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Candy Tawlk #4

January 27, 2022 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 25
Candy Tawlk #4
Air Candy
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Air Candy
Candy Tawlk #4
Jan 27, 2022 Season 1 Episode 25
Colleen Devaney

It's time for another Candy Tawlk! We break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy during your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! This week's music picks are on the more obscure side so get ready to expand your mind! We also discuss the new "love it or leave it" movie from the Matrix franchise, as well as the current smash-and-grab-shit-show happening in San Francisco. As an added bonus, we give you a few health pro-tips and food hacks that will boost your immune system and your mood! You're welcome!

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Links & channels we discussed:
Princess Goes to The Butterfly Museum - Cruel World
Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum - Eat An Eraser
Tiësto - Walking On Clouds FT. Kristy Hawkshaw
Dashcam Video Captures Smash And Grab Robbery In San Francisco
Smash and grab thieves raid stores in San Francisco & LA
What The Vagus Nerve Is And How To Stimulate It For Better Mental Health
Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh
How to Make Bone Broth
Ginger Shot Recipe
Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

Immune Boosting Nice Cream:
-4 lemons peeled and frozen
-1 frozen ripe banana
-Small piece of fresh peeled ginger
-1/3 cup chilled coconut milk
-1/3 cup lemon juice
-Turmeric powder
-Pinch or black pepper
-Fresh mint leaves
-1 tbsp honey (optional)
Blend everything together till creamy
Serve immediately or store in freezer up to 7 days

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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney

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It's time for another Candy Tawlk! We break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy during your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! This week's music picks are on the more obscure side so get ready to expand your mind! We also discuss the new "love it or leave it" movie from the Matrix franchise, as well as the current smash-and-grab-shit-show happening in San Francisco. As an added bonus, we give you a few health pro-tips and food hacks that will boost your immune system and your mood! You're welcome!

Please rate, review, & subscribe to Air Candy wherever you get your podcasts!
Please consider donating on to help us keep the lights on!
We really appreciate all the love we've received so far!
Links & channels we discussed:
Princess Goes to The Butterfly Museum - Cruel World
Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum - Eat An Eraser
Tiësto - Walking On Clouds FT. Kristy Hawkshaw
Dashcam Video Captures Smash And Grab Robbery In San Francisco
Smash and grab thieves raid stores in San Francisco & LA
What The Vagus Nerve Is And How To Stimulate It For Better Mental Health
Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh
How to Make Bone Broth
Ginger Shot Recipe
Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

Immune Boosting Nice Cream:
-4 lemons peeled and frozen
-1 frozen ripe banana
-Small piece of fresh peeled ginger
-1/3 cup chilled coconut milk
-1/3 cup lemon juice
-Turmeric powder
-Pinch or black pepper
-Fresh mint leaves
-1 tbsp honey (optional)
Blend everything together till creamy
Serve immediately or store in freezer up to 7 days

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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney

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00:00:07 Speaker 2

Get on it on it on.

00:00:10 Speaker 1

All right, I'm ready to record.

00:00:12 Speaker 1

I got my bourbon.

00:00:13 Speaker 1

I got my beer, let's get into it.

00:00:16 Speaker 1

You ready, I'm ready.

00:00:19 Speaker 1

Do it.

00:00:20 Speaker 2

Hello friends and welcome to Earcandy podcast Candy Talk where we breakdown our favorite.

00:00:24 Speaker 2

Picks of the week.

00:00:25 Speaker 2

I'm your humble host Colleen, and with me, as always, is my co-host.

00:00:28 Speaker 2

Seth, we've got some great things in store for you today.

00:00:31 Speaker 2

So on that note, let's talk.

00:00:36 Speaker 1

All right so.

00:00:41 Speaker 1

What's up sunshine?

00:00:42 Speaker 1

What are you doing?

00:00:43 Speaker 1

How are you?

00:00:44 Speaker 2

I'm alright, how are you doing?

00:00:46 Speaker 1

I'm really good, I'm really good.


Let's talk.

00:00:51 Speaker 1

All right, we got some good stuff today.

00:00:53 Speaker 1

We got some nice little pics.

00:00:54 Speaker 1

I'm really gonna.

00:00:56 Speaker 1

Make you surprised I won't not not make you surprise.

00:00:58 Speaker 2

Oh yeah.

00:01:00 Speaker 1

I'm going to surprise you with some of my picks for this week and I hope you have some surprises for.

00:01:05 Speaker 1

Me too so.



00:01:07 Speaker 1

I am ready.

00:01:08 Speaker 1

I got a couple things I got a couple injuries.

00:01:10 Speaker 1

I gotta doctor.

00:01:11 Speaker 1

Spears is in the building so I'm ready at all with this.

00:01:15 Speaker 1

I got my bourbon.

00:01:16 Speaker 1

I got my drink, I'm ready to do this I got my home brew right here made it myself.

00:01:21 Speaker 1

I don't have a name for it so if anybody.

00:01:23 Speaker 1

Wants to give me a name for this delicious stout that I.

00:01:27 Speaker 1

Have this piersey.

00:01:28 Speaker 1

Yeah maybe the says Daddy stout.

00:01:31 Speaker 2

There you go.


I like that.

00:01:34 Speaker 1

All right, so let's get right into the picks.

00:01:37 Speaker 1

You ready, I'm ready, let's do it all.

00:01:39 Speaker 1

Right, and for our first pick.

00:01:44 Speaker 1

Cube alright alright alright, OK so you start off with this one.

00:01:49 Speaker 1

Start off with this one.

00:01:50 Speaker 1

Let us know what your pic is on.

00:01:52 Speaker 1

The **** tip.

00:01:54 Speaker 2

OK, So what I.

00:01:56 Speaker 2

Watched recently was the new mate.

00:01:58 Speaker 2

Trick matrix the new matrix.

00:01:59 Speaker 1

Metrik Oh my God.

00:02:02 Speaker 2

The new matrix.

00:02:04 Speaker 2

The new matrix.

00:02:07 Speaker 1

I can't, even with you right now.

00:02:08 Speaker 1

You know you know what you don't even deserve to watch the matrix.


The plus isn't all.

00:02:11 Speaker 1

You don't even deserve to watch this.

00:02:11 Speaker 2

The new matrix resurrections.

00:02:14 Speaker 1

OK, there we go.

00:02:15 Speaker 1

Better yes and.

00:02:18 Speaker 2

And mixed I I feel mixed about it because I'm.

00:02:22 Speaker 1

All right?

00:02:23 Speaker 1

I feel the same but I wanna know what you.

00:02:24 Speaker 2

So you have seen it.

00:02:26 Speaker 1

Said yeah, I have seen.

00:02:26 Speaker 2

OK OK cool OK.

00:02:28 Speaker 2

So yes, I feel very mixed about it.

00:02:30 Speaker 2

I feel like I enjoyed the action aspect of it.

00:02:34 Speaker 2

I like the nostalgia.

00:02:35 Speaker 1


00:02:37 Speaker 2

But it was.

00:02:38 Speaker 2

It felt a little campy.

00:02:40 Speaker 2

It felt a little weird I.

00:02:42 Speaker 2

I think the whole thing was just basically about getting NEO and Trinity reunited and.

00:02:46 Speaker 2

I get it, but I.

00:02:47 Speaker 2

Mean I don't know it was it was alright.

00:02:49 Speaker 1

Alright, so I kind of feel the same, but not exactly OK.

00:02:53 Speaker 1

So this is where I differ from your opinion.

00:02:56 Speaker 1

I did not like the action.

00:02:58 Speaker 1

I thought it could have been a lot more.

00:03:00 Speaker 1

There was not enough martial arts.

00:03:02 Speaker 1

There was the gun scenes were all like, yeah, the driving scenes that's all CGI which is fine.

00:03:02 Speaker 2

Oh no, no no I I.

00:03:04 Speaker 2

Agree, I agree.

00:03:09 Speaker 1

The first matrix.

00:03:10 Speaker 1

And the second there were all CGI.

00:03:11 Speaker 1

Do you know?

00:03:12 Speaker 1

I mean, that's that's OK, but the scene?

00:03:15 Speaker 1

This is the chance that they had to really get people feeling the nostalgia is when morphia

00:03:22 Speaker 1

And Neo were doing the Kung Fu scene.

00:03:25 Speaker 1

That was the opportunity.

00:03:26 Speaker 1

But the scene, which is kind of it, fell flat.

00:03:28 Speaker 2

It did fall flat.

00:03:28 Speaker 1

I'm like.

00:03:29 Speaker 2

No, you're absolutely right.

00:03:29 Speaker 1

Oh man.

00:03:30 Speaker 2

'cause when I said I enjoy, you know the action aspect like it was really just a CGI stuff.

