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Candy Tawlk #3

January 06, 2022 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 22
Candy Tawlk #3
Air Candy
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Air Candy
Candy Tawlk #3
Jan 06, 2022 Season 1 Episode 22
Colleen Devaney

It's time for more Candy Tawlk where we break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy on your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! What will we talk about this time? Listen in to find out! Oh, and since our inbox has been blowin' up, we decided to sprinkle in one of our favorite segments.... Confession Corner!

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Links & channels we discussed:
Little Stranger | Spotify - Listen Free
Little Stranger - YouTube
Little Stranger - Buddha the Beast (Full Album Stream)
Little Stranger Television - EPISODE 1
French Montana - Lockjaw ft. Kodak Black
This Food Steals 36 Minutes of Healthy Life — Every Time You Eat It
There’s Now a Hot Sauce to Match Your Favorite “Golden Girl” Character
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: Betty White, Golden Girls, music, French Montana, Little Stranger, LSTV, Metaverse, Snoop Dogg, hot sauce, bourbon, vodka, IPA, microbrew, beer, hot dogs, University of Michigan, sex, sex act, 69, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, confession, confession corner, air candy, bong, advice

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It's time for more Candy Tawlk where we break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy on your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! What will we talk about this time? Listen in to find out! Oh, and since our inbox has been blowin' up, we decided to sprinkle in one of our favorite segments.... Confession Corner!

Please rate, review, & subscribe to Air Candy wherever you get your podcasts!
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We really appreciate all the love we've received so far!
Links & channels we discussed:
Little Stranger | Spotify - Listen Free
Little Stranger - YouTube
Little Stranger - Buddha the Beast (Full Album Stream)
Little Stranger Television - EPISODE 1
French Montana - Lockjaw ft. Kodak Black
This Food Steals 36 Minutes of Healthy Life — Every Time You Eat It
There’s Now a Hot Sauce to Match Your Favorite “Golden Girl” Character
Website: Air Candy --- @aircandypodcast | Linktree
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: Betty White, Golden Girls, music, French Montana, Little Stranger, LSTV, Metaverse, Snoop Dogg, hot sauce, bourbon, vodka, IPA, microbrew, beer, hot dogs, University of Michigan, sex, sex act, 69, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, confession, confession corner, air candy, bong, advice

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00:00:08 Speaker 2 

All right, I'm ready. 

00:00:09 Speaker 2 

I'm ready for the podcast. 

00:00:10 Speaker 2 

Let's go, I am ready. 

00:00:12 Speaker 2 

I got my bourbon. 

00:00:13 Speaker 2 

I only got about a shot left we gotta make this podcast quick. 

00:00:16 Speaker 1 

We will do our best. 

00:00:19 Speaker 1 

Fine hello friends and welcome to Earcandy podcast Candy Talk where we breakdown our favorite picks of the week. 

00:00:25 Speaker 1 

I'm your humble host Colleen and with me as always is. 

00:00:27 Speaker 1 

My co-host, Seth. 

00:00:29 Speaker 2 

And I'm still drinking bourbon. 

00:00:31 Speaker 1 

We've got some exciting stuff in store for you today. 

00:00:34 Speaker 1 

So on that note, let's talk. 

00:00:38 Speaker 2 

What it do? 

00:00:39 Speaker 2 

What it do son son? 


Just wanna catch sunshine? 

00:00:45 Speaker 2 

All right? 

00:00:49 Speaker 3 

Let's talk. 

00:00:51 Speaker 2 

New Year new do my hair is just as nappy. 

00:00:57 Speaker 1 

New Year I still have not cut mine. 

00:00:59 Speaker 1 

So that's a problem. 

00:01:00 Speaker 2 

You need to cut. 

00:01:02 Speaker 1 

I need to cut. 

00:01:03 Speaker 1 

It for real, for real it's. 

00:01:04 Speaker 1 

Like 4 feet long. 

00:01:06 Speaker 1 

It's ridiculous. 

00:01:08 Speaker 1 

I'm going to donate it to locks of love. 

00:01:10 Speaker 1 

That's the plan. 

00:01:10 Speaker 2 

Don't do that. 

00:01:13 Speaker 2 

I'll tell, I'll talk to you. 

00:01:14 Speaker 2 

About that offline. 

00:01:16 Speaker 2 

Anyway, Ripi Betty White, I miss her already. 

00:01:19 Speaker 1 

Yes, that's 

00:01:21 Speaker 1 

I know, I know, I know. 

00:01:22 Speaker 2 

Missing her already. 

00:01:24 Speaker 1 

That was like. 

00:01:26 Speaker 1 

I can't even I'm yeah she she was some somebody that I just never thought was ever going to leave us ever I don't know. 

00:01:28 Speaker 2 

I hope you die in her sleep. 

00:01:34 Speaker 2 

I know you think she's gonna lose like 104 or something. She made it to 99. 

00:01:38 Speaker 1 

Well, she was about to be 100. 

00:01:39 Speaker 1 

Like in a week or two. 

00:01:40 Speaker 2 

Yeah, oh, you almost had it. 

00:01:43 Speaker 2 

He got me quicker than that. 

00:01:54 Speaker 1 

Creepy old man. 

00:01:54 Speaker 2 

That's terrible, I know. 

00:01:56 Speaker 2 

I know. 

00:01:56 Speaker 1 

Oh my God. 

00:01:57 Speaker 2 

All right, you're ready getting some pics. 

00:01:58 Speaker 1 

Yeah, let's get into some pigs. 

00:02:00 Speaker 2 

Cool, cool, cool and our first one. 

00:02:04 Speaker 1 

What's in your boom box? 

00:02:06 Speaker 2 

All right, So what I'm listening to is French Montana. 

00:02:11 Speaker 2 

I actually slept on him way back in a day. 

00:02:13 Speaker 2 

He's been out since about 2009. I don't even know that I've listened to French Montana for probably about a couple three years, so I'm way behind. 

00:02:20 Speaker 1 


00:02:21 Speaker 2 

So he has a lot of really good hits, so I'm on this French Montana kick. 

00:02:25 Speaker 2 

Listen to French Montana. 

00:02:27 Speaker 2 

Radio listen to all these albums and I love his his little saying hey? 

00:02:32 Speaker 2 

Hand you know, you know when French Montana is about the rat where he goes hand, you hear that in the background. 


Here comes hiccups. 

00:02:38 Speaker 2 

Like oh there we go. 

00:02:41 Speaker 2 

So New Year's Eve I was man. 

00:02:44 Speaker 2 

I was playing all kind of French Montana New Year's Day. 

00:02:46 Speaker 2 

I took over my buddies Google casting and I splurged French Montana all over the house. 

00:02:52 Speaker 2 

He was like what is going on. 

00:02:55 Speaker 2 

So it's all good. 

00:02:56 Speaker 2 

So French Montana is my pick for this week. 

00:02:59 Speaker 2 

What's yo pick? 

00:03:00 Speaker 1 

My pick is a group that has been around for a handful of years. 

00:03:05 Speaker 1 

I know these guys and they are called little stranger. 

00:03:09 Speaker 2 


00:03:09 Speaker 1 

Very awesome duo here. 

00:03:12 Speaker 1 

It's Kevin and John Shields. 

00:03:14 Speaker 1 

They both are from Philly, but they live in Charleston now. 

00:03:17 Speaker 1 

And their music is very unique. 

00:03:19 Speaker 1 

I would say that it's kind of got like a gorilla field, but also with a like a weird like old school Odelay Beck type vibe as well, but Kevin does a lot of rapping and I don't know they're just so unique and just really super awesome and. 

00:03:37 Speaker 1 

Their personalities are great too, like these are really. These are two really good guys. Really funny. I would highly suggest checking them out listening to their stuff and also going to YouTube and watching their videos. Their music videos as well as they have a literal. 

00:03:51 Speaker 1 

Little little stranger TV, so they make these little episodes of random things with other musicians and promoting things like their friends that have snowboarding company like it's just a whole hodgepodge, mixed bag of stuff and it's really entertaining and very good. 

00:03:54 Speaker 2 


00:04:07 Speaker 1 

And it's a good way to kind of get to know their personalities is by watching their. 

00:04:08 Speaker 2 


00:04:11 Speaker 1 

Their TV shows or whatever. 

00:04:13 Speaker 2 


00:04:14 Speaker 1 

But they're awesome. Super awesome. 

00:04:16 Speaker 2 

You know what's really weird about artpix this week? 

00:04:19 Speaker 2 

Both of our picks sound like sex acts. 

00:04:25 Speaker 2 

I'm going to give you a French Montana. 

00:04:27 Speaker 1 

I want to give you a little stranger. 

00:04:33 Speaker 2 

Oh man, so nice. 

00:04:33 Speaker 1 

That's a, that's a good point. 

00:04:35 Speaker 2 

Yeah, so next time let's see we can do better. 

00:04:38 Speaker 2 

Actually these are right on par. 

00:04:40 Speaker 2 

We have sex. 

00:04:41 Speaker 2 

It's a sex act or a musical act, all right under our next. 

00:04:48 Speaker 2 

The more you know. 

00:04:50 Speaker 1 

So this is a brand new one so far. 

00:04:52 Speaker 1 

I mean we're still very new into the candy talk thing, but this is. 

00:04:56 Speaker 1 

A new pig. 

