speaker 4 

I would love that alright. 

00:51:33 Speaker 2 

All right, so cool, what do we? 

00:51:35 Speaker 4 

Got next, moving on to our very last. 

00:51:37 Speaker 1 

Pick all righty. 

00:51:42 Speaker 6 

Hey can I have some assistance please? 

00:51:46 Speaker 4 

So got a couple questions for holiday type advice. 

00:51:51 Speaker 4 

First question is Seth, how do I keep my Christmas lights from tangling up? 

00:51:56 Speaker 2 

Well, if you ask me, don't put up Christmas lights at all. 

00:52:05 Speaker 6 

Looks accurate. 

00:52:06 Speaker 5 

I mean **** them lights. 

00:52:11 Speaker 4 

You don't want last Taylor. 

00:52:12 Speaker 4 

Don't buy them. 

00:52:14 Speaker 2 

Right exactly alright, so let me see. 

00:52:16 Speaker 2 

So how do you keep your Christmas lights from tangling up? 

00:52:19 Speaker 2 

I would say you is this a guest situation. 

00:52:22 Speaker 2 

Do you want me to guess or you're going to give? 

00:52:24 Speaker 2 

Me some advice, don't know. 

00:52:25 Speaker 4 

I mean, we can. 

00:52:26 Speaker 4 

We can just spitball it. 

00:52:27 Speaker 4 

What do you think how? 

00:52:27 Speaker 4 

Can we do this? 

00:52:28 Speaker 2 

Besides not putting up in the first place. 

00:52:30 Speaker 4 

Right, that's a great option. 

00:52:33 Speaker 4 

But I mean, you know, keep. 

00:52:34 Speaker 4 

Putting up Christmas lights is is. 

00:52:35 Speaker 4 

I don't know. 

00:52:36 Speaker 4 

I like Christmas lights up. 

00:52:37 Speaker 3 

Now they are knife. 

00:52:37 Speaker 4 

I like that I actually. 

00:52:38 Speaker 4 

Like to keep Christmas lights up all year long, white ones or different like single colored ones. 

00:52:43 Speaker 4 

You know, in fact, years ago not outside. 

00:52:47 Speaker 4 

But like in my room, like for ambiance or whatever, just have that. 

00:52:48 Speaker 2 

Oh OK, I got you. 

00:52:51 Speaker 1 

Had a bad. 

00:52:52 Speaker 4 

As the lighting and many many years ago, when I lived with my cousin Norris, we used to have what we called Christmas Kitchen and we would take Christmas lights and string em up all the way around the perimeter of the ceiling in the. 

00:53:05 Speaker 4 

And it was Christmas kitchen all year long. 

00:53:07 Speaker 2 

I actually like that. 

00:53:08 Speaker 2 

That's cool, I like that. 

00:53:09 Speaker 4 

It's nice because it's a nice little ambiance, but anyway, yes, if you don't want things to tangle up, you just not use them. 

00:53:12 Speaker 2 

No, there's not. 

00:53:16 Speaker 4 

At all, right? 

00:53:18 Speaker 2 

Yeah, and that's a that's a curmudgeon answer, so let's go for something that's more, so that's more realistic. 

00:53:18 Speaker 4 

What else? 

00:53:20 Speaker 4 

That is the correct answer. 

00:53:23 Speaker 2 

Alright, I'm going to say you and you know if you really got money. 

00:53:28 Speaker 2 

You could just keep the whole tree tree and everything. 

00:53:31 Speaker 2 

Just take the thing and just put it inside your large storage space. 

00:53:35 Speaker 2 

And just wrap it with discover with. 

00:53:36 Speaker 4 

Just bawling like that. 

00:53:37 Speaker 2 

A whole bunch of like yeah, you bought. 

00:53:38 Speaker 4 

Here's my Christmas storage and here's my Easter storage. 

00:53:42 Speaker 2 

Orange, no, you're right. 

00:53:43 Speaker 2 

Uh, look man for real. 

00:53:44 Speaker 2 

For real you could do that, right? 