00:03:35 Speaker 2

I was like, alright, it's it's OK, but you're absolutely right.

00:03:37 Speaker 2

The stuff that was missing was like all that true choreography of martial arts and whatnot.

00:03:41 Speaker 1


00:03:42 Speaker 2

But I did think that maybe because Keanu is getting up there.

00:03:47 Speaker 2

That that he just couldn't do as much, 'cause if you, if you notice throughout the whole movie, he basically was doing a lot of the putting his hands out in front of him like pushing the energy away like that, that seat that move.

00:03:58 Speaker 2

Like that huddle?


I do, yeah.

00:03:58 Speaker 2

Getting type move now like is.

00:04:00 Speaker 2

That all he's going to do the whole time.

00:04:04 Speaker 2

That's like it's like all he did.

00:04:06 Speaker 2

I'm like alright, I mean Trinity.

00:04:08 Speaker 2

Whatever her carry in whatever her name is.

00:04:10 Speaker 1

Carrie Ann.

00:04:11 Speaker 2

Moss yeah she she looks great and she actually had way more.

00:04:11 Speaker 1

I think.

00:04:13 Speaker 1

Goddamnit, she's sexy as hell.

00:04:15 Speaker 2

Yeah and she had she did a lot of action more action than he did.

00:04:18 Speaker 2

I think in this.

00:04:19 Speaker 1

I'll tell you one thing.

00:04:21 Speaker 1

If my fiance looks like her at her age, I'm having second Psalm 90.

00:04:27 Speaker 1

Just saying 'cause Carrie Anne Moss?

00:04:28 Speaker 1

She's fine as hell.

00:04:29 Speaker 2

She's beautiful, yeah?

00:04:29 Speaker 1

Trinity is still looking good now.

00:04:31 Speaker 1

She got kids now I'm like.

00:04:32 Speaker 1

Oh OK.

00:04:33 Speaker 1

OK, OK she's still in it she could still she can still get it she's fine she's fine so yeah it let I wanted more.

00:04:36 Speaker 2

She's fine.

00:04:41 Speaker 1

I definitely wanted more.

00:04:42 Speaker 1

I can appreciate some of the back story.

00:04:44 Speaker 1

It was cool having some of the old guys come at like the Lord.

00:04:48 Speaker 1

I forgot his name, Lord Vishnu or whatever and he has all like the beard 'cause he's like old program trying to come back that was.

00:04:53 Speaker 1

Cool, the one girl that was the she's grown up now and she was the little girl I thought that was.



00:04:59 Speaker 1

Pretty cool, so all those.

00:05:00 Speaker 2

Yeah, they tide it all in together.


Things were actually.

00:05:02 Speaker 2

They really they did a good job tying it in but I liked that Neil Patrick Harris when it wasn't it like that was cool but uhm.

00:05:02 Speaker 1

It was nice.

00:05:07 Speaker 1

Yeah, I think he's a good actor.

00:05:09 Speaker 1

He's definitely good.


Yeah, surely.

00:05:10 Speaker 1

I just wanted more.

00:05:11 Speaker 1

I wanted more.

00:05:12 Speaker 1

I wanted.

00:05:13 Speaker 1

Better action.

00:05:14 Speaker 1

I wanted more in depth, but The thing is that is going to, in my opinion, leave room for another sequel and it better be better.

00:05:22 Speaker 2

Oh yeah.

00:05:23 Speaker 1

I want to see car scenes.

00:05:24 Speaker 1

I want to see motorcycles.

00:05:25 Speaker 1

Scenes and yes, there was a car seat in there when you're running from all The Smiths and all that he's doing the hadouken over everything I'm like come on man.

00:05:31 Speaker 2

Yes, they had a motorcycle scene as well.

00:05:34 Speaker 1

Yeah, just wasn't.

00:05:36 Speaker 1

I wanted more people said it's soft.

00:05:38 Speaker 1

I didn't think it sought I needed more.

00:05:40 Speaker 1

I want a little bit more in there.

00:05:41 Speaker 1

I want to get.

00:05:41 Speaker 1

Off of the whole love story situation too.

00:05:42 Speaker 2

Yeah yeah, I yes exactly.

00:05:45 Speaker 2

And I will tell you that it took me 3 sit downs to actually finish it because I was just like, ah, I did feel like very like frustrated several times like.

00:05:54 Speaker 2

I can't anymore, so I just turned it off and then I came back to it 'cause.

00:05:58 Speaker 2

I just was I couldn't, but they did leave it on a note to where it could.

00:06:03 Speaker 2

They could very well do another one, so hopefully they do and hopefully it won't be as mushy or whatever, just the whole thing of them trying to reunite.

00:06:09 Speaker 1

Yeah the love story.

00:06:12 Speaker 1

Yeah, I you know I'm.

00:06:14 Speaker 1

Ready for that just to be done.


I remember you, I remember us.


Yeah, I know.

00:06:18 Speaker 1

I was like come on dude, I mean come on everybody knew y'all were in love but the the matrix is not a love story it's not a love story.

00:06:24 Speaker 1

It's one piece of it.

00:06:26 Speaker 1

It's a love story, but it's not the.

00:06:28 Speaker 1

Story, you know what I'm saying.

00:06:28 Speaker 2

That's what they made this one to be.

00:06:30 Speaker 1

Exactly, I was little disappointed, but that's alright and Lisa actually watched it with me too because she stopped watching the other ones 'cause she was like Anna.

00:06:39 Speaker 1

I get it, I don't understand. I was like girl, he's 44 years old. You don't understand the damn movie anyway so.

00:06:47 Speaker 1

Yeah, so she watched it with me, so there's another one. She'll watch it again and I may have to make her find the first one and we'll watch that one too. They'll probably charge you $6 to watch it.

00:06:57 Speaker 1

But whatever, so.

00:07:01 Speaker 1

My cheap *** $6000.

00:07:05 Speaker 1

That's insane. That's highway robbery.

00:07:07 Speaker 2

It's criminal, I say.

00:07:09 Speaker 1

It's criminal saying if I wanna pay $6 I'm gonna go to blockbuster and get it stuck in my hand you say?

00:07:16 Speaker 1

VHS 3 letters for you VHS.

00:07:18 Speaker 2

Your criminal and blockbuster.

00:07:20 Speaker 2

I read that there was a woman who tried to go to the DMV to get her license updated or whatever and they were like you know you have a federal offense like some kind of felony charge, a felony charge.



00:07:33 Speaker 2

She's like what are you?

00:07:34 Speaker 2

Talking about oh in Oklahoma or something like that and she did all they they went through this whole thing to figure out what it was.

00:07:40 Speaker 2

Come to find out, it was a VHS tape from a rental store back in 1996 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch that never got returned and there had been felony charges and then she's like.

00:07:54 Speaker 2

Oh all, this makes sense now because there was a bunch of like employment people that wouldn't hire her back in the.

00:07:59 Speaker 2

Day and.

00:07:59 Speaker 1

Oh my God.

00:08:00 Speaker 2

It's still on her record, this is.

00:08:03 Speaker 1

You're full of ****

00:08:04 Speaker 2

I'm not, I read this yesterday.

00:08:06 Speaker 2

From there, yes.

00:08:06 Speaker 1

Thinking card is for not returning.

00:08:09 Speaker 2

Teen Sabrina the teenage witch.

00:08:13 Speaker 2

From like 96 and.

00:08:15 Speaker 2

It like cost all like 50 something dollars or.

00:08:17 Speaker 2

Whatever but it just.

00:08:18 Speaker 2

Stayed on her record and I'm.

00:08:19 Speaker 2

Like Oh my God and she didn't find.

00:08:19 Speaker 1

Oh my goodness.

00:08:21 Speaker 2

Out about it until like recently, so she's lived.

00:08:23 Speaker 2

Her whole life, wondering why people were yeah, wondering why people weren't hiring.

00:08:24 Speaker 1

On food stamps.

00:08:27 Speaker 2

Her or like.

00:08:29 Speaker 2

'cause basically it's like if you're a felony, you have to hit a like check, uh?

00:08:31 Speaker 2

But, uh, check a.

00:08:32 Speaker 2

Box right?

00:08:33 Speaker 2

So if they run your check your background check and you have not been honest, then you're not going to.


Down here.

00:08:39 Speaker 2

Get hired or whatever.

00:08:40 Speaker 1

God all over a VHS tape.

00:08:42 Speaker 1

This is crazy.

00:08:43 Speaker 2

And she even said she was like I didn't even rent that and it turns out that it was some one of her roommates.

00:08:47 Speaker 2

Or somebody else had rented it in her name and just never.