00:04:57 Speaker 1 

This is where we're just going to tell you a little something like hey did. 

00:05:00 Speaker 1 

You know this. 

00:05:00 Speaker 1 

Did you know that? 

00:05:01 Speaker 2 

OK, kind of like my wombat situation in earcandy flow, yeah? 

00:05:04 Speaker 1 

Yeah, sort of like a fun fact, but uh, but a little different. 

00:05:10 Speaker 1 

It's kind of the same, but kind of not. 

00:05:10 Speaker 2 


00:05:12 Speaker 1 

Not different at all. 

00:05:15 Speaker 1 

Just a different name, so I'm gonna write is really honestly the real reason that I'm I'm doing this is so I could have a different bump in the beginning for it because it's funny. 

00:05:16 Speaker 2 

Potato potato. 

00:05:27 Speaker 2 

More, you know. 

00:05:29 Speaker 2 

All right? 

00:05:30 Speaker 1 

My pick was and this kind of goes back to. 

00:05:33 Speaker 1 

The very beginning. 

00:05:35 Speaker 1 

Betty White has frequently attributed her longevity to vodka, hot dogs and French fries. 

00:05:42 Speaker 1 

So because of that I actually found something saying. 

00:05:45 Speaker 1 

Thing that there was a recent study done out of the University of Michigan which calculates the negative impact of eating certain foods. 

00:05:54 Speaker 1 

It's pretty cool because it shows like what they call net health burden of certain foods and and how many minutes of healthy life you may gain or lose each time you eat one serving of each particular type of food and their study proved. 

00:06:10 Speaker 1 

Somehow I don't know how that every time you. 

00:06:13 Speaker 1 

Eat a hot dog. 

00:06:14 Speaker 1 

You lose 36 minutes of healthy life, which I think was kind of funny because she was almost 100 years old and she loved a damn hot dog so. 

00:06:24 Speaker 1 

Thought I'd share that. 

00:06:26 Speaker 2 

Well, you know what they say about hot dogs, they'll kill you. 

00:06:29 Speaker 2 

Looks like they actually cashed in, didn't don't. 

00:06:33 Speaker 1 

Oh my God. 

00:06:34 Speaker 2 

I know I'm a terrible person. 

00:06:36 Speaker 1 

That's not even funny. 

00:06:38 Speaker 2 

I'm an awful person. 


At all. 

00:06:39 Speaker 2 

Well, it's the same thing. 

00:06:41 Speaker 2 

When they talked about cigarettes back in the day, every time you smoke a cigarette, you lose 5 minutes of your life. 

00:06:47 Speaker 2 

It's just dumb. 

00:06:48 Speaker 2 

Aggregate number that they just put together and said OK well this average out to this much. 

00:06:53 Speaker 2 

It's almost like saying OK someone dies in a car accident every 15 seconds. 

00:06:57 Speaker 2 

How the hell do you know that? 

00:06:59 Speaker 1 

Yeah, there's some weird equations that they just be pulling out. 

00:07:02 Speaker 1 

And yeah, hearing it out well, this study also found you know if you eat rice with beans, you can gain 13 minutes. 

00:07:09 Speaker 1 

It's very strange. 

00:07:10 Speaker 2 

Yeah, well you can gain a lot of things when you eat. 

00:07:13 Speaker 2 

A lot of beans but. 

00:07:16 Speaker 1 

But I will post. 

00:07:17 Speaker 1 

I will post a link so people can go over because there is a thing where it kind of breaks down different foods and whether it will give you minutes or take away minutes so. 

00:07:26 Speaker 2 

No, that's pretty cool. 

00:07:27 Speaker 2 

And then maybe like a weekly challenge or something like that. 

00:07:27 Speaker 3 

It's pretty cool. 

00:07:29 Speaker 2 

Alright, let's see how many that's how many minutes I'm going to be dead or how many minutes I added on my life this week, right? 

00:07:35 Speaker 2 

Alright so my pic alright. 


What is your? 

00:07:37 Speaker 1 

Did you know? 

00:07:38 Speaker 1 

Or the more you know? 

00:07:38 Speaker 2 

So the more you know or did you know so for the micro beer drinkers out there, here's something that will probably blow your mind. 

00:07:48 Speaker 2 

Most micro brewery beer is actually unfiltered. 

00:07:54 Speaker 2 

I'm going to repeat that most micro brewery beer is actually unfiltered now. 

00:07:59 Speaker 2 

This is going to mean a lot to people that are really into drinking beer, or they think they are. 

00:08:04 Speaker 2 

So you know the IPA craze, right? 

00:08:08 Speaker 2 

You have these hazy. 

00:08:08 Speaker 2 

Beer they have this half of eyes and say oh, it's unfiltered. 

00:08:12 Speaker 2 

It's unfiltered. 

00:08:13 Speaker 2 

Well, surprise, surprise. 

00:08:15 Speaker 2 

If you go to a micro micro brewery out there a lot of them like we live in Maryland so we have a ton out here. 

00:08:22 Speaker 2 

If you go. 

00:08:23 Speaker 2 

If you go to. 

00:08:24 Speaker 2 

And I would say none of them. 

00:08:26 Speaker 2 

They don't filter any of their beer. 

00:08:28 Speaker 2 

That's just not part of their process. 

00:08:29 Speaker 2 

Usually filtering out beer and all that to get all the yeast out and all those things. 

00:08:34 Speaker 2 

That's usually for the really big guys. 

00:08:35 Speaker 2 

A Samuel Adams. 

00:08:36 Speaker 2 

The dogs are shed. 

00:08:37 Speaker 2 

Maybe dolphins is even big too, but the really big ones. 

00:08:41 Speaker 2 

That's where they actually do that. 

00:08:42 Speaker 2 

So I just figured that be good. 

00:08:45 Speaker 2 

For people to know. 

00:08:46 Speaker 2 

So if you say I want a hazy IPA, let's just say that and you say, well, it's hazy because it's unfiltered. 

00:08:52 Speaker 2 

That is absolutely not true. 

00:08:54 Speaker 1 

So then what makes it hazy? 

00:08:55 Speaker 2 

It's just another part of the brewing process, that's all it is. 

00:08:57 Speaker 2 

It's not 'cause it's unfiltered, yeah? 

00:09:00 Speaker 2 

Zero beer. 

00:09:01 Speaker 2 

It might be clearer, might be crisp, but that does not mean it's it's filtered, so that's my pick. 

00:09:06 Speaker 2 

The Yeah, fight me. 

00:09:06 Speaker 1 

Or, you know. 

00:09:08 Speaker 1 

I have one more thing to share and and this is I just want to ask you, did you? 

00:09:13 Speaker 1 

Know since we're in a did you know, did you? 

00:09:13 Speaker 2 


00:09:15 Speaker 1 

Know that our girl Betty White on our favorite show The Golden Girls. 

00:09:20 Speaker 1 

Did you know that she was originally cast to play Blanche, not rose? 

00:09:25 Speaker 2 

The ho 

00:09:27 Speaker 2 

Blanche the ho Devereaux. 

00:09:30 Speaker 1 


00:09:32 Speaker 1 

Did you know that? 

00:09:33 Speaker 2 

No, I didn't know that. 

00:09:35 Speaker 1 

Isn't that interesting? 

00:09:36 Speaker 1 

Imagine how it would have been way different, but they at the last minute one of the producers or somebody was just like, you know, I think, would be better this way, and they flipped it and they made her rose. 

00:09:46 Speaker 1 

And I'm so glad they made that choice. 

00:09:49 Speaker 2 

Oh yeah, because the person that played Blanche I forgot her name. 

00:09:54 Speaker 2 

If she was rose, I wouldn't. 

00:09:56 Speaker 2 

Like her at all. 

00:09:57 Speaker 1 

No, no, I I don't think it. 

00:09:59 Speaker 1 

You know, it just definitely would have been a whole different vibe. 

00:10:01 Speaker 1 

It would have been as good. 

00:10:02 Speaker 2 

Yeah, and I don't know if you had had Betty White talking like she country like from the South that doesn't. 

00:10:10 Speaker 2 

Now that doesn't work. 

00:10:11 Speaker 1 

Well, that that role actually is very similar to some of her older roles, and like the Mary Tyler Moore Show and things like that, like the kind of very for lack of a better word. 

00:10:20 Speaker 1 

Like kind of Hussey and and. 

00:10:22 Speaker 1 

Whatever like that kind of fit in with that, and I think that's why they originally were trying to cast her in that role, and then somebody said, let's try it this way. 

00:10:29 Speaker 1 

And this was the first time that she played this kind of. 

00:10:32 Speaker 1 

Did see, you know, not a bad bone in her body type role and she. 

00:10:37 Speaker 1 

Just killed it dude. 

00:10:38 Speaker 2 

I think she killed it. 

00:10:40 Speaker 1 

I love her so. 

00:10:41 Speaker 1 

Much oh 

00:10:41 Speaker 1 

My God. 

00:10:42 Speaker 2 

No, maybe she's. 

00:10:43 Speaker 2 

In the good old Saint Olaf in the sky. 

00:10:48 Speaker 1 

I think so. 

00:10:49 Speaker 2 

All right pee Betty White. 

00:10:51 Speaker 1 

Moving on to our. 

00:10:52 Speaker 2 

Next, pick next pick. 