00:53:45 Speaker 2 

You get that and then you have like a big old sheet or something like that. 

00:53:48 Speaker 2 

A big Christmas tree sack that you discover the whole thing up and discover. 

00:53:52 Speaker 2 

Yeah, exactly. 

00:53:53 Speaker 2 

Cover it down and just drag it inside your your big old storage room. 

00:53:57 Speaker 4 

Like the Grinch did when he stole the tree. 

00:54:04 Speaker 2 

Man, I am hating on Christmas man. 

00:54:06 Speaker 2 

It's just all these Grinch ideas come out in my head like yeah, that's all you do. 

00:54:10 Speaker 2 

Just set the whole thing and just oh man, you know. 

00:54:13 Speaker 2 

So that is 1 Christmas movie. 

00:54:15 Speaker 2 

I know I'm kind of going off topic here, but that's one movie I'm going to look forward to watching. 

00:54:19 Speaker 2 

I watched. 

00:54:19 Speaker 2 

It last year the Jim. 

00:54:21 Speaker 4 

Carrey version yes. 

00:54:23 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I love that. 

00:54:25 Speaker 2 

Love you love. 

00:54:28 Speaker 4 

So good. 

00:54:29 Speaker 2 

Yeah, that was a great movie so I will watch that even though I am a Grinch, but at least I can watch my fellow. 


It's so good. 

00:54:37 Speaker 5 

This thing. 

00:54:39 Speaker 4 

Exactly well, one last question for advice. 

00:54:42 Speaker 2 


00:54:45 Speaker 4 

How do I keep my stress level down during the holidays? 


So like. 

00:54:52 Speaker 2 

A lot of liquor. 

00:54:54 Speaker 2 

OK so. 

00:54:56 Speaker 2 

You're asking me this now. 

00:54:58 Speaker 2 

Did I keep your stress down there? 

00:55:00 Speaker 2 

I don't know, man. 

00:55:01 Speaker 2 

Use your PTO I say you do that, use your PTO and just take off of work. 

00:55:06 Speaker 2 

You do that. 

00:55:07 Speaker 2 

That'll keep your stress level down. 

00:55:08 Speaker 2 

Bourbon will absolutely help. 

00:55:11 Speaker 2 

That keeps stress level down and read the Bible. 

00:55:16 Speaker 4 

There you go. 

00:55:16 Speaker 4 

Get some Jesus in your life. 

00:55:18 Speaker 2 

Get some Disney life. 

00:55:19 Speaker 2 

All right, So what is your answer? 

00:55:20 Speaker 2 

To keep your stress. 

00:55:21 Speaker 4 

Level down I say just don't over commit. 

00:55:24 Speaker 4 

You know. 

00:55:24 Speaker 4 

Don't spread yourself too thin, don't over commit and honestly if you. 

00:55:28 Speaker 4 

Have some beef with family or people or whatever. 

00:55:31 Speaker 4 

Don't feel like you have to go see certain people just because it's the holidays. 

00:55:35 Speaker 4 

You know what I mean you? 

00:55:36 Speaker 2 

Very good point. 

00:55:36 Speaker 4 

Just I just feel like there should be an element of self care and if part of your self care is avoiding people that elevate your stress then just don't do it. 

00:55:47 Speaker 4 

Just say no. 

00:55:49 Speaker 2 

Very good point. 

00:55:49 Speaker 2 

Very good point because. 

00:55:51 Speaker 2 

When I was younger I used to always thought it was so cool, like for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

00:55:55 Speaker 2 

You go to all these multiple places or we go here for Christmas dinner. 

00:55:58 Speaker 2 

That's at 12 with over at 5. 

00:56:00 Speaker 2 

Then for late night due to doing this or playing games, I don't be at 10 nowadays. 

00:56:06 Speaker 2 

I do one thing and I'm at my house and that is it. 

00:56:06 Speaker 4 

Yeah no. 

00:56:07 Speaker 4 

It's done right. 