00:08:48 Speaker 1

With her car.

00:08:49 Speaker 2

Right, right?

00:08:50 Speaker 1

And that's the reason why that's a lesson to these people out there.

00:08:53 Speaker 1

Don't get tide up financially or renting anything with anybody because this is the **** that can happen to you'll be living off food stands for 20 years 'cause you can't get a job because someone.

00:09:04 Speaker 1

Didn't return a video.

00:09:05 Speaker 2

Sabrina the teenage witch.

00:09:07 Speaker 2

She's like I hated that I didn't even like that **** and yeah, just ruined her whole.



00:09:10 Speaker 2

Thing in life.

00:09:10 Speaker 2

She had no idea.

00:09:11 Speaker 1

Oh my goodness, all right so.

00:09:13 Speaker 2

Crazy, what have you been watching this week?

00:09:15 Speaker 1

OK, I have two.

00:09:17 Speaker 1

But I'm just going to talk about one.

00:09:19 Speaker 1

What is going on with San Francisco?

00:09:22 Speaker 2

I don't know, tell me.

00:09:23 Speaker 1

I'm well, let me explain because there's a lot of things going on with San Francisco, so I've been on YouTube.

00:09:29 Speaker 1

Literally, watching San Francisco news clips about how these people are doing all these smash and grabs in these high end malls.

00:09:33 Speaker 2


00:09:42 Speaker 1

And stores like Ermes and Louis Vuitton and all those other places they're doing in.

00:09:47 Speaker 1

What is it called when everybody just a flash mob?

00:09:50 Speaker 1

Yeah, they're basically doing flat instead.

00:09:52 Speaker 1

Doing flash mobs where they're doing like they're singing and doing all the song, and they're doing slash smash Rob.

00:09:57 Speaker 2

Oh my God.

00:09:59 Speaker 1

They just go in there and draw that it's going.

00:10:00 Speaker 1

It's running in places and there's ransack and stuff and they can't do anything about it.

00:10:04 Speaker 1

They're just getting crazy and then.

00:10:06 Speaker 1

Also, they're doing all these smash and grabs in the middle of the day.

00:10:10 Speaker 1

Just knocking out people windows and taking stuff out of the cars.

00:10:13 Speaker 2

Oh my God.

00:10:14 Speaker 1

This is in downtown San Francisco.

00:10:16 Speaker 1

It is getting out of freaking control.

00:10:19 Speaker 1

I just can't stop watching it.

00:10:20 Speaker 1

It's crazy.

00:10:21 Speaker 1

It's to the point where people when you go out to shop they are leaving all their windows down and their trunks open.

00:10:27 Speaker 1

So no, so no one can go in there and smash the window and take nothing.

00:10:33 Speaker 2

Oh 'cause they're just.

00:10:34 Speaker 2

They're just like vandalizing to vandalize is what you're saying.

00:10:36 Speaker 1

Well, they're going in there.

00:10:37 Speaker 1

If you have tinted windows in a truck.

00:10:39 Speaker 2

Yeah, yeah.

00:10:40 Speaker 1

You know you buy a truck at all.

00:10:41 Speaker 1

Magically has tinted windows except for the two in the front, right?

00:10:44 Speaker 1

So in the middle of the day, you go inside the mall to do whatever go inside the store and these people are coming up in a car.

00:10:50 Speaker 1

Get it now.

00:10:51 Speaker 1

Smashing a window, taking whatever is in there that they want.

00:10:56 Speaker 1

It could be a suitcase 'cause they're targeting a lot of tourists too OK.

00:11:00 Speaker 1

So that's the thing.

00:11:01 Speaker 1

So if you're going to visit there and leave all your stuff locked up, you may be coming from the airport.

00:11:07 Speaker 1

Hey, this well, let's do some shopping before we get to our hotel before we check in.

00:11:11 Speaker 1

There's massive stuff taking our suitcases run out and this is like in the middle of the afternoon.

00:11:15 Speaker 1

It's crazy break ends and you know, San Francisco is off the hook when it comes to their rent prices, so you could rent a two bedroom apartment for $5000 a month and you gotta worry about your car again, broken into.

00:11:28 Speaker 1

Every single flip.

00:11:29 Speaker 1


00:11:30 Speaker 2

Yeah, no thanks.

00:11:31 Speaker 1

I'm glued to it.

00:11:32 Speaker 1

I keep watching it.

00:11:33 Speaker 1

I thought our Baltimore News was ridiculous.

00:11:36 Speaker 1

This is getting out of control.

00:11:37 Speaker 2

I wonder why why it's even like what is the problem like?

00:11:40 Speaker 2

What is the cause?

00:11:41 Speaker 2

What what has gotten into everybody?

00:11:44 Speaker 2

It sounds like a bunch of rabid dogs right now.

00:11:46 Speaker 1

Exactly, it's ridiculous.

00:11:48 Speaker 1

Well, it's a couple things and this is my opinion, none of it is fact, but you can believe what you want.

00:11:54 Speaker 1

We all know that California is a democratic state, right?

00:11:58 Speaker 1

And we, well, the stereotype is OK.

00:12:02 Speaker 1

The Democrats are always about giving handouts and blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.

00:12:06 Speaker 1

So what they're doing is they're getting really lacks on prosecuting prosecuting criminals on stuff like this, so they're just doing whatever.

00:12:13 Speaker 1

'cause no one is doing anything about it and it's freaking ridiculous.

00:12:17 Speaker 1

So that is one of the problems.



00:12:19 Speaker 1

And then other people are saying, well, people are frustrated.

00:12:20 Speaker 1

'cause of the pandemic and blah blah blah dude it's been going on.

00:12:24 Speaker 1

The pandemic has been going on for two years now.

00:12:27 Speaker 1

You don't?

00:12:28 Speaker 1

You would have been acting out from day one if you were frustrated with this pandemic.

00:12:31 Speaker 1

I don't know it people just getting absolutely out of their minds and I can't stop watching it so.

00:12:37 Speaker 1

Listeners if you want to just look at a non local shitshow of a city look up SF bracons.

00:12:45 Speaker 1

Just Google that and trust me you'll be watching for like an hour like with your eyes wide open and jaw dropped like what?

00:12:52 Speaker 1

Is going on.

00:12:53 Speaker 2

And listeners, if you're actually from that area, we're very sorry.

00:12:57 Speaker 2

That you're killing with that right now.

00:12:59 Speaker 1

Oh yeah, because there's no way I'll be paying $5000 a month to have my car broken into every other.

00:13:06 Speaker 1

Day or once a week and all that.

00:13:08 Speaker 1

They're even still license plates.

00:13:09 Speaker 1

They're crazy out there.

00:13:10 Speaker 1

They're still license plates and doing crimes on similar cars the same make and model.

00:13:15 Speaker 1

It's insane.

00:13:16 Speaker 1

Watch it.

00:13:17 Speaker 1

We have nothing else.

00:13:18 Speaker 1

Better to do.

00:13:18 Speaker 1

Just watch it.

00:13:19 Speaker 1

Trust me.

00:13:20 Speaker 2


00:13:21 Speaker 1

It's off the chain.

00:13:21 Speaker 2

Will check it out, jeez.

00:13:22 Speaker 1

I know it it's crazy.

00:13:24 Speaker 1

I know I go down these YouTube rabbit holes, but that's why we have these.

00:13:27 Speaker 1

Pics right?

00:13:29 Speaker 1

See just like OK, what are you watching now?

00:13:30 Speaker 1

Yeah, I'm.

00:13:31 Speaker 1

Watching this craziness.

00:13:32 Speaker 1

The world, the world, not even the world.

00:13:34 Speaker 1

The world of San Francisco was going all to pot.


Yeah, jeez.

00:13:38 Speaker 1

That's right.

00:13:39 Speaker 1

Alright, so enough with that you ready for our next pick.

00:13:43 Speaker 1

Alright, next pick.

00:13:46 Speaker 2

What's in your boom box?

00:13:48 Speaker 1

Alright, so.

00:13:49 Speaker 2

What you been listening to Seth?

00:13:51 Speaker 1

I I don't know you first because I have one I'm gonna kind of surprise you with again.

00:13:57 Speaker 1

I'm full of surprises today so go ahead.

00:13:59 Speaker 2

You're gonna surprise me, OK?

00:14:01 Speaker 1

I'm gonna surprise you with something because I think we might have been on the same page.

00:14:05 Speaker 1

I'm guess I'm hope we are because you know, usually our minds kind of meat.

00:14:08 Speaker 1

So I wonder why you're listening to 1st and then I'm going to come out with.

00:14:11 Speaker 1

Mine at a left field.

00:14:13 Speaker 1

So what are you listening to?