00:10:56 Speaker 3 

**** tube 

00:11:00 Speaker 2 

All right, so do it. 

00:11:03 Speaker 1 

I've been watching everything, Betty. 

00:11:06 Speaker 1 

Anything with Betty I can get my hands on everything. 

00:11:09 Speaker 1 

All the movies that she's been in the TV shows the specials that they've come out with about her. 

00:11:15 Speaker 1 

You know 'cause? 

00:11:16 Speaker 1 

It's not like they just now are coming out with specials. 

00:11:18 Speaker 1 

There's there's been specials. 

00:11:19 Speaker 1 

I mean, the woman was almost 100 years. 

00:11:20 Speaker 1 

So I've just been watching any game getting my hands on that has her in. 

00:11:25 Speaker 1 

It because. 

00:11:26 Speaker 1 

I just freaking love her. 

00:11:27 Speaker 1 

I don't know man, I've never felt this way about celebrity in. 

00:11:28 Speaker 2 

Oh my God. 

00:11:31 Speaker 1 

My life it's so strange. 

00:11:31 Speaker 2 

You've been talking about Betty White for ******* like 10 minutes now about Betty White. 

00:11:37 Speaker 2 

OK, so look, educate the listeners, because the only Betty White stuff I know was Saturday Night Live and golden girls. 

00:11:44 Speaker 2 

So what else has she been doing? 

00:11:46 Speaker 2 

Or did she do? 

00:11:47 Speaker 1 

A lot of stuff. 

00:11:48 Speaker 1 

I mean she she did her own variety shows back in like the 50s. 

00:11:52 Speaker 1 

And you know life with Elizabeth I mean just a ton of different stuff. 

00:11:55 Speaker 1 

She did pet sit where she? 

00:11:57 Speaker 1 

Had a show where she would have different celebrities come and bring their pets to just show what people did with their pets. 

00:12:04 Speaker 1 

Or I mean just so many random things and all these different shows Hot in Cleveland. 

00:12:07 Speaker 1 

I mean, there's so many things that this woman did. 

00:12:10 Speaker 1 

She's been a part of everybody's lives her whole life. You know she's. 

00:12:15 Speaker 1 

I think because she was on TV pretty much. 

00:12:17 Speaker 1 

Her whole life. 

00:12:19 Speaker 1 

And and that means like she was in everybody household, it just made her more approachable. 

00:12:23 Speaker 1 

And just is why everybody? 

00:12:24 Speaker 1 

Loves her so much. 

00:12:25 Speaker 2 

No, I feel you. 

00:12:25 Speaker 1 

That's my my take on it, but yeah, I just. 

00:12:28 Speaker 2 

So she had her own shows or just had segments on. 

00:12:30 Speaker 1 

Several, she had her own shows. 

00:12:33 Speaker 1 

She yeah she was on a variety show then she actually had her own shows as well. 

00:12:37 Speaker 1 

And I mean so many things I can't even begin. 

00:12:37 Speaker 2 


00:12:40 Speaker 1 

I mean, if you actually like look it up, you'll be surprised as to how much that she's actually done. 

00:12:45 Speaker 1 

And she's written books. 

00:12:46 Speaker 1 

I mean, this woman has done everything. 

00:12:47 Speaker 1 

She has. 

00:12:48 Speaker 1 

She actually had a YouTube channel where she had little shorts YouTube shorts. 

00:12:52 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I think I've seen a few of those. 

00:12:55 Speaker 1 

Yes, and they are coming out on her birthday. There's a movie coming out called 100 years Young. It was scheduled to play in theaters on her birthday and it still will be, but if you don't see it in the theaters you just wait and stream it on some service eventually, which is what I. 

00:12:55 Speaker 2 

That's all we forgot about those. 


They're missing. 

00:13:10 Speaker 1 

Will be doing if that's coming up. 

00:13:11 Speaker 2 

I mean, isn't. 

00:13:13 Speaker 2 

I mean, isn't that kind of a smack in the face to her though? 

00:13:16 Speaker 1 

What part? 

00:13:17 Speaker 2 

100 years young. 

00:13:19 Speaker 1 

I mean. 

00:13:20 Speaker 1 

She was excited about it. 

00:13:22 Speaker 1 

She actually promoted it, you know? 

00:13:24 Speaker 1 

But yeah, I hear you. 

00:13:26 Speaker 2 

Should say change it to 99 years young. 

00:13:29 Speaker 1 

99 problems. 

00:13:29 Speaker 2 

OK, let me stop, let me stop being. 

00:13:32 Speaker 1 

Yeah, close enough dude like she is literally like a couple weeks away from making it to 100. 

00:13:38 Speaker 1 

That woman was a beast. 

00:13:40 Speaker 2 

It'll give her a couple weeks. 

00:13:41 Speaker 2 

I mean, you know, let's just say that she just didn't eat a couple hot dogs and so she gained those years back or minutes so we can do that. 

00:13:50 Speaker 2 

And and said. 

00:13:50 Speaker 1 

Those hot dogs that she. 

00:13:51 Speaker 1 

Aide actually took those few weeks off. 

00:13:54 Speaker 1 

That's what happened. 

00:13:55 Speaker 1 

That's why she died before she reached 100. 'cause those. 

00:13:58 Speaker 1 

Damn hot dogs. 

00:13:58 Speaker 2 

Oh my God. 

00:14:00 Speaker 2 

Oh, if we talk about Betty White one more time. 

00:14:05 Speaker 2 

I don't know I'm. 

00:14:05 Speaker 1 

Strap yourself in, buddy. 

00:14:06 Speaker 2 

Gonna do yes. 

00:14:09 Speaker 2 

But wait, there's more. 


That's small. 

00:14:16 Speaker 2 

All right, so here goes mine. 

00:14:17 Speaker 2 

Mine is not as good as Betty White. 

00:14:18 Speaker 2 

All right, you know, I love Betty White to have a golden golden girls shot set shot, glass shot glass set has each frame on there so I may just take that out the box and. 

00:14:24 Speaker 3 

Tompsett glasses OK. 

00:14:29 Speaker 2 

Just do a shot for her, why not? 

00:14:31 Speaker 1 

You know what you would like? 

00:14:32 Speaker 1 

They actually have hot sauce, golden girls, hot sauce. 

00:14:35 Speaker 1 

They have a hot sauce. 

00:14:36 Speaker 1 

Specifically made for each carrot. 

00:14:39 Speaker 1 

No joke, you should find that. 

00:14:42 Speaker 2 

I'll take Blanche 'cause I know that's spicy. 

00:14:44 Speaker 1 

Uh, blanche and. 

00:14:46 Speaker 1 

Dorothy, they were the spicy ones, so those two sauces are actually the more spicy ones. 

00:14:50 Speaker 1 

But uh, rose and. 

00:14:53 Speaker 1 

Let's face it, my mom. 

00:14:58 Speaker 2 

Dorothy was my girl. 

00:14:59 Speaker 2 

She was the most savage. 

00:15:01 Speaker 3 

She was 17, right? 

00:15:01 Speaker 2 

Man, she was savage as hell man. 

00:15:03 Speaker 2 

She just beat Joan in like hell man this man oh man. 

00:15:06 Speaker 1 

I know. 

00:15:07 Speaker 2 

You gotta go on YouTube and watch her just getting on all of them and she has all these clapbacks it's ridiculous. 

00:15:12 Speaker 1 

Yes, she does my goodness Sophia. 

00:15:16 Speaker 1 

Geez, Louise God how? 

00:15:17 Speaker 1 

Could we forget right now? 

00:15:18 Speaker 2 

I know. 

00:15:24 Speaker 1 

So what are you watching? 

00:15:25 Speaker 2 

Alright, so my recent thing man. 

00:15:29 Speaker 2 

Yesterday I wasted probably about an hour and a half of my life. 

00:15:33 Speaker 2 

I'm trying to learn about this metaverse. 

00:15:35 Speaker 1 


00:15:36 Speaker 2 

Even though I I know what it is like, you know, I just want to find out a little. 

00:15:41 Speaker 1 

So what is the metaverse? 

00:15:43 Speaker 2 

The metaverse is actually not one thing technically. 

00:15:47 Speaker 2 

There's actually multiple metaverse is. 

00:15:50 Speaker 2 

And so that educates a lot of people already because people were thinking like OK, Meta Facebook, change their name to meta because they're capitalizing on metaverse they did not create metaverse, so it's kind of. 

00:15:59 Speaker 3 


00:16:02 Speaker 1 


00:16:04 Speaker 2 

It's not really a play on words, it's just the fact. 

00:16:06 Speaker 2 

So you think about Metaverse. 

00:16:08 Speaker 2 

Metaverse have been around for a long time, think. 

00:16:10 Speaker 2 

About these memos that are already out there, second, life was one of them. 

00:16:16 Speaker 2 

Fortnite is another one. 

00:16:17 Speaker 2 

Those are basically metaverse. 

00:16:19 Speaker 2 

There are places where characters can go inside and run around and do whatever they want. 

00:16:23 Speaker 2 

Roblox is another one, crazy kids on their millions of kids around there. 

00:16:28 Speaker 2 

What's the other? 

00:16:28 Speaker 1 

Is this like Sims? 

00:16:30 Speaker 2 

In a way it is. 

00:16:32 Speaker 1 


00:16:33 Speaker 2 

So that's what the Metaverse really is. 