00:56:09 Speaker 2 

I'm not trying to be doing. 

00:56:12 Speaker 2 

This that in the third. 

00:56:13 Speaker 2 

Messing around with people. 

00:56:15 Speaker 2 

I'm not doing that OK. 

00:56:16 Speaker 4 

No, it's exhausting. 

00:56:17 Speaker 4 

Who wants to draw? 

00:56:18 Speaker 4 

And then yeah, no. 

00:56:19 Speaker 4 

It's just too much. 

00:56:20 Speaker 2 

You just you gotta, your stomach full is just dry as Turkey. 

00:56:23 Speaker 2 

You just want to just. 

00:56:25 Speaker 4 

Try ask Turkey has been mentioned several times. 

00:56:27 Speaker 5 

I know I. 

00:56:27 Speaker 4 

Today, probably about 5 or 6. 

00:56:30 Speaker 5 

I know many. 

00:56:31 Speaker 2 

People fail me, listeners. 


Fast burger. 

00:56:33 Speaker 2 

Can that absolutely feel me? 

00:56:35 Speaker 2 

It's either one or. 

00:56:36 Speaker 2 

Two, it's either one, not one or two one or the other. 

00:56:38 Speaker 2 

Either Turkey is just dry as hell, or it's like the most delicious, deep fried. 

00:56:43 Speaker 2 

Whatever brined Turkey, it's whatever like in the middle. 

00:56:46 Speaker 2 

I guess it kind of sometimes happens. 

00:56:48 Speaker 2 

It's OK, but I see it as dry as hell just and it's not being this. 

00:56:52 Speaker 2 

No knock on the cook, it's just Turkey is just a terrible meat to eat in general. 

00:56:57 Speaker 2 

It's just dry as hell like you have to be really good at it so you can have great cooks. 

00:57:02 Speaker 2 

They do a Turkey and it just doesn't. 

00:57:04 Speaker 2 

It's like whatever alright I did the Turkey because it's Christmas. 

00:57:07 Speaker 2 

Fine, you're welcome. 

00:57:09 Speaker 4 

Do y'all see? 

00:57:10 Speaker 4 

How this turned into another rattles my rails. 

00:57:13 Speaker 4 

Like just just like that. 

00:57:14 Speaker 4 

**** we're back into a rant. 

00:57:15 Speaker 2 

I know me, my dear, I know I'm terrible. 

00:57:18 Speaker 2 

But that's what. 

00:57:18 Speaker 4 

So for Seth to keep his. 

00:57:20 Speaker 4 

Stress level down, he's not. 

00:57:21 Speaker 4 

Going to eat dry as Turkey. 

00:57:22 Speaker 2 

That will keep my stress level down. 

00:57:24 Speaker 2 

So I totally agree with you. 

00:57:26 Speaker 2 

Yes, do not over commit, don't go. 

00:57:28 Speaker 2 

The two many places don't mess around when people are going to stress your life out, because honestly they're not stressed out. 

00:57:34 Speaker 2 

So why do you get stressed out over them? 

00:57:36 Speaker 2 

'cause they're not definitely not stressed out over your *** so don't do that. 

00:57:40 Speaker 2 

What I do? 

00:57:41 Speaker 2 

I drink bourbon. 

00:57:42 Speaker 2 

I also don't over extend myself. 

00:57:46 Speaker 2 

I don't worry about it too much. 

00:57:47 Speaker 2 

I stay away from dry as Turkey. 

00:57:49 Speaker 2 

I eat my pickled beets. 

00:57:51 Speaker 5 

And you ain't going, dude. 

00:57:51 Speaker 4 

And maybe maybe you'll get some monkey bread. 

00:57:53 Speaker 2 

And maybe some monkey bread before I go to sleep with some warm milk and the cookies that Santa didn't take. 

00:58:05 Speaker 5 

And that's my story. 


There you go. 

00:58:06 Speaker 5 

That's my story. 

00:58:07 Speaker 5 

I'm sticking to it. 

00:58:08 Speaker 5 

That's it. 