00:14:14 Speaker 1

Boo Boo.

00:14:15 Speaker 2

I have been listening to Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum.

00:14:20 Speaker 1

OK, not yeah, I'm not.

00:14:21 Speaker 1

Yeah, we're not.

00:14:22 Speaker 1

On the same page here.

00:14:24 Speaker 1

So what the **** is that?

00:14:26 Speaker 2

Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum. They debuted in like 2018. I want to say they're a trio and they're considered an avant indie super group from New York.

00:14:37 Speaker 2

They sound like.

00:14:39 Speaker 1

I'm sorry that sounds that sounds super yuppie.

00:14:43 Speaker 2

It's it's not well.

00:14:45 Speaker 2

Their sound is like stripped down.

00:14:48 Speaker 2

This is the way I'm putting it stripped down synthesizer and drum, kind of glam.

00:14:52 Speaker 2

Experimental Spacey ambient contemporary electronic 80s new wave dance with a heavy with a heavy Bowie influence.

00:15:00 Speaker 1

What is this not?

00:15:04 Speaker 2

A heavy David Bowie.

00:15:05 Speaker 2

Influence and I.

00:15:06 Speaker 1

Sounds terrible.

00:15:08 Speaker 2

It's amazing and fans and media actually describe it as a kaleidoscopic sound weather and danceable apocalypse.

00:15:16 Speaker 2

It's amazing.

00:15:18 Speaker 2

And I'll tell you, and and this.

00:15:21 Speaker 1

Translation it's a *********** of music that you listen to when you're on psychedelics.

00:15:27 Speaker 2

Well, psychedelic soul will definitely make it very, very even more interesting.

00:15:31 Speaker 2

But it's it's amazing and the cool.

00:15:33 Speaker 2

Thing is that.

00:15:34 Speaker 2

The lead singer, the vocalist, is actually Michael C.

00:15:38 Speaker 1

Who's that next?

00:15:40 Speaker 1

Oh like the guy from OK.

00:15:43 Speaker 2

Yes, Dexter 6 feet under blah blah blah.

00:15:45 Speaker 1

He sings or is it just like saying like weird stuff?

00:15:47 Speaker 2

Oh yeah, he's no he's he's, uh, he's a singer, he's amazing, he's amazing and the keyboardist is from Blondie, the band Blondie and the the drummer in the band is actually from The Wallflowers.

00:15:58 Speaker 2

These three met on Broadway I think on on when they were in the.

00:16:03 Speaker 1

Just get more bizarre.

00:16:05 Speaker 2

They were in the what is it called head Hedwig or head?

00:16:08 Speaker 2

However you say Hedwig, it was a Broadway play or whatever.

00:16:10 Speaker 1


00:16:10 Speaker 2

They met on.

00:16:11 Speaker 2

This play and they just liking each other and just vibing and they were like you know, let's start a band and this band.

00:16:19 Speaker 2

And is freaking incredible.

00:16:21 Speaker 2

I'm telling you don't dismiss it because you think it sounds.

00:16:24 Speaker 2

Weird or whatever you have to give it.

00:16:26 Speaker 1


00:16:27 Speaker 2

A chance they're amazing.

00:16:29 Speaker 1

So can I listen to this while I'm working or is it just like super crazy?

00:16:33 Speaker 1

I'm just going to jump out the.

00:16:34 Speaker 1

Window like what is this no.

00:16:36 Speaker 2

It's not crazy at all.

00:16:37 Speaker 2

You're going to.

00:16:37 Speaker 2

Find something that you're going to be like, oh, that's that's pretty cool.

00:16:40 Speaker 1

So I have a feeling like this is Michael C.

00:16:43 Speaker 1

Hall, like going up and down around the range with.

00:16:46 Speaker 1

A little bit of.

00:16:47 Speaker 1

Primus slap bass with some *******

00:16:49 Speaker 2

No, no, not at all, no.

00:16:52 Speaker 2

Honestly, you're going to think more.

00:16:53 Speaker 1

All right?

00:16:53 Speaker 2

David Bowie when.

00:16:54 Speaker 2

You hear you're like oh wow.

00:16:55 Speaker 2

This is pretty freaking.

00:16:56 Speaker 2

Cool man, it really is.

00:16:57 Speaker 1

Sport spoiler alert.

00:16:59 Speaker 1

I don't think I've hardly listened to more than 10 David Bowie songs.

00:17:02 Speaker 1

I can't even name one.

00:17:03 Speaker 1

Sorry, instead of I'm afraid of Americans and that's it.

00:17:07 Speaker 1

That's probably not even how the course even goes.

00:17:12 Speaker 2

But you know what?

00:17:13 Speaker 2

You know, what he sounds like.

00:17:14 Speaker 2

You know the Bowie vibe and they are definitely influenced by.

00:17:19 Speaker 2

That as well.

00:17:20 Speaker 1

Alright, I'm gonna give it a look, listen, whatever.

00:17:22 Speaker 2

Please do and don't just say that you need to do that.

00:17:24 Speaker 2

I'm putting the link to some of their stuff in the show notes.

00:17:27 Speaker 2

So everybody, no excuses.

00:17:29 Speaker 2

Check out Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum.

00:17:32 Speaker 1

Seth won't hate.

00:17:32 Speaker 2

Expand your mind, expand your mind.

00:17:33 Speaker 1

You if you don't.

00:17:35 Speaker 1

Put some psychedelics and listen to this band and don't jump out of a window if you do, make sure it's on the 1st floor.

00:17:43 Speaker 2

Tuck and roll.


Talking little.

00:17:45 Speaker 1

Oh shoot OK fine, alright, so we are definitely not on the same page when it comes to music, so when I'm listening to this week I decided to go back and listen to some deep house slash electronica music.

00:18:03 Speaker 2

Well, so we're kind of similar.

00:18:04 Speaker 2

I mean, it's there's still electronic stuff.

00:18:07 Speaker 1

I don't even understand what this band that you're talking about is even about, but it's.

00:18:10 Speaker 1

Not techno, well I told.

00:18:12 Speaker 2

You it had electronic stuff, contemporary electronics, you were just.

00:18:14 Speaker 1

Oh OK, OK.

00:18:17 Speaker 2

You were tuning me out at that point.

00:18:19 Speaker 1

No, I wasn't tuning you out.

00:18:20 Speaker 1

I was listening but listening with the look of disdain.


Like what is this white people ****



00:18:27 Speaker 1

You said it, not me.

00:18:28 Speaker 1

I did not say that I did not say that corrections that did not say that.

00:18:36 Speaker 1

So I've been listening to some some dance stuff, so I love a female voice on top of the beats in general.

00:18:44 Speaker 1

Whether it's German based, whether it's electronica, whether it's deep house, whether it's trance.

00:18:49 Speaker 1

Whatever, so I've listened to some Tiësto and some other dance hits too from way back in the day.

00:18:55 Speaker 1

Those of you that are listening that a little younger than us.

00:18:58 Speaker 1

Tiësto is around now, but he started spinning music back in the early 90s.

00:19:03 Speaker 1

So if you want to look on Spotify or Google or Apple, you can just look up TS though and.

00:19:10 Speaker 1

Let me spell it in case you guys don't know who TI still even is. So Tiësto is Tiësto.

00:19:18 Speaker 1

Oh, Tiësto.


Yes it is.

00:19:20 Speaker 1

And if you wanna listen to a song that has really good vocals in it, if you like to sing or you like, listen to vocals in general, listen to this one song called Walking on Clouds and It's featuring Kirsty Hackshaw and it's one of those songs that it's very like night time driving and you're driving all the way to a different state or you're going to see somebody.

00:19:42 Speaker 1

Whatever it's one of those type of things that you're driving home from a party, and it's placed some.

00:19:45 Speaker 1

Really, really chill music with some ginger.

00:19:48 Speaker 1

With some lady just singing like crazy so.

00:19:52 Speaker 2

When you start to like zone out and all you see is.

00:19:54 Speaker 2

Just the white lines.

00:19:55 Speaker 1

Yeah, yeah, exactly playing nights driving back from rays and stuff.

00:19:59 Speaker 2

I know.

00:20:01 Speaker 1

Oh my God.

00:20:03 Speaker 1

So anyway, so anyway.

00:20:04 Speaker 1

So that's why I'm listening to.

00:20:05 Speaker 1

I'm listening somehow stuff I've been, you know, I'm pretty eclectic.

00:20:08 Speaker 1

You know the past couple things.

00:20:10 Speaker 1

I'm listening more hip hop gangster out that's why I listen to for the most part but I like listen to some stuff too.

00:20:15 Speaker 1

I like to sing to things wherever I can.