00:16:34 Speaker 2 

There's actually multiple metaverse is so now people are doing this whole thing with. 

00:16:41 Speaker 2 

Capitalizing on it with having their own space and buying land in a metaverse and they're monopolizing it and trying to use that for another platform to sell and have NFC. 

00:16:56 Speaker 2 

If you don't know what that is, that's fine. 

00:16:57 Speaker 2 

What's about that? 

00:16:58 Speaker 2 

Some other time? 

00:16:59 Speaker 2 

The NFC in your own metaverse space and you can actually buy land. 

00:17:04 Speaker 2 

These people are buying land. 

00:17:05 Speaker 2 

Snoop Dogg paid X amount of millions of dollars for a spot in the men of in a metaverse, not the meta that Facebook is doing. 

00:17:16 Speaker 2 

This one called Decentraland. 

00:17:20 Speaker 2 

So Decentraland is actually one of the most popular, and it's the one of the most expensive to get into and buy property. 

00:17:20 Speaker 3 


00:17:28 Speaker 2 

So that is a metaverse in itself. 

00:17:31 Speaker 2 

So actually Facebook is behind with their version of a metaverse what they're going to do is capitalize on the virtual reality piece. 

00:17:41 Speaker 2 

Of it where you go inside, you put the little goggles on and then you can walk around into the into this little universe. 

00:17:47 Speaker 2 

And do what you have to do. 

00:17:49 Speaker 2 

Long story short, this guy on YouTube. 

00:17:53 Speaker 2 

Recently he tried to get a job and he did get a job on the metaverse and it wasn't on Decentraland. 

00:18:02 Speaker 2 

It was on another metaverse that they have. 

00:18:05 Speaker 2 

It's just an online casino so you go inside. 

00:18:08 Speaker 2 

You walk inside this carrot. 

00:18:09 Speaker 2 

You walk inside as a character. 

00:18:09 Speaker 1 

You mean he's? 

00:18:10 Speaker 1 

He now employed inside one of the Metaverse series. 

00:18:12 Speaker 2 

Yeah, and he was talking to another employee that he was there, but they're talking virtually. 

00:18:18 Speaker 2 

They're talking with like you and I are talking. 

00:18:21 Speaker 2 

I know it's like some mindblower right? 

00:18:22 Speaker 2 

So I'm trying to understand the metaverse. 

00:18:24 Speaker 2 

I'm not gonna get, you know. 

00:18:25 Speaker 1 

Yeah, and I imagine that the no. 

00:18:25 Speaker 2 

We don't have enough time for all this, but. 

00:18:27 Speaker 1 

I imagine that then there could be innumerable metaverse is created. 

00:18:33 Speaker 2 

Exactly, so think about our universe, right? 

00:18:35 Speaker 2 

There's multiple universes, right? 

00:18:37 Speaker 2 

So we are one solar system inside the Milky Way, which is a ton of solar systems, but that's just that's considered our universe. 



00:18:44 Speaker 1 


00:18:48 Speaker 1 

Right wow. 

00:18:48 Speaker 2 

And then it. 

00:18:49 Speaker 2 

Goes down more rabbit hole so I would. 

00:18:51 Speaker 2 

Just like Oh my I'm I'm an hour in and I'm like OK this is this. 

00:18:55 Speaker 2 

Is a lot are you? 


This is a lot. 

00:18:59 Speaker 1 

Were you watching something specific? 

00:19:00 Speaker 1 

Or are you just researching? 

00:19:02 Speaker 2 

It all I was already looking into it to find out what this metaverse is. 

00:19:07 Speaker 2 

Even though I kind of knew, but then I watched somebody else and they put it in layman's terms, I think. 

00:19:08 Speaker 1 


00:19:12 Speaker 2 

Yeah, this Med has been around for a long time. 

00:19:14 Speaker 2 

Second life is over 10 years old. 

00:19:17 Speaker 2 

The the World of Warcraft. 

00:19:19 Speaker 2 

That's a metaverse in itself. 

00:19:21 Speaker 1 

Right, I guess I just don't. 

00:19:22 Speaker 2 

Yeah, these people that just stay online. 

00:19:23 Speaker 1 

Understand what the point is. 

00:19:24 Speaker 1 

As though other than like if it was just considered to be a game, but what is the point? 

00:19:29 Speaker 2 

It's not a game, it's not a game. 

00:19:32 Speaker 2 

It is a space. 

00:19:33 Speaker 1 

Probable for what is the point? 

00:19:35 Speaker 2 

It can be whatever you want. 

00:19:37 Speaker 2 

Let's say you could have a meeting space. 

00:19:40 Speaker 2 

We could all hang out like you and I have never done a podcast face to face right or face to face like in the same room we're looking at each other now. 



00:19:49 Speaker 2 

But what about if we were to go in a virtual space? 

00:19:53 Speaker 2 

That we bought. 

00:19:55 Speaker 2 

It's our own space. 

00:19:56 Speaker 2 

We can create anything around there and we can have our podcast. 

00:19:58 Speaker 2 

People can actually come in and sit down virtually and you and I can be talking and we'll have our avatar. 

00:20:04 Speaker 1 

Sit down with us virtually airquotes, meaning I'm I've got VR glasses on. 

00:20:09 Speaker 1 

Is that what you're saying? 

00:20:10 Speaker 2 

You can do it that way. 

00:20:11 Speaker 2 

You can. 

00:20:11 Speaker 1 

Or would it just just like this? 

00:20:12 Speaker 2 

You could be on a computer you could be on a computer. 

00:20:15 Speaker 2 

You would have an avatar or. 

00:20:17 Speaker 1 

I have so many questions. 

00:20:18 Speaker 2 

I know it's a lot it. 


It's a. 

00:20:20 Speaker 2 

It is a lot. 

00:20:20 Speaker 2 

Not, and that goes from there. 

00:20:23 Speaker 2 

You could have an art gallery. 

00:20:25 Speaker 2 

You can have a. 

00:20:25 Speaker 2 

You could have your own space and you can have a friend that has an art gallery. 

00:20:30 Speaker 2 

Things are for sale. 

00:20:31 Speaker 2 

If you're in this virtual world, random people can clog and say oh what's this and say, oh I want to buy this and then you can use. 

00:20:37 Speaker 2 

Cryptocurrency to buy. 

00:20:39 Speaker 2 

Either an NFT or a service. 

00:20:41 Speaker 2 

Or anything like that. 

00:20:42 Speaker 2 

So anyway, that's my rabbit hole. 

00:20:43 Speaker 1 

People buying real estate for what? 

00:20:49 Speaker 2 

It's almost the same thing like people were saying. What the Hell's up with this cryptocurrency, right? This is the newest thing now, and it has a lot of traction. 

00:20:57 Speaker 2 

There's this other place called up world or up something. 

00:21:01 Speaker 2 

It's another metaverse that's out there that you can actually buy digital land that is. 

00:21:09 Speaker 2 

Physically here, so for example, if I wanted to buy my house the the prop. 

00:21:13 Speaker 2 

City that my house is on right now. 

00:21:16 Speaker 2 

I can go to this metaverse and actually purchase the property digitally. 

00:21:21 Speaker 2 

So imagine that. 

00:21:22 Speaker 2 

So think about this right? 

00:21:24 Speaker 2 

Think about this. 

00:21:25 Speaker 2 

If you were to buy a let's say you were to buy a digital property, right? 

00:21:34 Speaker 2 

And it's just a blank piece of land. 

00:21:37 Speaker 2 

And then if this metaverse stuff really blew up and then they raise that land to put a development or a Walmart on or something like that, you own that digital piece of property. 

00:21:47 Speaker 2 

So that means Walmart or or whoever else that actually would want that would actually have to buy your piece of digital property that is there because they want that because. 

00:21:57 Speaker 2 

And matches in the physical world where their property is. 

00:22:00 Speaker 2 

That's one way to look at it. 

00:22:02 Speaker 2 

You can say just like that, say hey look, you can come here. 

00:22:05 Speaker 2 

This is our property. 

00:22:06 Speaker 2 

You can come here in real life or you come here in the metaverse too. 

00:22:10 Speaker 2 

So there's so many layers. 

00:22:12 Speaker 2 

So many rabbit holes, you know. 

00:22:13 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I'm I'm wow. 

00:22:15 Speaker 1 

OK, I do have a lot of questions I feel. 

00:22:18 Speaker 1 

Like we need to talk more about this. 

00:22:19 Speaker 2 

Yeah, yeah, so anyway, that's that's my thing. 

00:22:22 Speaker 2 

That's my story, and it's sticking to it. 

00:22:24 Speaker 2 

Very interesting yeah. So anyway. 

00:22:25 Speaker 1 

I can see. 

00:22:27 Speaker 1 

How you would get sucked into a? 


Let's do the time warp again. 

00:22:31 Speaker 1 

You know, like what day is it? 

00:22:33 Speaker 1 

Where am I? 

00:22:34 Speaker 2 

I know and I gave you this a really brief, uh run by so listeners out there. 

00:22:40 Speaker 2 

If you know a lot about the metaverse, you don't know anything. 

00:22:42 Speaker 2 

I hope you guys learn something because I learned a lot. 

00:22:44 Speaker 2 

In an hour and it is a true thing. 

00:22:47 Speaker 2 

It is out there. 