00:58:09 Speaker 4 

Did you do my story? 

00:58:10 Speaker 5 

I stick to my story. 

00:58:16 Speaker 2 

I think that's done. 

00:58:17 Speaker 2 

Are we done? 

00:58:17 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and I'm not. 

00:58:18 Speaker 4 

No we're done ski dude so. 

00:58:20 Speaker 5 

Alright, so I guess I gotta say what I always say. 

00:58:23 Speaker 2 

Take us home baby. 

00:58:27 Speaker 4 

So thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today. 

00:58:30 Speaker 4 

Please don't forget to subscribe to our show so you. 

00:58:32 Speaker 4 

Don't miss out on any future episodes and if you're feeling generous, please consider supporting the show on buy me a coffee com if you have a question, comment or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello, you can reach us on Facebook and Instagram @Aircandypodcast or then an email. 

00:58:47 Speaker 4 


00:58:49 Speaker 4 

So hit us up because. 

00:58:51 Speaker 4 

We want to connect with you and until next time peace. 

00:58:57 Speaker 4 

Happy holidays everybody. 

00:58:59 Speaker 2 

Have a Holly jolly Christmas. 

00:59:03 Speaker 1 

That's death. 

00:59:05 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

00:59:06 Speaker 2 

All the lyrics to any Christmas songs. 

00:59:08 Speaker 2 

Thank you. 

00:59:09 Speaker 4 

I do not either. 

00:59:10 Speaker 2 

Nope, I'm I know the hook and that's all you get from me. 

00:59:14 Speaker 4 

That's good enough, yeah? 

00:59:23 Speaker 4 

And we're back. 

00:59:27 Speaker 6 

My poop is impacted. 

00:59:28 Speaker 6 

Can I have some assistance please? 

00:59:32 Speaker 4 

Can I have some assistance? 

00:59:35 Speaker 3 

Slick Rick the ruler. 

00:59:39 Speaker 5 

And with you. 

00:59:41 Speaker 5 

And MC Ricky D. 


Good day. 

00:59:44 Speaker 2 

Give me a smash hit. 

00:59:45 Speaker 2 

Roll Alisa, you know like the picture. 


No like the picture. 

00:59:50 Speaker 2 

And we should do our twisted tunes. 

00:59:52 Speaker 4 

She's a hoe. 

00:59:53 Speaker 5 

Oh, she's a hoe. 

00:59:56 Speaker 2 

Lot of these hoes around. 

01:00:01 Speaker 2 

My nuts roasting over an open fire. 

01:00:04 Speaker 2 

Yeah all right. 

01:00:06 Speaker 2 

No more twisted tunes. 

01:00:07 Speaker 2 

Leave out the weird al I'm red hot. 

01:00:14 Speaker 4 

What were the other like 1 liners from ******* 

01:00:17 Speaker 4 

Reefer madness that we used to say. 

01:00:19 Speaker 4 

All the time, that's it. 

01:00:21 Speaker 2 

The funniest thing where we just died, it was the one where they were dancing. 

01:00:24 Speaker 2 

They were smoking the reefer like. 

01:00:29 Speaker 5 

And the girl will dance like this. 

01:00:31 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and the guys playing the. 

01:00:32 Speaker 4 

Piano with the cigarette like. 

01:00:40 Speaker 5 

Next on when white people smoke dope. 


Oh **** 

01:00:51 Speaker 2 

I'll let myself out. 

01:00:55 Speaker 4 

Good night. 

01:00:56 Speaker 2 

Goodnight bye bye. 

01:01:11 Speaker 2 

OK, you're right. 


Good job Wiener. 

01:01:13 Speaker 2 

Yeah, good job Wiener god job, Wiener. 


Music Intro
Pre Pre
Opening Small Talk
Let's Tawlk
What's in your boombox?
Wok's Cooking?
Ya know what really rattles my rails?
It's DIY! And I helped!
Life Hack
Can I have some assistance please?
Outro/Call to Action
Production Co Bump: Good Job, Weener