00:20:17 Speaker 1

You know, as soon as the girl starts getting really high, I started cracking like yeah he's like OK.

00:20:23 Speaker 1

Alright, it's time for me to stop get.

00:20:25 Speaker 1

Out the.

00:20:25 Speaker 1

Shower alright, so that's it for that.

00:20:27 Speaker 1

Pick onto the next pick the next.

00:20:32 Speaker 1

Just put some tussin on it.

00:20:36 Speaker 2

So here we are putting some toss in on some stuff you were going to tell our listeners some kind of health pro tip or something about getting well or whatever.

00:20:38 Speaker 1

Alright near you.

00:20:48 Speaker 1

Alright, so for the first remedy you guys could listen.

00:20:50 Speaker 2

To this, we've never had this pic before.

00:20:53 Speaker 1

Ah, well, that's the first thing.

00:20:55 Speaker 1

Take a sip of bourbon.

00:20:56 Speaker 1

That's the first remedy.

00:20:58 Speaker 2

A sip of bourbon a day keeps the.


Doctor Wei

00:21:00 Speaker 1

Keeps the job away.

00:21:04 Speaker 2

A bourbon, a day.

00:21:05 Speaker 2

It keeps the employment away exactly.

00:21:09 Speaker 1

Y'all ************* hiring.

00:21:12 Speaker 1

No Sir, you smell like bourbon.

00:21:16 Speaker 1

We are not hiring.

00:21:18 Speaker 1

Thanks for coming in.

00:21:22 Speaker 1

Anyway, I work here anyway.

00:21:25 Speaker 1

All right, so here goes.

00:21:27 Speaker 1

My remedy.

00:21:28 Speaker 1

You guys can't see me right now.

00:21:29 Speaker 1

Colleen and I can see each other, but today I've been in agonizing pain.

00:21:35 Speaker 1

So this home remedy.

00:21:38 Speaker 1

Anybody can really do is this isn't doctor Spears making up stuff.

00:21:43 Speaker 1

My arm is so sore and I think it was from doing the most.

00:21:48 Speaker 1

Innate thing or innocuous thing, I think I was putting on my seat belt.

00:21:53 Speaker 1

And I raised my arm up and I think I twisted a muscle in my deltoid.

00:21:59 Speaker 1

So if we don't know where that is, that's like right beneath your shoulder.

00:22:02 Speaker 1

So it's your upper arm.

00:22:03 Speaker 1

Somehow I cannot lift my arm up past 90 degrees and it's super painful.

00:22:09 Speaker 1

So I was like man, I can't work in these conditions.

00:22:12 Speaker 1

I work behind a desk, right?

00:22:13 Speaker 1

So I'm always.

00:22:13 Speaker 1

Typing I can't do this right?

00:22:15 Speaker 1

Is really hard, so I just decided to go onto Youtubes and I've figured out how you can actually stretch that muscle out and do some trigger point therapy.

00:22:23 Speaker 1

Look guys, this is not advice to do whatever.

00:22:26 Speaker 1

If you guys work out, you guys are well familiar with the foam rollers you're familiar with the tennis balls and if you're familiar with doing that stuff already then you can understand this, but I've.

00:22:34 Speaker 1

Never seen anybody.

00:22:35 Speaker 1

Do this so all I did was take one of these rollers.

00:22:39 Speaker 1

It's the little tiroler like the old school one that used to go into that little store like The Sharper Image like back in the day.

00:22:46 Speaker 1

The little T rose had two little balls with little handle.

00:22:48 Speaker 1

Basically it looks like an upside down penis.

00:22:50 Speaker 1

**** and balls.

00:22:51 Speaker 1

Yeah, yeah, I can't really describe it.


Does yeah.

00:22:54 Speaker 1

Anything else like it looks like a **** and balls basically so so you grab the shaft of the cocking balls and you.

00:22:56 Speaker 2

It's pretty accurate description.

00:23:01 Speaker 2

You rub the balls on your shoulder.

00:23:03 Speaker 1

And you wrote the balls on your shoulder.

00:23:07 Speaker 1

And make sure you don't put the shaft anywhere near your mouth, 'cause you know.

00:23:09 Speaker 1

What happens?

00:23:09 Speaker 1

After that you.

00:23:11 Speaker 1

Don't know where that's been, you don't know where that's been at all.

00:23:14 Speaker 1

No, seriously, what you want to do is put that against the wall and just put your arm against it and just roll it up and down, up and down until you find that trigger point or that hard spot.

00:23:26 Speaker 1

Or you can just hold it there too.

00:23:28 Speaker 1

You can look all this stuff up if you've had tight leg muscles and all that.

00:23:32 Speaker 1

It's the same thing, but.

00:23:33 Speaker 1

Putting your arm against a wall with all that stuff is.

00:23:36 Speaker 1

It's just kind of weird, but I've been doing it today.

00:23:38 Speaker 1

I'm going to do it tonight and my arm is freaking killing me, so that's my remedy.

00:23:43 Speaker 2

Try, it's your health.

00:23:44 Speaker 2

Pro tip is to.

00:23:46 Speaker 2

**** and balls your trigger points.


Hey Tracy.

00:23:49 Speaker 1

Slap that **** right on that arm.

00:23:54 Speaker 1

Mollywhopped hit us mollywhopped that arm and get all those nuts out of there.

00:23:59 Speaker 1

That's all you have to do.

00:24:00 Speaker 1

Put that mushroom right on it and slap that mushroom right on that deltoid.

00:24:07 Speaker 1

I was trying not to make these remedies into a sex act.

00:24:09 Speaker 1

I'm going to give you the deltoid slap.

00:24:19 Speaker 1

Oh gosh, so anyway, this is not medical advice, but if it does work, please email us or put something in Candy Club and say Seth.

00:24:28 Speaker 1

It worked.

00:24:29 Speaker 1

You know what I mean?

00:24:30 Speaker 1

You know the mushroom slap.

00:24:34 Speaker 2

Helps with a lot of things.

00:24:36 Speaker 1

Alright Boo Boo, what do you got?

00:24:38 Speaker 1

You got anything better than that?

00:24:39 Speaker 2

Yes, my health.

00:24:40 Speaker 1

I'm sure yours is way more, if not years.

00:24:42 Speaker 1

Actually real.

00:24:42 Speaker 1

Instead of me trying to help out with **** slaps on my arm.

00:24:50 Speaker 1

So what do you got Boo?

00:24:50 Speaker 2

Boo mine.

00:24:52 Speaker 2

My health protip this week is about cold showers.

00:24:57 Speaker 2

Yeah, because I have.

00:24:59 Speaker 2

Been diving into the world of Vegas.

00:25:02 Speaker 2

Of a.

00:25:03 Speaker 1

Vegas title role in Vegas OK, cold showers.

00:25:08 Speaker 1

Yeah here hauling.

00:25:10 Speaker 1

Hoping during COVID pounds man you out there, those running the streets home.

00:25:14 Speaker 2

Vagus nerve stimulation.

00:25:17 Speaker 2

Hey yes yes because the vagus nerve is the.

00:25:20 Speaker 2

Body's basically our.

00:25:22 Speaker 2

Superpower and it's used to counteract your fight or flight system, so.

00:25:27 Speaker 1


00:25:27 Speaker 2

It's how we can develop a healthy stress response and become more resilient.

00:25:32 Speaker 2

So when it's stimulated you feel calmer, you feel more compassionate.

00:25:35 Speaker 2

You feel more clear.

00:25:37 Speaker 2

And it also, you know, stimulated.

00:25:39 Speaker 2

It benefits your autonomic nervous system and also your mental health.

00:25:43 Speaker 2

So if you have a healthy vagal tone, it means.



00:25:47 Speaker 2

You have more emotional regulation, greater connection with people around you and with like everything and just better physical health in general.

00:25:55 Speaker 2

OK, well there's a lot of.

00:25:57 Speaker 2

A lot of things tide into the vagus nerve, so one of the ways that I have been trying to stimulate my vagus nerve is by cold exposure which is.

00:26:07 Speaker 2

Also called.

00:26:09 Speaker 2

Diving reflex.

00:26:11 Speaker 2

So for cold exposure for me, I've been using cold showers and what I do is I just take my normal shower regular and I love hot showers.

00:26:20 Speaker 2

I take hot shower.

00:26:21 Speaker 1




00:26:22 Speaker 2

But then at the very end of it, I turn that bad boy.

00:26:24 Speaker 2

All the way.

00:26:26 Speaker 2

To cold and I stand in it for as long as I possibly can.

00:26:29 Speaker 2

When I first.

00:26:30 Speaker 2

Started this.