00:22:48 Speaker 2 

You can absolutely make money two day if you wanted to. 

00:22:52 Speaker 2 

You can buy digital property two day. 

00:22:55 Speaker 2 

If you want to and you can do whatever you want and you can build on it and you can do, you could have your own casino if. 

00:22:56 Speaker 3 

That's crazy. 

00:23:01 Speaker 2 

You want to. 

00:23:02 Speaker 2 

You can do whatever. 

00:23:02 Speaker 1 

And somehow it translates into the real world. 


That's so weird. 

00:23:06 Speaker 2 

Yeah yeah it's crazy alright, so that's my pick. 

00:23:13 Speaker 2 

I know you. 

00:23:14 Speaker 2 

Have a confused look on your face. 

00:23:14 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I'm I. 

00:23:15 Speaker 1 

I do have a very I'm just like. 

00:23:17 Speaker 3 

I mean, it's. 

00:23:17 Speaker 3 

I got a lot of. 


Questions I do. 

00:23:20 Speaker 1 

I have a ton of questions. 

00:23:21 Speaker 2 

I mean look the the possibilities. 

00:23:24 Speaker 2 

If this words you pick out the possibilities really are endless, they are endless. 

00:23:29 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I can see that I just OK yeah, I we have to stop talking about it or else I will just keep talking about it. 

00:23:36 Speaker 2 

Yeah it's crazy. 

00:23:38 Speaker 2 

Imagine so. 

00:23:39 Speaker 2 

I'm putting on VR things just to go to our. 

00:23:42 Speaker 2 

Our live show and I'd have an avatar. 

00:23:43 Speaker 1 

I mean that would be awesome. 

00:23:45 Speaker 2 

You'd have an avatar and we'd be seen there. 

00:23:46 Speaker 2 

We'd have our own our own room with the virtual space that people can come in. 

00:23:52 Speaker 2 

You can only get there in the metaverse and say hey look we have a live recording. 

00:23:56 Speaker 2 

It's got it's in this area. 

00:23:57 Speaker 3 

Dude, that's. 

00:23:58 Speaker 1 

That's how people are going to be doing concerts and stuff too, I bet. 

00:24:01 Speaker 2 

Travis Scott already did a thing on Fortnite. 

00:24:04 Speaker 2 

Snoop Dogg is already doing something. 

00:24:06 Speaker 2 

A concert that's in the metaverse, and you can't. 

00:24:09 Speaker 2 

You have to be in the metaverse to get it. 

00:24:10 Speaker 2 

People are. 

00:24:11 Speaker 2 

Going bananas with this stuff. 

00:24:12 Speaker 1 

I know that makes sense. 

00:24:13 Speaker 1 

I mean, it makes sense that this would be blowing up now with the way that things. 

00:24:17 Speaker 1 

Have been over the past two years. 

00:24:18 Speaker 2 

Oh hunters 100%. 

00:24:20 Speaker 2 

I mean look, I'm already ready to leave this planner all these damn fools out here. 

00:24:24 Speaker 2 

I wrote this be the Metaverse and not come back **** 


Wait, you just. 

00:24:27 Speaker 1 

Like live on a bench in this like reality but in the metaverse, you're like. 

00:24:33 Speaker 2 

I'm going to buy my bench. 

00:24:34 Speaker 2 

I'm just going to sit there and just people watch. 

00:24:39 Speaker 2 

That's all I'm gonna do. 

00:24:40 Speaker 2 

I'm going to people. 

00:24:41 Speaker 2 

Watch in the metaverse. 

00:24:42 Speaker 2 

That's what I'm going to do. 

00:24:43 Speaker 1 

That's crazy. 

00:24:44 Speaker 2 

Yeah, that's bananas. 

00:24:45 Speaker 1 

I love that. 

00:24:47 Speaker 2 

I'm gonna buy my bench. 

00:24:50 Speaker 1 

I want to come sit with you on your. 

00:24:52 Speaker 1 

Bench and members. 

00:24:53 Speaker 2 

Right exactly 

00:24:54 Speaker 1 

Some of my favorite things to do is. 

00:24:55 Speaker 1 

People watch. 

00:24:57 Speaker 2 

Oh man, alright. 

00:24:59 Speaker 2 

So enough about the metaverse. 

00:25:00 Speaker 2 

What's our next pick, baby? 

00:25:02 Speaker 1 

We are moving on to a segment that needs a lot of attention here because we've been getting a lot of emails, so typically we'd be doing this in a regular episode. 

00:25:14 Speaker 1 

But because there's been so many we are. 

00:25:16 Speaker 1 

Inserting a segment of conflation. 

00:25:19 Speaker 2 

Confession cornaro 

00:25:27 Speaker 2 

Confession corner contains real life confessions from real people. 

00:25:29 Speaker 2 

These are not eight actors. 

00:25:30 Speaker 2 

All confessions are read. 

00:25:31 Speaker 2 

Word for word the best we can. 

00:25:32 Speaker 2 

Opinions from the hosts of her Candy podcast regarding the confessions are straight up and we don't give a damn about your feelings. 

00:25:36 Speaker 2 

If you don't like what we think side effects from professional may include happiness, irritability, but Hartness laughter. 

00:25:41 Speaker 2 

Stomach cramps, cause sadness, confusion, and occasional bubble guts. 

00:25:44 Speaker 2 

Consult your psychiatrist to see if infection. 

00:25:46 Speaker 2 

Water is good for you. 

00:25:46 Speaker 2 

Confession Corner is a subsidiary of Erkenning podcast Lecture Boy. 

00:25:52 Speaker 2 

Confession corners have been blowing up. 

00:25:55 Speaker 2 

Y'all are not disappointing and thank you guys for real. 

00:25:58 Speaker 2 

It took a while for it to catch on, but I think that the more we talked about it and the more that we're sharing some of these things. 

00:26:03 Speaker 2 

I think people are feeling more comfortable. 

00:26:05 Speaker 2 

We're not trying to dox anybody. 

00:26:07 Speaker 2 

We're not doing any of that kind of stuff, and with a an amenity. 

00:26:11 Speaker 2 

Did I say that right? 

00:26:13 Speaker 2 

Close, yeah. 

00:26:14 Speaker 1 

Enough anonymity, anonymity? 

00:26:20 Speaker 1 

Cuna matata 

00:26:21 Speaker 2 

Right, I think that makes people feel really comfortable. So we have a couple. We have 3/4 we can do for you if you have a confession you want to get off your chest, you can email us at 

00:26:37 Speaker 2 

And then if this blows up and gets too too crazy, then we'll just. 

00:26:41 Speaker 2 

We'll just pick the humdingers and or pick a nice Little Mix. 

00:26:44 Speaker 1 

Now we'll just have a whole episode of Just Confessions. 

00:26:47 Speaker 1 

I think that's. 

00:26:47 Speaker 1 

What's going to have to happen? 

00:26:47 Speaker 2 

We can do that too, but we started getting hundreds of these things and we just can't keep up with them all. 

00:26:51 Speaker 2 

So maybe we'll turn it into something else, but so far we have a whole bunch, so we are proud of you guys and we're going to keep to our promise reading every single one we're gonna sneak him in here and there. 

00:27:02 Speaker 2 

Have a full length one. 

00:27:04 Speaker 2 

Or do something like this with candy talk. 

00:27:06 Speaker 1 

Yes, yes, but yes. 

00:27:08 Speaker 1 

Please keep sending them in. 

00:27:09 Speaker 1 

We love these and we want to hear. 

00:27:11 Speaker 1 

Everything you have to say. 

00:27:13 Speaker 1 

Like I always say we want. 

00:27:15 Speaker 1 

To connect with you. 

00:27:16 Speaker 1 

And we are through this, so please. 

00:27:18 Speaker 1 

Send them in and on. 

00:27:19 Speaker 2 

All right? 

00:27:20 Speaker 1 

That note Seth, I'd like you to read the first one please. 

00:27:22 Speaker 2 

All right, this one is titled so sorry. 


So sunny 

00:27:30 Speaker 2 

Let me blow this one out 'cause I'm blind as hell. 

00:27:32 Speaker 2 

Let me bear with me so I can read this. 

00:27:35 Speaker 2 

OK, this one's labeled so sorry there we go. 

00:27:39 Speaker 2 

I was in 3rd grade. 

00:27:40 Speaker 2 

I think I wasn't feeling well, so the nurse called home while I was getting ready to leave putting on my winter gear. 

00:27:47 Speaker 2 

It hit me. 

00:27:49 Speaker 2 

I was going to puke and dust. 

00:27:52 Speaker 2 

Yeah, this sounds awful already and just as the feeling hit me, I vomited. 

00:27:58 Speaker 2 

It must have been shortly after eating because it wasn't bile, it was actual vomit. 

00:28:03 Speaker 2 

I threw up all over my classmates winter gear, snow pants and jacket. 

00:28:09 Speaker 2 

Probably got. 

00:28:10 Speaker 2 

On a more than one classmate scared, I panicked and I was so confused 'cause it had happened so fast. 

00:28:18 Speaker 2 

So I just walked away, walked out of school. 

00:28:22 Speaker 2 

I think I looked around and seen someone but wasn't sure. 

00:28:25 Speaker 2 

I think about it from time to time. 

00:28:27 Speaker 2 

How discussing it must have been for them to come out for recess or the end the day to find their snow gear covered in puke. 

00:28:35 Speaker 2 

I'm so sorry so very. 

00:28:36 Speaker 2 

Sorry, OK, that's pretty terrible. 

00:28:38 Speaker 3 

Oh, it's terrible. 

00:28:41 Speaker 1 

I feel bad for this person as a kid though too. 

00:28:44 Speaker 1 

'cause you can't help it when that happens. 

00:28:46 Speaker 2 

I mean, in 3rd grade you're still kind of. 

00:28:48 Speaker 2 

Pooping your pants by accident too. 


Are you were you? 

00:28:51 Speaker 1 

Sad my goodness. 

00:28:51 Speaker 2 

I didn't poop my pants by accident. 

00:28:54 Speaker 2 

It's all on purpose. 

00:28:58 Speaker 1 

No, but they're right. 

00:28:58 Speaker 1 

Like you can imagine as a different kid going to your stuff 'cause you remember back in the day when it was winter and you'd have all like the snow pants, the snow shoes, and. 

00:29:07 Speaker 1 

Everything like kind of lined up. 

00:29:08 Speaker 1 

By the cubbies or whatever. 

00:29:09 Speaker 2 

Yep Yep Yep. 

00:29:11 Speaker 1 

And like said. 

00:29:11 Speaker 2 

And then you put your arm in, yeah? 

00:29:12 Speaker 1 

Or she he or she say. 

00:29:14 Speaker 1 

Go no or put your foot in. 

00:29:15 Speaker 1 

It's like squish you imagine. 


Oh God. 


Oh no. 

00:29:18 Speaker 2 

Oh, and then you're in 3rd grade too. 

00:29:21 Speaker 2 

You'll probably cry and get all like for Clint and be like. 


Yeah, yeah. 

00:29:25 Speaker 3 

Ah, there's puke in my. 

00:29:28 Speaker 2 

Shoe or this jacket or whatever it is? 

00:29:31 Speaker 2 

That's disgusting. 

00:29:32 Speaker 2 

Now look OK. 

00:29:34 Speaker 2 

Thank you for your submission. 

00:29:36 Speaker 2 

And you get a pass if this happened. 

00:29:38 Speaker 2 

If you were in high school, I would think that you probably picked your boogers too or did something else nasty. 

00:29:43 Speaker 2 

You're just a nasty person. 

00:29:45 Speaker 2 

But you're in 3rd grade, so you get a pass, unlike Booger. 

00:29:48 Speaker 2 

Boy that wrote in a few months ago. 


Range it still, yeah, confound. 

00:29:51 Speaker 2 

Felder confession that we have, but you know we're not passing judgment. 

00:29:54 Speaker 2 

Where does giving our advice on it? 

00:29:55 Speaker 1 

Sounds like there. 

00:29:56 Speaker 2 

Yeah, we're kind of passing judgment, but you know this is our. 

00:29:59 Speaker 2 

This is our take. 

00:30:00 Speaker 2 

And thank you. 

00:30:01 Speaker 2 

For your submission, so we just say what we want. 

00:30:06 Speaker 2 

Alright, so next one you wanna do this next one? 

00:30:08 Speaker 1 

Yes, I will read the next one. 

00:30:10 Speaker 1 

This next one is entitled, I lied. 

00:30:13 Speaker 2 


00:30:14 Speaker 1 

OK, and this one says. 

00:30:18 Speaker 1 

When I was 19 ish, my mom gave me her business credit card to purchase a list of office supplies. I also stopped at a head shop and bought a $200 bong. 

00:30:30 Speaker 1 

'cause that's where my priorities were when she got the bill. 

00:30:33 Speaker 1 

I lied and said I bought concert tickets 'cause the name of the shop was monsters of rock. 

00:30:41 Speaker 1 

She made me pay her back. 

00:30:43 Speaker 1 

And I never even let her take a single rip off that bong. 


That's it. 

00:30:50 Speaker 2 

And that's it. 


That's it. 

00:30:52 Speaker 2 

So wait a minute so. 

00:30:53 Speaker 1 

That's funny. 

00:30:54 Speaker 1 

I never let her. 

00:30:57 Speaker 1 

Take a rip off that boy, not one single. 

00:30:59 Speaker 2 

RIP, I know. 

00:31:00 Speaker 2 

First you're stealing and then you're getting greedy. 

00:31:04 Speaker 1 

Well, what's wrong? 

00:31:05 Speaker 2 

With you. 

00:31:05 Speaker 1 

This person paid paid it back. 

00:31:07 Speaker 1 

It says that she made me pay her back. 

00:31:09 Speaker 2 

OK, OK. 

00:31:11 Speaker 2 

All right, so that's fair. 

00:31:12 Speaker 1 

But this person never confessed that they bought a bong, which I mean, why would you? 

00:31:17 Speaker 2 

I mean, I wouldn't do that, but their mom takes bong rips. 

00:31:21 Speaker 2 

So I think they were desalted because they got caught and had to pay back their balls like oh fine you ain't. 

00:31:26 Speaker 2 

Smoking none of this you mean smoking out this thing. 



00:31:29 Speaker 2 

You ain't taking no rippers with me. 

00:31:33 Speaker 1 

I wonder if. 

00:31:33 Speaker 1 

This person was still living at home, it says. 

00:31:35 Speaker 1 

19 ish that'd be. 

00:31:37 Speaker 1 

Yeah, he little little old to live at home. 

00:31:37 Speaker 2 

We'd be living at home. 

00:31:40 Speaker 2 

I moved out when I was, I mean, look, you've been on the street since you were. 

00:31:44 Speaker 2 

12 I mean so you really can't compare, he can't. 

00:31:46 Speaker 1 

Pretty much I know after it. 

00:31:47 Speaker 2 

Compare to you. 

00:31:48 Speaker 1 

Came out of my adrick came in my mouth I. 

00:31:50 Speaker 1 

Was like I'm special kids. 

00:31:50 Speaker 2 

Well, yeah, I know you're a special case. 

00:31:53 Speaker 2 

I mean, school of Hard Knocks over. 

00:31:55 Speaker 2 

Here ******* 

00:31:59 Speaker 1 

Now my oldest I was eight years old. 

00:32:01 Speaker 2 

Right, goodness gracious, raised by wolves and **** Yeah man look you're in high school when you're 18 and 19. 

00:32:07 Speaker 2 

You're in college and and if you don't go away, then you'll be at the house, at least to your 19. 

00:32:13 Speaker 2 


00:32:14 Speaker 1 

Yeah, and nowadays people are staying home even way longer than that. 

00:32:18 Speaker 1 

Now and I was reading some stuff about that. 

00:32:19 Speaker 2 

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, 100% and this is an expensive bong. I don't know how long ago this was probably a long time ago. Yeah, $200 is pretty expensive. 

00:32:24 Speaker 1 


00:32:28 Speaker 1 

It must have been a nice nice one. 

00:32:31 Speaker 1 

Definitely glad. 

00:32:32 Speaker 2 

I would absolutely because those plastic Joneses for if you don't, if you're 19 years old living with you know people do this kind of stuff. 

00:32:41 Speaker 2 

You still, you know it's my confession time I got a confession. 

00:32:45 Speaker 2 

My mom probably already knew this. 

00:32:47 Speaker 2 

She has this had this Piggy Bank. 

00:32:50 Speaker 2 

It looked like a a pig. 

00:32:51 Speaker 2 

She liked the little pigs and it's a bank and she always put quarters in there. 

00:32:54 Speaker 2 

I win that thing every time I need some extra change I did. 

00:32:57 Speaker 2 

She knew she had to know. 

00:32:59 Speaker 2 

Because his little Piggy Bank is so big. 

00:33:00 Speaker 1 

I you know, I think. 

00:33:01 Speaker 1 

That a lot of people have done that. 

00:33:03 Speaker 1 

I remember being a kid and getting changed for like random **** 

00:33:08 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I'm taking $200. 

00:33:09 Speaker 1 

Not like Steve and all this time, no. 

00:33:10 Speaker 2 

And yeah, in quarters. 

00:33:12 Speaker 1 

It's like here's a dollar. 

00:33:13 Speaker 1 

OK, I'll take a dollar. 

00:33:14 Speaker 2 

Yeah OK, I need four quarters. 

00:33:15 Speaker 2 

OK, I need some bubble Yum here. 

00:33:17 Speaker 2 

I and I'm sneaking in here and get it. 

00:33:19 Speaker 2 

I could ask my mom, she'll probably give me $5, but now I go around the stealing inside of a Piggy Bank. 

00:33:23 Speaker 1 

It's a. 

00:33:25 Speaker 2 

Like I'm getting away with something like this. 

00:33:27 Speaker 2 

It's like catch. 

00:33:28 Speaker 2 

Me if you can. 

00:33:30 Speaker 1 

Here comes Tom Hanks. 

00:33:31 Speaker 2 

Right over here trying. 

00:33:32 Speaker 1 

Sound happy? 

00:33:32 Speaker 2 

To Mission Impossible, sneak it in, wait until she goes, take the a dump and go in there and grabbing my chains out of Piggy Bank. 

00:33:38 Speaker 2 

And hiding under the bed, right? 

00:33:38 Speaker 1 

Lasers are all around the. 


Taking pain. 

00:33:41 Speaker 1 

Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun. 