00:26:31 Speaker 2

Obviously couldn't tolerate it very long and I was just like, oh, I just had to like jump out.

00:26:36 Speaker 2

Very very quick.

00:26:37 Speaker 2

But now what I've been doing.

00:26:39 Speaker 2

Is I I sing at the same time 'cause singing is another way to stimulate your vagus nerve, singing and humming.

00:26:45 Speaker 2

So I will sing as it turns cold, I figure out how long I'm in it by counting how many times I can sing around of you are my sunshine.

00:26:54 Speaker 1

Oh my goodness.

00:26:56 Speaker 2

And right now I think I'm up to like 22 rounds of standing in the cold at the end of my shower.

00:27:01 Speaker 1

Well, how long is 2 rounds like how long?

00:27:03 Speaker 2

2222 rounds uhm?

00:27:04 Speaker 1

Is a ramp.

00:27:05 Speaker 1

22 rounds of what?

00:27:07 Speaker 2

Of singing, you are my sunshine.

00:27:09 Speaker 1

So what does that equate to?

00:27:10 Speaker 1

Just sounds crazy, what what?

00:27:12 Speaker 1

Is this a minute?

00:27:13 Speaker 1

What is it?

00:27:13 Speaker 1

30 seconds.

00:27:13 Speaker 2

Actually, I I don't know exactly because I was actually going to test that later by hitting the record button or the timer button on my phone just to see how long it actually is.

00:27:22 Speaker 2

'cause I do notice that sometimes if I if it's extra cold and I.

00:27:26 Speaker 2

Can't really tolerate it as well on a particular day.



00:27:29 Speaker 2

I will speed it up.

00:27:34 Speaker 2

But once you get used, it's kind of like getting into a pool like when you first get in, it's freezing, but then your body gets used to it.

00:27:39 Speaker 1

Yeah, and get used to it.

00:27:41 Speaker 2

So like I find that the longer I stand in it, the more I'm used to it, and then the slower my singing gets and then the longer I'm in there.

00:27:47 Speaker 2

But I'm still at just like about 22 rounds of singing it and.

00:27:51 Speaker 2

I don't know exactly how long it is, but.

00:27:53 Speaker 1

Man, that's crazy.

00:27:55 Speaker 1

I have a friend that is doing something similar.

00:27:58 Speaker 1

There's a lot of beneficial things for that when it comes to this cold vagus nerve cold temperature.

00:28:00 Speaker 2

For vagus nerve.

00:28:04 Speaker 1

This that in the third like people do this stuff all the time and it's crazy like there's people like the Nordic countries too they have.

00:28:12 Speaker 1

A hole cut in the the ice and they just jump in that thing.

00:28:16 Speaker 1

I think it's ridiculous, but.

00:28:17 Speaker 2

Oh yeah, no, no there's the guy called the Iceman or whatever.

00:28:19 Speaker 1

It works.

00:28:20 Speaker 2

He he's a big person in that field.

00:28:24 Speaker 2

You can look him up on YouTube as well the Iceman guy and.


He he does.

00:28:29 Speaker 2

A lot of breathwork and a bunch of other stuff, but it's all based around cold exposure and and healing your body, and apparently it's.

00:28:35 Speaker 2

Very, very helpful, but.

00:28:36 Speaker 2

If you have underlying health conditions, you gotta be careful because it can greatly increase your blood pressure initially, if it's.

00:28:44 Speaker 2

Extra cold, so if you.

00:28:45 Speaker 2

Have like anything like potential stroke stuff and you.

00:28:48 Speaker 2

Just gotta be careful but.

00:28:49 Speaker 1

Because it will constrict and then your blood pumping, and then you're under stress.

00:28:52 Speaker 1

You already have constricted, and that can turn into things.



00:28:55 Speaker 1

And then if at ask and I so look people out there, does fat and you're trying to trying to to start somewhere and start with diet before you start doing this stuff.



00:29:03 Speaker 1

Before you kill yourself doing this cold.

00:29:07 Speaker 1

The cold showers.

00:29:08 Speaker 2

Right, see 'cause I have to be careful too.

00:29:10 Speaker 2

'cause with my situation, but that's why I chose to do the shower thing instead of ice baths or whatever because that just seems too intense.

00:29:20 Speaker 2

You know what I mean?

00:29:21 Speaker 2

'cause one of my doctors had said, oh, I so fast and then we were like, wait, no that's not a good idea.

00:29:25 Speaker 2

'cause of the aneurysm, right?

00:29:26 Speaker 2

So I'm like, well, maybe we shouldn't do that.

00:29:28 Speaker 2

So that's why.

00:29:29 Speaker 2

I'm doing the showers because it is gradual.

00:29:32 Speaker 2

'cause my body is already hot from the hot shower and then with the cold.

00:29:36 Speaker 2

It's just kind of gradual slow.

00:29:38 Speaker 2

You know whatever.

00:29:39 Speaker 2

So it's not.

00:29:39 Speaker 1


00:29:40 Speaker 2

That extreme shock, but I still am getting the cold exposure now.



00:29:45 Speaker 2

If people if you want to try to stimulate your vagus nerve using cold exposure, but you don't think you can do the shower or ice baths or anything like that.

00:29:52 Speaker 2

One way you can do it is by just putting cold water on your face, or just getting a bowl of water with ice and just kind of sticking your face into it.

00:29:59 Speaker 2

And that does it.

00:30:01 Speaker 1

Oh, I've done that so many times backpacking.

00:30:04 Speaker 2

Yeah, yeah well.

00:30:05 Speaker 1

When you're out in a cold area, you need to wash your face or do something when you're backpacking.

00:30:10 Speaker 1

Just no facilities, so they have to use water from the Creek or river or whatever, or from your Nalgene bottle and splash your face.


Yeah, yeah.

00:30:16 Speaker 1

It's the worst, but yeah, a lot of people are doing that.

00:30:19 Speaker 1

Like I was saying earlier, I had some friends that definitely tried some cryotherapy.

00:30:24 Speaker 1

Last week and they said it was cold.

00:30:28 Speaker 1

It was hard to tolerate, but that's what helps with some inflammation and all those other.

00:30:31 Speaker 2

Yeah Yep, Yep, oh and I mean, I'll tell you what, as soon as I'm done my whole thing I walk out of the shower.

00:30:32 Speaker 1

Kind of stuff too so.

00:30:38 Speaker 2

Feeling like ******* for oh.

00:30:40 Speaker 2

Like I, I'm just like I.

00:30:42 Speaker 2

Feel straight for real.

00:30:44 Speaker 1

That's what people say, and they say you should finish the shower cold because it helps close up the pores and other things.

00:30:52 Speaker 1

Yeah, so there's there's a.

00:30:52 Speaker 2

If you've watched her.

00:30:53 Speaker 1

Lot of facts.

00:30:53 Speaker 2

Hair you it will close the shafts on the hair as well, but.

00:30:56 Speaker 2

Exactly, I don't know if you got my.

00:30:58 Speaker 2

Reference when I said Pharrell.

00:31:01 Speaker 1

For L yeah.


You didn't.

00:31:03 Speaker 1

Route for L for L.

00:31:04 Speaker 2

No, like Pharrell Pharrell Williams.

00:31:06 Speaker 1

Yeah, I know he said for L but.

00:31:08 Speaker 1

What I don't know.

00:31:09 Speaker 2

Because I'm happy.

00:31:10 Speaker 2

He I totally feel like so happy it's crazy.

00:31:16 Speaker 2

It's crazy like mood boost immediately.

00:31:18 Speaker 2

I'm just like wow this is incredible.

00:31:21 Speaker 1

I'm not doing that.

00:31:22 Speaker 1

I've been walking out there, not even happening.

00:31:24 Speaker 1

I'd be upset because I looked down and be like, oh.

00:31:28 Speaker 1

Popcorn popcorn shrimp.

00:31:35 Speaker 1

Oh man, Lisa will be like what happened.

00:31:41 Speaker 1

OK, now for our next pick.


What's cooking?

00:31:51 Speaker 1

File cord shrimp not included.

00:31:53 Speaker 1

Grab your popcorn shrimp 'cause it's gonna be a cold one.

00:32:00 Speaker 2

Speaking of shrimp, what you've been cooking?

00:32:03 Speaker 1

Alright, so here goes my thing alright.

00:32:05 Speaker 1

Every time we do want these things or if you listen to this.

00:32:07 Speaker 1

Podcast I'm always doing something when it comes to food.

00:32:10 Speaker 1

Alright, so he goes my thing.

00:32:12 Speaker 1

This is my tip to you guys.

00:32:14 Speaker 1

It's not a recipe, it's just an idea.

00:32:17 Speaker 1

To do, it's all about the broth.