00:33:44 Speaker 2 

Right, so let's just say OK, mom, rest in peace. 

00:33:48 Speaker 2 

I love you, but if you didn't know, I took out the Piggy Bank. 

00:33:51 Speaker 2 

Don't hate me, I still had the Piggy Bank too. 

00:33:54 Speaker 2 

It's actually on my on my dresser. 

00:33:55 Speaker 3 

Oh, love that. 

00:33:55 Speaker 2 

I couldn't get rid of it. 

00:33:56 Speaker 2 

The piggy makes it there so I've paid it back in dividends. 

00:33:59 Speaker 2 

Alright alright confession over I have my confession. 

00:33:59 Speaker 1 

Yes, there you go. Hi. 

00:34:03 Speaker 2 

Nice all right, so next one. 

00:34:06 Speaker 2 

This one is titled Happy New Year. 

00:34:10 Speaker 2 

I'm here because I feel like I can't say this to my girl. I hate 69. It's overrated. 

00:34:19 Speaker 2 

I have comments on this already. 

00:34:20 Speaker 2 

But let's just keep. 

00:34:21 Speaker 2 

Going here. 

00:34:24 Speaker 2 

At her request, I attempted doing 69 again. You attempt OK, I'm gonna read this whole thing first. 'cause I'm mad already. This is gonna turn 12. This is rally my rails already. 

00:34:32 Speaker 3 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:34:37 Speaker 2 

This is like rally my rails. 

00:34:39 Speaker 1 

Read it first and then comment. 

00:34:40 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I know I'm. 

00:34:41 Speaker 2 

All right, let me go here. We start this second paragraph over all right. At her request, I attempted doing 69 again, just as the ball dropped. 

00:34:50 Speaker 2 

Honestly, I'm tired of this position being quote UN quote, mainstream to do. It is completely overrated and it is the worst head experience. 

00:34:59 Speaker 2 

For both people at the same time period, fight me. 

00:35:04 Speaker 2 

Every time I have tried it, it is horrible. 

00:35:06 Speaker 2 

I hate it and I'll tell you why, please do. 

00:35:10 Speaker 2 

For starters, I am focused on what I'm doing to her, so I'm honestly not getting much out of what she's doing. 

00:35:16 Speaker 2 

To me she is sitting on my face but backwards, so my nose is being pressed firmly against her ******* once again. 

00:35:23 Speaker 2 

She is backwards. 

00:35:24 Speaker 2 

So hurkle, it is near my ******* chin. 

00:35:27 Speaker 2 

We get it dude OK. 


To get to. 

00:35:31 Speaker 2 

It I have to leave my head of forwards pushing my nose even further into her ******* 

00:35:38 Speaker 2 

I don't mind eating mask, but if I do, I breathe through my mouth and I don't care how well you wife with my nose attempting to make entry. 

00:35:48 Speaker 2 

It's ******* smells. 

00:35:50 Speaker 3 


00:35:50 Speaker 2 

Hard, seriously, does anyone actually enjoy this? 

00:35:55 Speaker 2 

I feel like **** made it seem cool now everyone just keeps. 

00:35:57 Speaker 2 

Doing it because it's become a mainstream sex thing to do. 

00:36:01 Speaker 2 

I would rather just go down her first and then have my turn to vanilla. 

00:36:06 Speaker 2 

I'm done. 

00:36:06 Speaker 2 

Happy New year. 

00:36:09 Speaker 1 

Thank you for that share. 

00:36:10 Speaker 2 

Yeah, thank you listener. 

00:36:12 Speaker 2 

I really appreciate this because you wrote this with conviction. 

00:36:16 Speaker 1 

Yeah, gusto and conviction. 

00:36:17 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I mean he looks just right up in there, you know? 

00:36:21 Speaker 2 

So we. 

00:36:21 Speaker 2 

Gotta look. 

00:36:22 Speaker 1 

Into yeah. 

00:36:23 Speaker 2 

Right, he is. 

00:36:24 Speaker 2 

He really does not like this. 

00:36:27 Speaker 2 

All right, I don't know where to start with this one. 

00:36:31 Speaker 1 

You had you had? 

00:36:33 Speaker 1 

Very strong feelings like right into. 

00:36:35 Speaker 1 

It so. 

00:36:36 Speaker 2 

I came out the gate. 

00:36:37 Speaker 2 

I was like wait a minute what is? 

00:36:38 Speaker 2 

Going on here, I got I. 

00:36:40 Speaker 2 

Got something to say? Yeah, OK, so first this sounds like this person has problems doing this in the 1st place 'cause he said at her request. I attempted doing 69 again. 

00:36:52 Speaker 2 

So if you're attempting 69 like it's some kind of crazy like sex act, you gotta step your game up bro. 

00:36:58 Speaker 1 

I I have to say, I think that that word is being used there because this person hates it so much. 

00:37:05 Speaker 2 

Right, because this girl's like OK? Can you do it? Can you? 

00:37:06 Speaker 1 

I'm trying to do it again. 

00:37:09 Speaker 1 

And this. 

00:37:09 Speaker 2 

Let's do 69 honey he's. 

00:37:11 Speaker 2 

Like alright man. 

00:37:12 Speaker 1 

Right, he really does not want to do it. 


Let me. 

00:37:13 Speaker 1 

So he's like. 

00:37:14 Speaker 1 

Let me try to do this again. 

00:37:17 Speaker 1 

Try not to. 

00:37:18 Speaker 1 

My notes. 


And then it's like. 

00:37:23 Speaker 2 

Well, you know, I guess you're right though. 

00:37:25 Speaker 3 

Can't get around it. 

00:37:25 Speaker 2 

Alright, so let's just break this down a little bit. 

00:37:27 Speaker 2 

Let's go ahead and break it down. 

00:37:28 Speaker 2 

Alright, so I guess you get it right 'cause you're trying to do your thing on her right and then you don't really know what's going. 


Yeah, yeah. 

00:37:35 Speaker 2 

Well, you know what's going on down there unless your penises so small that you don't even you don't feel nothing or she don't know what she's doing. 

00:37:42 Speaker 2 

On the other end of the. 

00:37:43 Speaker 2 

Whole situation, you see that this this. 

00:37:45 Speaker 2 

Whole confession has a lot of. 

00:37:48 Speaker 2 

Yeah, layers here a lot of layers so. 

00:37:52 Speaker 1 

Can can I confess something? 

00:37:54 Speaker 2 

Oh boy, you don't like it, no boy. 

00:37:57 Speaker 2 

I know it. 


I'm just. 

00:37:58 Speaker 2 

You eat *** 

00:38:01 Speaker 2 

Confession over it. 

00:38:01 Speaker 1 

I'm not, I'm not touching that with. 

00:38:03 Speaker 1 

A 10 foot pole right now. 

00:38:05 Speaker 1 

I was just going to say that I actually kind of I feel this. 

00:38:06 Speaker 2 

I'm waiting. 

00:38:09 Speaker 1 

I feel this confession. 

00:38:11 Speaker 2 


00:38:11 Speaker 1 

I'm feeling it like I'm like, yeah, it's I kind of agree that it's overrated big time. 

00:38:18 Speaker 2 

I think it's a little OK, OK? 

00:38:20 Speaker 3 


00:38:20 Speaker 1 

I completely agree. 

00:38:21 Speaker 2 

Well, I think this this listener is being a little bit ridiculous. 

00:38:26 Speaker 2 

With this. 

00:38:26 Speaker 2 

I can say that you know there's other positions that would be a lot better. 

00:38:32 Speaker 1 

And honestly, if we're being for real for real, I believe it's way more enjoyable to do one at a time. 

00:38:33 Speaker 2 

Let's just say that. 

00:38:40 Speaker 1 

One person at a time. 

00:38:40 Speaker 2 

All right, yeah, I can focus focus on what's what, what's going on and. 

00:38:45 Speaker 2 

So let's let's go down. 

00:38:46 Speaker 2 

To this next area, right? 

00:38:47 Speaker 1 

I am not hating on this person's confession. I'm like, Yep, I I can. 

00:38:51 Speaker 1 

Not gonna find this. 

00:38:53 Speaker 2 

I'm not gonna. 

00:38:55 Speaker 2 

Apparently, apparently he is behind something behind that ask. 

00:38:59 Speaker 2 

Just knows that, uh, right up. 

00:39:01 Speaker 1 

In there right up in there. 


Hello hello ha. 

00:39:07 Speaker 2 

So she could be grinding like a little hard like you know, gyrating on the thing and then it's going like he's just like gyrating forward all of a sudden he get a a nose full of **** hole and you know you know. 

00:39:24 Speaker 2 

Once again, she is backwards so so hurkle it is near my ******* 

00:39:29 Speaker 1 

He's angry. 

00:39:30 Speaker 2 

I know he mad as hell. 

00:39:30 Speaker 1 

And he's quick. 

00:39:31 Speaker 1 

Well 'cause he said it just happened on New Year's Eve as the ball was dropped. 

00:39:35 Speaker 1 

In hey honey hey yeah. 

00:39:37 Speaker 1 

Let's do this as the ball drops. 

00:39:40 Speaker 2 


00:39:41 Speaker 2 

You should be doing shots I I kind of feel this reader on this or reader or this listener doing shots. I'm trying to do 69 and like yeah, yeah, exactly. 

00:39:45 Speaker 1 

Yes, exactly. 

00:39:47 Speaker 1 

Ten 987 nose and ******* 65. 

00:39:52 Speaker 2 

Right exactly 

00:39:56 Speaker 2 

Pull down your pants. 


Even further, national forward. 

00:39:58 Speaker 2 

Happy New year. 

00:40:03 Speaker 2 

All right, so here goes my advice listener. 

00:40:06 Speaker 2 

He goes. 

00:40:06 Speaker 2 

My advice. 

00:40:07 Speaker 2 

OK doesn't tell her. 

00:40:08 Speaker 2 

Check it, check it. 

00:40:09 Speaker 2 

So this is what you do. You gotta flip the script. That's why I 69 is written 69. 

00:40:14 Speaker 2 

You know I'm saying so. 

00:40:15 Speaker 2 

You flip the script. 

00:40:16 Speaker 2 

So what you gotta do is you don't be on the bottom. 

00:40:20 Speaker 2 

You need to be on the. 

00:40:21 Speaker 2 

Top so she can get a taste of that *** 

00:40:25 Speaker 2 

And be in the same position so so she can be, you know, giving you a ******* where you on the top and then you know you can kind of you can kind of sprinkle in a little face ******* there if you want to, but you know, but that's on another podcast. 

00:40:38 Speaker 1 

That is, that is not going to work either. 

00:40:41 Speaker 2 

Well, hey, at least so now what's going on? 

00:40:41 Speaker 1 

That's not gonna work. 

00:40:43 Speaker 1 

It's not, but OK. 

00:40:46 Speaker 1 

Yes, you're right, she'll right. 

00:40:46 Speaker 2 

But she'll know what it's like. 

00:40:47 Speaker 1 

Yes, yes, I guess you're right. 

00:40:49 Speaker 1 

In that sense, yes, be like here. 

00:40:50 Speaker 1 

Have a taste of this. 

00:40:52 Speaker 2 

Right haven't tasted this. 

00:40:57 Speaker 1 

I'm just thinking of the whole thing and I Oh my I I don't know how much I can say here or not say I'm I just I'm trying to watch myself 'cause I could say a lot but I'm 

00:41:00 Speaker 2 

Yeah, know exactly so. 

00:41:04 Speaker 2 

I know. 

00:41:07 Speaker 1 

Just like, hey. 

00:41:07 Speaker 2 

I could have two. 

00:41:08 Speaker 2 

I already said too much with the face ****** thing I price should have said that. 

00:41:13 Speaker 2 

But you know you'll get the message. 

00:41:13 Speaker 1 

You're fine. 

00:41:15 Speaker 2 

You know my parents aren't. 

00:41:17 Speaker 2 

They're both gone, so they're not listening to this. 

00:41:19 Speaker 2 

Podcast look this is real. 

00:41:20 Speaker 2 

People having real talk, right? 

00:41:21 Speaker 1 

Converse, yes, real people real talk. 

00:41:23 Speaker 2 

You know it is what it is. 

00:41:24 Speaker 2 

You know what listener? 

00:41:26 Speaker 2 

This was a humdinger. 

00:41:27 Speaker 2 

I really appreciate this. 

00:41:27 Speaker 2 

We can talk about this for another few things, but I say you flip the script. 

00:41:31 Speaker 2 

Still do 69 you on top this time and then you you give a little piece of that. 

00:41:36 Speaker 1 

Yeah, and and and show her how difficult it is from that angle. 

00:41:39 Speaker 3 


00:41:39 Speaker 1 

'cause that is no fun either at all. 

00:41:41 Speaker 2 

Exactly, you just go on there and then. 

00:41:43 Speaker 2 

Also then obviously just give her the. 

00:41:43 Speaker 1 

And then when she yeah, and when she starts to complain, be like good. 

00:41:46 Speaker 1 

Let's not do this anymore. 

00:41:47 Speaker 2 

Yeah, so like OK, this is a terrible idea. 

00:41:49 Speaker 2 

This is not OK. 

00:41:50 Speaker 2 

Let's not do so so that so that move I'm going to talk about this move I just made it up 'cause since we. 

00:41:58 Speaker 2 

Already started out with our listening picks so that move when you when you're doing a 69 and yeah and to get load this I'm gonna call that the French Montana. 

00:42:06 Speaker 3 

There you go. 

00:42:09 Speaker 2 

Someone give her a French Montana. 

00:42:13 Speaker 2 

Kinda like a French Connection, but a little dirty. 

00:42:20 Speaker 2 

Oh Lord oh God. 

00:42:23 Speaker 2 

Alright confession corner. 

00:42:24 Speaker 2 

Thanks a lot guys appreciate that. 

00:42:26 Speaker 2 

Appreciate this more to come if these things really start coming in and they start flooding in who knows what what we're gonna do is let's have a full length. 


For a few times. 

00:42:33 Speaker 2 

We may put this on air Candy Club so you guys can read them on your own. 

00:42:36 Speaker 2 

Then you guys can make your own comments. 

00:42:37 Speaker 2 

I'm pretty sure you guys are. 

00:42:39 Speaker 2 

Walking or listening or driving into whatever you're doing it. 

00:42:41 Speaker 2 

You're probably saying I know this. 

00:42:43 Speaker 2 

I feel you on that, so maybe you got you writing your comments or something, so that's a maybe if you guys are on Team, South or or Team Colleen we want to. 

00:42:52 Speaker 2 

Hear about it. 

00:42:53 Speaker 1 

Whoa, whoa. 

00:42:53 Speaker 1 

What team are you on? 

00:42:55 Speaker 2 

I'm team French Montana. 

00:42:58 Speaker 3 

Touch that more. 

00:43:02 Speaker 1 

I guess I'm on the same team like show her yes, show her how not fun that is. 

00:43:06 Speaker 1 

Yes 'cause I'm. 

00:43:08 Speaker 1 

I'm totally feeling this person I'm like. 

00:43:09 Speaker 1 

Yep, I agree. 

00:43:10 Speaker 1 

I agree listener. 

00:43:11 Speaker 2 

Yeah alright cool cool. 

00:43:14 Speaker 2 

Alright that was fun. 

00:43:15 Speaker 1 

That was fun. 

00:43:16 Speaker 2 

They're always fun. 

00:43:17 Speaker 1 

I know. 

00:43:17 Speaker 2 

I mean are they? 

00:43:18 Speaker 2 

Are they ever not fun? 

00:43:19 Speaker 2 

We have a couple cute ones that we have a humdinger that's like whoa, wait a minute. 

00:43:24 Speaker 2 

Hold on, hold up OK. 

00:43:28 Speaker 2 

***** smell like a fish tank. 

00:43:30 Speaker 2 

Dirty fish tank. 

00:43:35 Speaker 2 

Hey give me that French Montana hey. 

00:43:40 Speaker 2 

So happy New Year rider. 

00:43:42 Speaker 2 

So next time when you give her the French Montana you gotta say hey. 

00:43:48 Speaker 1 

Exactly ohmygod perfect. 

00:43:54 Speaker 2 

And you'll never have to do 69 again. 

00:43:56 Speaker 1 

Yes, that's your way out. 

00:43:57 Speaker 2 

Do it in writing. 

00:43:57 Speaker 1 

That's your, that's your. 


That's your ticket out of there buddy. 

00:44:00 Speaker 2 

You got your ticket out of 69 right there. Flip the script, give it a French Montana end with the hair. 

00:44:06 Speaker 2 

End call. 


There you go. 


I love it. 

00:44:10 Speaker 2 

Sometimes we fly off the rail with some of these things, but you guys are writing in some humdinger. 

00:44:13 Speaker 2 

Some of these are just absolutely crazy and we can. 


I know. 

00:44:16 Speaker 2 

We can take so many serious ones that kind of flip the script to, you know, don't don't take too much of our sex advice because me and me and Colleen. 

00:44:23 Speaker 2 

Apparently our our sex crazed animals with the way that we be doing our sex so 69 is like so. 


I'm saying. 

00:44:35 Speaker 1 

Trying to stay real like on the DL right now like I did not want to let loose on this, but maybe one day I will. 

00:44:39 Speaker 2 

Yeah, 69 is so passades for us. We just spend. Yeah, we're just doing all kind of stuff. Yeah, right? 


Show vanilla 

00:44:48 Speaker 2 

All right, so I guess that's it for the show, right we. 

00:44:51 Speaker 2 

Got anymore. 

00:44:51 Speaker 1 

Yep, no, that's it guys. 

00:44:52 Speaker 2 

All right, so you know we do every time take us home baby. 

00:44:58 Speaker 1 

So thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today. 

00:45:01 Speaker 1 

Please don't forget to subscribe to our show so you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

00:45:04 Speaker 1 

And if you're feeling generous, consider supporting the show on buy me a coffee com if you have a question, comment, or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello. 

00:45:13 Speaker 1 

You can reach us on Facebook and Instagram at Earcandy podcast. 

00:45:16 Speaker 1 

Or send an email to Earcandy podcast at Gmail com so hit us up because we want to connect with you. 

00:45:25 Speaker 1 

Until next time. 

00:46:07 Speaker 1 

Good job Wiener. 


You're right, yeah. 

00:46:09 Speaker 2 

Good job Wiener. 

00:46:11 Speaker 2 

Good job Wiener. 


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