00:32:19 Speaker 1

Fools broth is the way to go.

00:32:21 Speaker 2

It's all about the broad on the broad broad brush.

00:32:25 Speaker 1

That's right, how about Debra?

00:32:32 Speaker 1

Look, you can do a veggie broth.

00:32:34 Speaker 1

Do not waste anything you can do not waste your your.

00:32:38 Speaker 1

Ends of your carrots and celery and everything that you don't do that.

00:32:41 Speaker 2

Oh I know people throw away so much stuff.

00:32:42 Speaker 1

Put all that stuff in it exactly.

00:32:44 Speaker 2

That they could.

00:32:44 Speaker 2

Reuse or just make into something else, it's crazy.

00:32:47 Speaker 1

I don't even get started with all the stuff that I do.

00:32:50 Speaker 2

Or if even, even if you are throwing stuff away, compost it.

00:32:53 Speaker 2

Hello, you can do so much with everything.

00:32:55 Speaker 2

There's no reason to be throwing **** away.

00:32:57 Speaker 1

I don't waste nothing.

00:32:58 Speaker 2

Not like hoarding, but you know what?

00:33:00 Speaker 1

I mean, right right?

00:33:01 Speaker 1

I don't waste nothing.

00:33:02 Speaker 1

So do the broth instead of you going to the store and paying, uh, it's cheap to whatever dollars for the chicken broth or the beef broth you get off the shelf.

00:33:11 Speaker 1

Yeah, that's fine and dandy when you want to do something really quick and but they had a lot of salt to this stuff and doesn't taste natural, so just take your your ends of your vegetables, put them in a gallon zip lock bag.

00:33:17 Speaker 2

Yeah no.

00:33:22 Speaker 1

Whenever you're finished cutting up whatever you cook, if you guys cook right, put that in the freezer.

00:33:27 Speaker 1

Let it chill.

00:33:28 Speaker 1

Don't let it go months because we'll get freezer burn, but let it go a month maybe.

00:33:32 Speaker 1

But first I was getting really crazy.

00:33:33 Speaker 1

And then all you have to do is take that out.

00:33:35 Speaker 1

Just throw that inside the pot takes some fresh onions, just quarter rump.

00:33:40 Speaker 1

You keep the skins on and everything.

00:33:41 Speaker 1

Just throw the damn things in there.

00:33:43 Speaker 1

Though some black pepper.

00:33:44 Speaker 1

Don't put any salt on it.

00:33:45 Speaker 1

Boil that thing, boil it for an hour.

00:33:47 Speaker 1

If you have a pressure cooker or instant pot, do that for an hour.

00:33:51 Speaker 1

I just did it tonight and then you will come out with a delicious.

00:33:53 Speaker 1

Broth where you can do Ramin.

00:33:55 Speaker 1

You can have a vegetable soup.

00:33:56 Speaker 1

You can even sip it if you're not feeling too good.

00:33:59 Speaker 1

You can just sip.

00:34:00 Speaker 1

A broth that's veggie broth.

00:34:00 Speaker 2

I have a quick question about the instant pot.

00:34:03 Speaker 2

You said an hour in.

00:34:04 Speaker 2

The instant pot.

00:34:04 Speaker 1

Yep, you can do an hour an instant.

00:34:06 Speaker 1

Pot if you.

00:34:06 Speaker 2

On pressure cook.

00:34:08 Speaker 1

On pressure cook you can do it.

00:34:09 Speaker 2

For an hour.

00:34:10 Speaker 2

That seems an extra long for a pressure cooker.

00:34:12 Speaker 1

Longer well, if you're going to break down a chicken carcass or any kind of animal bones.

00:34:17 Speaker 1

In general, that's the other thing that you can do with these broth.

00:34:19 Speaker 1

So you're talking about the cold showers, right?

00:34:21 Speaker 1

I'm going on the other end.

00:34:22 Speaker 1

When you get the College in everybody talking about that right now, right?

00:34:24 Speaker 2

Yeah yeah, yeah.

00:34:25 Speaker 1

So if you pressure cook it, that's the fast way.

00:34:28 Speaker 1

If you pressure cook bones with whatever veggies, onions, whatever.

00:34:32 Speaker 1

You pressure cook that for an hour and a half two hours on high.

00:34:36 Speaker 1

It'll breakdown that collagen and then once you get that, you can strain that into whatever containers you have. Once it cools down, and then that will be your straight up bras, you can use that for ROM and you can use that just for a regular broth like just to drink it, because that is a bone broth instead of you paying five $6 for a bone broth you get from Wegmans and all this other BS.

00:34:56 Speaker 2

That tastes like garbage.

00:34:57 Speaker 1

Exactly, you can do it right at your house, so don't let anything go to waste.

00:35:02 Speaker 1

Do the broth folks that love the Asian cooking.

00:35:05 Speaker 1

That's is where it's at.

00:35:07 Speaker 1

Do the broth right there if you want to do a stir.

00:35:09 Speaker 1

Fry with some brown sauce.

00:35:10 Speaker 1

Get your beef broth, add in some oyster sauce, some dark soy sauce, no fish sauce you don't like, but you can do oyster sauce, which is there's no oysters in it.

00:35:20 Speaker 1

We already talked about that, yeah, so it's just a sweet sauce.

00:35:23 Speaker 1

Whatever it start that up.

00:35:24 Speaker 1

Oh man, so that's my tip for you.

00:35:27 Speaker 1

Don't go wasting all this stuff, use that stuff.

00:35:29 Speaker 1

Break it down.

00:35:30 Speaker 1

You can boil it for a long time.

00:35:32 Speaker 1

Keep that broth, strain it out and then you will.

00:35:34 Speaker 1

Thank me later.

00:35:35 Speaker 2

I honestly didn't know that.

00:35:36 Speaker 2

You could pressure cook for.

00:35:38 Speaker 2

That long of a period of.

00:35:39 Speaker 1

Absolutely yeah.

00:35:39 Speaker 2

Time I had no idea.

00:35:41 Speaker 2

'cause all the stuff I do is probably 20 minutes or less in the pressure cooker.

00:35:46 Speaker 1

But you need to have increased heat for extended period of time to breakdown the collagen in animal bones, so you can do it.

00:35:50 Speaker 2

Right, yes, which I have not done yet, so I've been wanting to do that or try it or whatever, but.

00:35:57 Speaker 2

I'll have to try it now.

00:35:58 Speaker 1

Yeah, give it a try.

00:35:59 Speaker 2

Get some get.

00:35:59 Speaker 2

Some bone I think I would start with maybe chicken wing bones or something easy.

00:36:03 Speaker 1

Yeah, that's what we do.

00:36:05 Speaker 1

If you get an order of wings or you make wings yourself, whatever, just take those and.

00:36:09 Speaker 2

Yeah, I'll make the Betty White sticky wings and then I'll save them.

00:36:13 Speaker 2

Save the bones.

00:36:14 Speaker 1

Exactly, that's all you have to do.

00:36:15 Speaker 1

You can rinse them off, is going to be sticky, so just rinse them off whatever.

00:36:18 Speaker 1

There's a little bit of meat on them, that's fine.

00:36:20 Speaker 1

Because if you don't, you know I don't know how you eat your wings, but if you leave meat on like a savage then you can.

00:36:27 Speaker 1

You'll probably have more collagen and all that, but try that.

00:36:30 Speaker 1

Eight wings, 6 wings, 12 wings, a little bit of that, a couple pints of you know, like two or three cups of liquid.

00:36:38 Speaker 1

Let that go for a couple hours.

00:36:39 Speaker 1

Come out there, strain all those bones 'cause it be broken up.

00:36:42 Speaker 1

Strain it into whatever through a cheesecloth or whatever.

00:36:46 Speaker 1

Let that chill and then once it gets chilled down, scrape that fat off the top.

00:36:49 Speaker 1

You can use that to actually cook with if you want to, or you can toss it out.

00:36:53 Speaker 1

I wouldn't do that, but if you want to do some.

00:36:55 Speaker 1

Stir fry you.

00:36:56 Speaker 1

Can use that and then just use that broth and you just saved yourself a lot of money so do not waste any of that stuff.

00:37:04 Speaker 1

Look at your.

00:37:06 Speaker 1

Cousin Donyae she does that stuff all the time 'cause she's one of those homemaker type chicks so she's out there breaking down carcasses and **** so.

00:37:14 Speaker 1

Do it.

00:37:15 Speaker 1

Give it a, give it a whirl so what's in your a crock pot?

00:37:19 Speaker 1

What are you doing?

00:37:20 Speaker 1

What's cooking for you book?

00:37:21 Speaker 2

Walks cooking for me.

00:37:22 Speaker 2

I wanted to share another immune boosting thing 'cause you know, just that time of year and everybody coming down with stuff.

00:37:30 Speaker 2

But I I wanted to make it fun, right?

00:37:32 Speaker 2

So I wanted to share an immune boosting nice cream.

00:37:36 Speaker 2

Nice cream, nice cream.

00:37:38 Speaker 1

Oh boy, what is this supposed?

00:37:40 Speaker 1

To mean it's got sex act 2.


Yeah it does.


So I'll give.

00:37:43 Speaker 1

You, I'll give it some nice cream.

00:37:46 Speaker 2

So it's obviously it's dairy free and all that so.

00:37:50 Speaker 2

What you're gonna do?

00:37:50 Speaker 1

Oh here we go.

00:37:52 Speaker 2

For this particular nicecream is you want to get about four lemons, peel them and freeze them.

00:37:55 Speaker 1


00:37:58 Speaker 2

OK, once they're frozen, you're going to take those with some chilled coconut milk or any other plant milk.

00:38:05 Speaker 2

Two leg and then some additional lemon juice.

00:38:08 Speaker 2

A little bit of black pepper, maybe cayenne pepper and turmeric for sure because it's anti inflammatory.

00:38:14 Speaker 2

Also, you want some ginger in there, so get some either fresh ginger or frozen ginger or whatever is easier but but not the not the season ginger get like fresh or frozen.



00:38:25 Speaker 2

And I would omit this, the sweetener.

00:38:28 Speaker 2

But if you want it a little more sweet, you can add Maple syrup or like local honey.

00:38:32 Speaker 2

That's a really good option.

00:38:34 Speaker 2

And then you're going to take a frozen banana, and that is what makes it the nice cream.

00:38:39 Speaker 2

That's what is.

00:38:39 Speaker 2

Called Nice cream is when you use frozen bananas to, you know, supplement your ice cream fix you put all of this in your blender or Vitamix or whatever.

00:38:46 Speaker 1


00:38:49 Speaker 2

Make it all smooth and thick like ice cream and there you go and it's.

00:38:53 Speaker 2

Great so you can do this and make it an ice cream.

00:38:56 Speaker 2

Or if you want to just make it like a shot like an immune boosting shot you can do the same thing.

00:39:00 Speaker 2

Omit the banana.

00:39:02 Speaker 2

All that and just use the lemon juice, the turmeric, the ginger.

00:39:05 Speaker 2

You can even put garlic in there.

00:39:06 Speaker 2

And orange juice or whatever, like fresh squeezed stuff people not boxed or whatever.

00:39:11 Speaker 2

And make little make make little shots.

00:39:12 Speaker 1

I was liking this hold on a second hold on a second.

00:39:15 Speaker 1

I was liking this.

00:39:16 Speaker 1

I was really digging this until urass say garlic.

00:39:18 Speaker 2

If you want to no.

00:39:20 Speaker 2

If you want to do a shot, you can do that.

00:39:21 Speaker 1

He threw me off.

00:39:22 Speaker 2

Like I I take garlic when I make my immune boosting shots occasionally I will just press a garlic clove and I'll have the fresh oxidized garlic in there as well and just take it as a shot.

00:39:34 Speaker 2

Loop it's so good it's so good for your anti inflammatory anti bacterial antiviral antimicrobial.

00:39:41 Speaker 1

Page me.

00:39:42 Speaker 2

But if you don't want the garlic, that's fine too.

00:39:44 Speaker 2

You just do all the same stuff you use.

00:39:46 Speaker 2

Lemons, limes, oranges get you the turmeric.

00:39:50 Speaker 2

Do the ginger and throw it all in there together and take a shot little cayenne pepper as well.

00:39:55 Speaker 2

And just.

00:39:56 Speaker 2

Slap it back. It's amazing.

00:39:59 Speaker 2

And you will feel energized like an energy boost.

00:40:01 Speaker 2

You'll feel that and you'll also be stimulating your immune system and helping with anti inflammatory responses.

00:40:08 Speaker 1

True, true true so when you.

00:40:09 Speaker 2

Oh, and just as a Protip, whenever you do take turmeric you should always have a little bit a tiny bit of black pepper in there because it helps to helps your body to absorb the properties of the turmeric better.

00:40:21 Speaker 1

You try and give people bubble guts out here.


I'm not.

00:40:26 Speaker 2

You will not get bubble guts from turmeric.

00:40:28 Speaker 1

No two bubble guts from the Boilermaker shot that you're talking about.

00:40:32 Speaker 1

You got turmeric, fresh pressed garlic black pepper, sucking banana and lime juice **** like what is this?

00:40:38 Speaker 2

No, no, no banana in the shot.

00:40:41 Speaker 2

If you make the nice cream, that's the banana, but you know that's more like does.

00:40:46 Speaker 2

It's like a desert immune boosting dessert.

00:40:48 Speaker 2

So if you want your kids to have something healthy, that's a good option.

00:40:52 Speaker 2

But if you just want to have like a shot of immune boosting stuff, do the shot stuff.


No task.

00:40:55 Speaker 2

I'll put all the I'll put like little recipes in the show notes and it'll be easy for you guys and a lot of people have this **** on hand already.

00:41:01 Speaker 2

You have like a fruit bowl, you've.


Are you right?

00:41:02 Speaker 2

Got lemons and limes in the fridge or whatever.

00:41:05 Speaker 2

Just squeeze it all.

00:41:06 Speaker 2

Make yourself a little shot.

00:41:08 Speaker 2

Shoot it back.

00:41:09 Speaker 2

There you go, immune boost.

00:41:11 Speaker 1

I'm I'm speechless, OK?

00:41:15 Speaker 1

I'll try it because look, I'm always look.

00:41:17 Speaker 1

I went on this damn tirade or the I got on the soapbox about the broth.

00:41:21 Speaker 1

So hey, this is, you know we need to turn this into a health channel 'cause we have some really good ideas.

00:41:27 Speaker 1

Today we are killing it.

00:41:27 Speaker 2

Yes, and you know what else?

00:41:29 Speaker 2

We have talked about this before.

00:41:31 Speaker 2

Our whole hip hop apothecary we need.

00:41:34 Speaker 1

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, don't get me started with my mortar and pestle.

00:41:34 Speaker 2

To do this?

00:41:38 Speaker 2

We're going to start a crowdfunding crowdfunding for for hip hop apothecary new business.


Fast buddy us.

00:41:47 Speaker 1

I'll be out there with my motor in Paso like.

00:41:49 Speaker 1

What you grinding on son son?

00:41:53 Speaker 2

And you know, I fit right in 'cause.

00:41:54 Speaker 2

You think I'm like the witchy 1?

00:41:56 Speaker 1

Absolutely, absolutely.

00:42:00 Speaker 1

What are we talking about?

00:42:01 Speaker 1

The last one?

00:42:01 Speaker 1

Oh man, we were dying.

00:42:03 Speaker 1

I don't even go back there I'll start, dying, laughing, we're talking about it's.


It's like the key.

00:42:11 Speaker 1

Let's not even go there with that one.

00:42:13 Speaker 1

Yeah, our resident, which Colleen Devane, doing shots of black pepper or garlic.

00:42:19 Speaker 1

It's all good.

00:42:21 Speaker 2

It's good for you guys, it really is.

00:42:22 Speaker 1

All right?

00:42:25 Speaker 1

Alright, so that's it for our.

00:42:27 Speaker 2

Picks that is it.

00:42:28 Speaker 2

That is it.

00:42:30 Speaker 1

The fun one we did pretty good.

00:42:31 Speaker 1

We did pretty.

00:42:32 Speaker 1

Good I love.

00:42:32 Speaker 1

It it was good times good times.

00:42:34 Speaker 1

Indeed, indeed, alright, so you know we have to do like we do every.

00:42:37 Speaker 1

Day take us home baby.

00:42:40 Speaker 2

So thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today.

00:42:43 Speaker 2

Please don't forget to subscribe to our show so you don't miss out on any future episodes.

00:42:46 Speaker 2

And if you're feeling generous, please consider supporting the show on buy me a coffee com if you have a question, comment or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello, you can reach.

00:42:55 Speaker 2

US on Facebook and Instagram at Earcandy podcast.

00:42:58 Speaker 2

Or send an email to Earcandy podcast at Gmail com.

00:43:02 Speaker 2

So hit us up because.

00:43:02 Speaker 1


00:43:04 Speaker 2

We want to connect with you until next time please.


Come on.

00:43:35 Speaker 2

Good job, Wiener.

00:43:36 Speaker 1

You're right, yeah, good job, Wiener good job, Wiener.

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